Comeback MV Review: Seventeen PRETTY U

It is summer time and holiday time and it is also COMEBACK TIME. Almost all kpop groups are making or have mad comebacks during the month of April and May, and there are still so many left. In this post we are reviewing Seventeen's Pretty U.

Seventeen has risen to immense fame after Mansae. The group literally lacks nothing- from perfect visuals to amazing vocals to synchronized dances to cool raps. They bugged us throughout the comeback phase. After shooting for One Fine Day, they changed their hairstyles, went to Jeju to shoot for their MV, kept their hairstyle and concept hidden as long as possible and then finally they reveal it all slowly.

I was so excited when the MV released. I heard the song like some multiple times and then realized I was already hooked. The song is pleasure to the ear. As I said, this talented group had everything on point, from the rap, to the vocals. The song tells about the guys falling in love with a pretty girl.

The MV is about having a party. The members go around the city, sticking posters everywhere they can, inviting people for their pool party. As one set of members are busy with that, the other members are busy making the party place. They have pools, DJ, lights, everything that is required. Finally all come together and they all start enjoying the party.

There is nothing much in the MV as such. It is just plain fun to see the members playing around and enjoying themselves. But the song is honey and groovy and addicting. In the end, we can actually hear Sungkwan going five notes high at one breath. That amazed me.

I also saw the live videos and the rest of their performances. They seemed to have eaten up their CD. The MR removed are perfect to hear. Coming to the dance- I LOVE IT. How can they dance this well!! I love the hide and seek they do behind the sofa. It leaves you curious what is actually going on behind it. Lastly the  album Love and Letter. I heard all their songs, my favorite tracks being Say Yes, Adore You- Vocal team version and of course Pretty You. The other songs are also very addicting.

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