Drama Review- SIGNAL

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I started this drama due to my love for thrillers and then there was so much discussion going on over this drama in my Facebook page that I just suddenly decided to watch it. And I don't even regret it, because this drama is simply AMAZING.

Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) is a criminal profiler and lieutenant. He doesn't trust police officers easily. As a side job, Park Hae Young digs out celebrity scandals and give them away to reporters for some money. Detective Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye Soo) once catches him in the act and arrests him, but then they leave him due to lack of evidence.
When he is about to leave the place, he hears radio signals from a nearby truck, which calls his name. He searches for the radio and then speaks to the person on the other side. Detective Lee Jae Han (Choi Jin Woong) is speaking from the other side, from the year 2000. The case he is talking about was Yoon Jung's, one of Hae Young's classmates, who had been mysteriously kidnapped and then murdered. He was one of the witness for the case and 15 years ago, in 2000 he had tried reporting it, but no one heard him. He received the orders given to him and then the case is reopened and solved. From that case onwards, time on the other side goes back to the year 1988 when all this started. They solve the cases which is going on in past and also has been reopened in present. Also Cha Soo Hyun loved Lee Jae Han, who went missing after Yoon Jung's case.

This drama practically keeps you on your toes. There is so much suspense and thrill that you get addicted to it. This drama cannot be watched with breaks. You HAVE to watch it continuously, and even if you do not plan to, you might be forced to do it, once you have started it. The plot is simply crazy.

Apart from the plot, I wouldn't be doing justice to the review if I do not talk about the actors. We have seen Lee Je Hoon in Architecture 101 already, but here his acting is at an another level. Kim Hye Soo was amazing. Probably now I am going to dig out all her past work and watch them. It was my first time watching Choi Jin Woong, and he was also very good.

But the person who stood out the most for me was Lee Chani- who played the role of Park Sun Woo, Park Hae Young's elder brother. This boy is just 16 years old, and is the most amazing child actor I have seen. I have seen all his dramas, and now following him in Neoz too, but his acting is going to hit your heart so bad, at one point of time you might forget that this is a drama, and all this is fictional.

This one is A MUST MUST MUST WATCH...!!! You will be really missing something if you haven't watched this drama. Please watch it.

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