Drama Review - Oh My Venus

It was Shin Min-Ah's drama so I HAD to watch it. If you are her fan as well, then this drama is a treat to you. If you want to watch this drama for its plot, you may as well avoid it. The chemistry between the main leads was good, but there was no strong story-line to back that up. In my opinion, if the drama got any good rating at all, it was solely due to the star power. 

Anyway, the drama highlights how important health is. That's something UNIQUE. It also gives you some good tips if you want to lose weight - healthy eating, exercises that suit your body and low-sodium intake - oh there was more. Yes, it felt like I was watching a health-based reality show instead of some drama. There was some drama alright - like a dead parent, a step mother and an over ambitious uncle - but nothing could keep me glued to this show. Everything, except Shin Min-Ah's desire to lose weight, appeared half-hearted. 

Initially, Oh Soo-Jin (played by Yu In-Young) and Im Woo-Sik (played by Jung Gyu-Woon) - Kang Joo-Eun (played by Shin Min-Ah)'s friend and ex-lover - promised some drama in the story; however, I felt they got sidetracked or didn't get enough material to leave an impact on their viewers. Jang Joon-Sung (played by Sung Hoon) and Kim Ji-Woong (played by Henry) - Kim Young-Ho (played by So Ji-Sub)'s sidekicks were cute but that's all. Their backstories were just backstories - didn't get any feels after watching them. Lee Hong-Im (played by Ban Hyo-Jung) and Kim Sung-Chul (played by Choi Il-Hwa) - Young-Ho's grandmother and father, who seemed like they would play an important part in the story were just there as props. 

Verdict - there were too many things happening in the drama but nothing intense enough to leave an impact on the viewers. There were too many characters and they were all played by good actors but they were under-utilized.

I guess the writer wanted to highlight just Young-Ho's struggle with his health, and then, string that with the other characters - like how he saves Joon-Sung and Joo-Eun. If so, he should have stuck to that. Instead, he introduced too many other things in between and did an half-arsed job and didn't do justice to any one of them.

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