Drama Review- I NEED ROMANCE 3


This is the first drama in the I Need Romance that I have seen and it turns out to be a noona romance drama.  Although I am not really verynfond of noona romance genre, this drama was one of the best dramas I have seen.

The drama is about three ladies who work in a homme shoppe company. We have Shin Joo Yeon (Kim So Yeon), who is in the start of her thrities and has been in previous relationships but has had painful break-ups. When she was young, she used to baby-sit a boy from a rich family. Now the boy has come back from the US, and is a successful music producer, who is Joo Wan (Sung Joon). Apart from these two we have Lee Min Jung (Park Hyo Joo), who is in her forties and still lives a single life and Jung Hee Jae (Yoo Seung Ah) who was strict about her finances, along with her boyfriend. Soon she breaks up with her, and then falls in love with Lee Woo Young (Park Yoo Hwan) who was their colleague and the only guy in the group.

Apart from that we have Oh Se Ryung (Wang Ji Won) who is their arch rival and her ex- boyfriend Kang Tae Yoong (Namgung Min) who is also Shin Joo Yeon and her team's boss.

What I loved about this drama, is that it is very free flowing and natural- as if the things happen so naturally, in everyday life. Break ups and the romances, blend really well. The role of the villain played by  Wang Ji Won, I found it a little silly. How desperate can a person be to take revenge on someone- that too- these two were friends previously. I found her role a little overboard.

The cast was just perfect for their respective roles. Except for Park Yoo Hwan, the rest of the male characters were real eye- candy, especially Sung Joon. Park Yoo Hwan was a special case, trying to woo the girls in a sweeter way. There was so much romance in the drama, but it wasn't even this bit overboard. It was not the mushy romance, but a much mature form of romance. And that is what is the charm of the drama.

This drama is one of those dramas which I am ready to watch again. One watch is really not enough. Its also the type of drama which teenagers and adults can enjoy equally. Although I would still suggest this drama to be watched by people above the age of 16.

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