MV Review- BTS RUN

BTS released their much awaited music video Run and the second part of their album In The Mood For love part 2. 
There is a eason why BTS has won so many hearts all around the world- their MVs. Run baffled the mind of most music vieos watchers- literally played with it. So what is Run about?

BTS had released two videos in the past- I Need U and also a Prologue in September. I have already reviewed I Need U, but Run spoils all the assumptions that had been made in the past. This is what most fans and I have speculated:
If we put Run, I Need U and the Prologue together- Run comes first, then comes the prologue and in the end comes I Need U.

We thought all the boys had died, except for Jin in I Need U,but all had to be redone again.
In the I Need U mv, the boys are all alive, except for Jin- he is the only one who is dead. The white background of his room represents the grave and the 6 lily petals the six members. They were so much affected by his death, that Suga became a drunkard, V killed- probably the person with whom Jin's girlfriend cheated, J-Hope became narcoleptic, Jungkook tortured himself by getting beaten  up and Jimin also committed suicide by drowning himself in his bathtub. Finally tired of his life, Rap Monster burns the gas station he used to work in.

In the Run mv we see the relationship between the members. Before killing themselves, how close they were to each other and how it affected all the members. Jin is lost, since he is dead already. Jin was always like a father figure in the group, which is proven how he is always behind the camera, taking care of the members and protecting them. They resort to vandalism, and finally I Need U happens. When V commits suicide- in the prologue, he is the last one to kill himself, and the members encourage it, by telling him to jump.

A complicated story-line right? But it is the most baffling thing that I have ever come across in the history of Kpop. It wasn't of course easy to figure out the whole thing. But after putting the pieces together it all makes sense.

Coming to Run, again a super addicitng song, which I do not know how many times I have watched and heard it. It has been on repeat in my phone since it has released. The dance practice, we get a glimpse of it in MAMA. I could not stop fangirling over Jimin, Jungkook and V, who left me fangirling so bad. I seriously cannot wait for the dance practice version.

The MV has been shot beautifully. I fell in love with V's hair, and also Suga's. What took me aback was the membersacting skills. BTS needs to do a drama ASAP. 

If you get addicted to BTS, please make sure you watch all their three videos- that is Run, I Need U and the Prologue. Hope watching all the mvs will help you understand the whole thing.
Coming to the album- In The Mood For Love part 1 was awesome, and In the Mood For love part 2 is even better. The songs Butterfly and Nevermind will be on loop- I can guarantee that. Also the album looks so beautiful. 

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