Drama Review- Descendants of the Sun

Sorry for the long delay my readers- really, really sorry. I had been busy all of these months- totally stressed out with a lot ofthings. But, yes, I watched a lot of dramas and kept myself updated with a lot of music videos, but I did not get the time to update here.

So I came back with the review of the all time favorite drama- Descendants of the sun- the drama which became an epitome of workplace romance and made Song Joong Ki famous. So, let us delve into the drama more.

What is the drama about? The drama is a love story between a soldier and a doctor. A doctor, Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo)- who is very qualified, but after becoming a victim of hospital politics could not get a good position in the hospital. Her beauty came handy and she became the face of the hospital. She met Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) when they came to rescue another patient who had been bullied and was trying to escape his treatment. In the beginning Mo Yeon did not believe that Si Jin was in the army, but then after watching a video of them fighting- she becomes impressed and believes him. He also gets free treatment from her after that.

There is alos another love story between Seo Dae Yong ( Jin Goo) a teammate and best friends with Si Jin, who once loved Yoon Myeong Jun (Kim Ji Won), but was staying away from her, because of her father's orders.

Mo Yeon and Si Jin fall in love and then break up because of their jobs and then they meet again in Urk- a fictional place near Greece. A lot of things happen, incorporated with the romance to bring angst and to start the romance between them. And soon due to a major lack of story-line the drama becomes boring.

I, personally think that the drama is too overrated. It became such a hit because - 1. the cast, 2. the songs, 3. the locations, 4. the romance in the beginning.
The drama started really well, but since it was more based on incidents than on a story-line- when the events got over, there was nothing to look forward to.  One good thing the drama did though was to make Song Joong Ki famous- which should have happened a long time back.

Apart from the above- the action scenes and the shots taken in Greece are amazing. The sub-plot of Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won was good. And I have to mention Onew from SHINee and his acting skills. . He was so good. Apart from me being an emotional person- he really did a good job- but of course there is still place for improvement. The villain in the drama- David Lee McInis, played an amazing role as a villain. One of my favorite villains indeed.

The drama, if you really want to watch it, watch it just for Song Joong Ki, or for Onew or for Song Hye Kyo, maybe. But if you really want to give it a try- you can.

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