It is winter and it is time for all the award functions to start. MAMA is one of the biggest music award fest in South Korea. I have been personally watching live broadcasts of MAMA from the past 4 years.
This years MAMA probably as one of the most controversial MAMA that I have ever seen. MAMA is based on the votes of the viewers. In each category there are kpop groups put up, for whom we have to vote within a 60- 30 days time. Each category has a winner.


The reason this year's MAMA was so controversial was the nominations had not been done wisely and it was too much biased towards the Big 3 companies in Korea- SM, YG and JYP.

Personally I had complains about the Female Group nominations- Twice was winning, when Oh My Girl was much much better than them.

In the Best Dance Category Big Bang has been nominated, where BTS was nowhere to be seen. We all know how good BTS is in Dance,

For Solo artist category- JYP won, where Kyuhyun was much better than him.

Also the EXO had been given so many awards so they come and attend the Award show and perform in it.

I, personally, had been quite disappointed, because of which I voted only 3 days out of the 30 voting days.

Following were the winners in this year's MAMA:-

BIG BANG- Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Music Video, Best International Aritst
EXO- Best Male Gropu, Album of the Year, Best Male Style.
SNSD- Best Female Group, Taeyeon- Best Female Solo
SHINee- Best Dance
RED VELVET- Best Dance Female
JYP- Best Male Artist
TWICE- Best New Female Artist
iKON- Best New Male Artist
CRUSH and ZION.T- Best Collab, ZION.T- Best Vocal solo Male
SAN.E- Best Rap
CNBLUE- Best Band Performance
BTS- Best World Performance
HYUNA- Best Dance Solo
AILEE- Best Vocal Solo
F(X)- Global Fan's Choice female
MONSTA X- Asia New Artist

Well, no award function is complete without so many beautiful and sexy performances. Therefore here are some performances to look out for-

Monsta X collaboration with Seventeen
BTS performance for RUN
SHINee for Savior, Jonghyun's solo
Big Bang's performance and then Seungri going and singing with Sehun
EXO's Lightsaber and new song performance
2NE1- Comeback performance with CL with Hello Bitches.
F(x) with 4 Walls
Taeyeon with I
And PSY performing Napal Baji and Daddy.
iKON's perfromance

The performances were really cool and they are some of the best performances.

I really wanted Oh My Girl to win instead of Twice. We also get a glimpse of how the votes are controlled, and how some really non- deserving artists get certain awards. But I heartily congratulate all the winners of MAMA, especially SHINee, because it was a real surprise for me that they won. Also I was although upset that BTS did not get nominated for best dance, but was very happy that they got the World's Best Performance award.
I hope next year, the deserving groups get the awards and the new rookies from other companies also get a chance to get what they deserve.

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