BTS MV Series- Young Forever, Fire and Save Me
BTS screws with you life every time it releases music videos. It surprises you not only physically but also mentally. So what did BTS bring for us this summer?

The first music video that BTS released was Young Forever. Well, Young Forever is supposed to be a song for the Army's which Suga had written, while thinking that they wpuld not be young forever and at some point of time, they would be losing their fans. The MV, though tells another story. It is again connected to I Need You, Run and the Prologue. The members are forgiving themselves and are trying to move on from their past.

The past is represented by the maze and each member, as we already know from the past few MVs had a past. Rap Mon moves on from the guilt of burning the gas station down, Suga moves on from his guilt of wasting himself and hurting Jungkook, Jhope gives up on the drugs, Jimin is seen to be dripping wet and he gives up on the thought of committing suicide. Jin, who we know has died, leaves his friends alone. He doesn't want them to stay stuck to him, he wants them to move on. V is the last one to leave the maze, hence realizing the brevity of his crime and that it is useless now to think about it. We see he struggles the most. When they are running on the runway, they are all now free souls and they can start life afresh, since they are young.

Next releases was Fire. That song blew my freaking mind and in more than one way. The song and the MV, of course is great and the amount of hidden meaning that it has is also very intelligent of BigHit.

We see in the beginning, BTS is standing behind a fence. The fence is that from Young Forever. Youth has been written on it. Suga jumps over it, kind of symbolizing that he has now stepped into adulthood. He moves to a person standing in black. Initially it represents the haters, but also represents their bad actions, now that they want to change. Suga holds its hands and the person starts burning.

After that scene, there are many scenes that have been taken from the film 'Lost River.' But they just have been taken from there, no similar plots though. The song is about changing themselves.
The lyrics are also somewhat similar, where they talk about not losing to other people and live life they way one wants to.

The dance is like on the top of the world. And I am amazed to see how Jin has improved so much.

Save Me, well, it was just a simple dance MV, but going by the song, I think the boys want to be saved now. Since they have already put the bad things away, they want to start living once again. The song is about having Hope. The lyrics somehow summarizes how their lives have been after Jin has died. The lyrics each person has somewhere represents their condition.

Save Me is an amazing track and I cannot express how much I love the song. I like the song as much as INU. *INU is my favorite BTS track

Many think sometime in future BTS might release something more for Save Me. Even I am hoping for that.
Apart from the above tracks, the album has nothing very new. But it is filled with some amazing remixes and all need to be heard. Leaving a song out would be a crime.

All Armys must have thought that this might end the BTS INU seriesm but BigHit did it once again and therefore let us wait and see what more do they have for us.

Comeback MV Review: Seventeen PRETTY U

It is summer time and holiday time and it is also COMEBACK TIME. Almost all kpop groups are making or have mad comebacks during the month of April and May, and there are still so many left. In this post we are reviewing Seventeen's Pretty U.

Seventeen has risen to immense fame after Mansae. The group literally lacks nothing- from perfect visuals to amazing vocals to synchronized dances to cool raps. They bugged us throughout the comeback phase. After shooting for One Fine Day, they changed their hairstyles, went to Jeju to shoot for their MV, kept their hairstyle and concept hidden as long as possible and then finally they reveal it all slowly.

I was so excited when the MV released. I heard the song like some multiple times and then realized I was already hooked. The song is pleasure to the ear. As I said, this talented group had everything on point, from the rap, to the vocals. The song tells about the guys falling in love with a pretty girl.

The MV is about having a party. The members go around the city, sticking posters everywhere they can, inviting people for their pool party. As one set of members are busy with that, the other members are busy making the party place. They have pools, DJ, lights, everything that is required. Finally all come together and they all start enjoying the party.

There is nothing much in the MV as such. It is just plain fun to see the members playing around and enjoying themselves. But the song is honey and groovy and addicting. In the end, we can actually hear Sungkwan going five notes high at one breath. That amazed me.

I also saw the live videos and the rest of their performances. They seemed to have eaten up their CD. The MR removed are perfect to hear. Coming to the dance- I LOVE IT. How can they dance this well!! I love the hide and seek they do behind the sofa. It leaves you curious what is actually going on behind it. Lastly the  album Love and Letter. I heard all their songs, my favorite tracks being Say Yes, Adore You- Vocal team version and of course Pretty You. The other songs are also very addicting.

Drama Review- SIGNAL

 File:Signal (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

I started this drama due to my love for thrillers and then there was so much discussion going on over this drama in my Facebook page that I just suddenly decided to watch it. And I don't even regret it, because this drama is simply AMAZING.

Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) is a criminal profiler and lieutenant. He doesn't trust police officers easily. As a side job, Park Hae Young digs out celebrity scandals and give them away to reporters for some money. Detective Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye Soo) once catches him in the act and arrests him, but then they leave him due to lack of evidence.
When he is about to leave the place, he hears radio signals from a nearby truck, which calls his name. He searches for the radio and then speaks to the person on the other side. Detective Lee Jae Han (Choi Jin Woong) is speaking from the other side, from the year 2000. The case he is talking about was Yoon Jung's, one of Hae Young's classmates, who had been mysteriously kidnapped and then murdered. He was one of the witness for the case and 15 years ago, in 2000 he had tried reporting it, but no one heard him. He received the orders given to him and then the case is reopened and solved. From that case onwards, time on the other side goes back to the year 1988 when all this started. They solve the cases which is going on in past and also has been reopened in present. Also Cha Soo Hyun loved Lee Jae Han, who went missing after Yoon Jung's case.

This drama practically keeps you on your toes. There is so much suspense and thrill that you get addicted to it. This drama cannot be watched with breaks. You HAVE to watch it continuously, and even if you do not plan to, you might be forced to do it, once you have started it. The plot is simply crazy.

Apart from the plot, I wouldn't be doing justice to the review if I do not talk about the actors. We have seen Lee Je Hoon in Architecture 101 already, but here his acting is at an another level. Kim Hye Soo was amazing. Probably now I am going to dig out all her past work and watch them. It was my first time watching Choi Jin Woong, and he was also very good.

But the person who stood out the most for me was Lee Chani- who played the role of Park Sun Woo, Park Hae Young's elder brother. This boy is just 16 years old, and is the most amazing child actor I have seen. I have seen all his dramas, and now following him in Neoz too, but his acting is going to hit your heart so bad, at one point of time you might forget that this is a drama, and all this is fictional.

This one is A MUST MUST MUST WATCH...!!! You will be really missing something if you haven't watched this drama. Please watch it.

Drama Review- Reply 1988

 File:Reply 1988-p2.jpg

The third drama in the Reply series and I saw it as it was airing. This drama has easily climbed up to my 'one of my favourite dramas' list and it will be there for a long time.

The drama dates back to the year 1988 when the main characters in the drama became 18 years old. We have five friends- Duk Sun (Hyeri), Jeong Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol), Sun Woo (Go Kyung Po), Taek (Park Bo Gum) and Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi). Duk Sun is the only girl and also one of the prettiest in her class, but isn't very intelligent. Duk Sun's family live in the basement of Jeong Hwan's parent's house. We have Sun Woo who is a good student, and an ideal son and brother. He has a crush on Duk Sun's sister. Then we have Dong Ryong, who loves dancing and singing, but is also weak in studies. Finally we have Taek- who is a Go player and has a very high IQ, but doesn't go to school.
They all live in the same neighborhood and they are the only friends Taek has.

Like all the dramas in the Reply series- this drama also tells the story in an autobiographical manner, where, we view the events from her memories. And the drama as usual will make you guess around who the husband is.

What I loved about this drama was the way they showed the lives of the people living in the neighborhood. They showed us what happens in our daily lives, and you could easily relate to it. There wasn't a single episode in this drama where I did not shed tears. The acting was so natural. Also the friendship felt real. If you have best friends like them, you are bound to have good memories.

When the show ended, many people complained about the ending of the drama, how it became more centered towards Duk Sun's sisters marriage and how everyone moved in their lives, instead of focusing on the main couple. But then I did not actually have a problem with that, because the director, throughout the drama was focusing more on relationships. He even told that later, that he wanted to keep the ending family centric.

As I told before that the acting was on point. Everyone in this drama is going to touch your heart- from the five main characters, to their parents, their friends. Every single person. And then it doesn't need to be told how Park Bogum just shot to fame after this drama. Also the ' Bangapsmida' became a trend after the drama.

This drama in more simpler word- IT IS A MUST WATCH. There is no way you should skip this drama if you are a drama lover.