Drama Review- SHE WAS PRETTY

When I was at home, there was this huge list of drama posts that flooded my facebook page. Since my exams were going on, I wondered what was so interesting in these dramas that were going on.
Finally I reach home and the drama I start watching and downloading was She Was Pretty.

The cast of She Was Pretty is familiar. We have Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Jun who were siblings in Kill Me Heal Me. Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), is a simple girl who gets a job in a magazine company. Although hard working she is ugly, someone with freckles on her face and a curly hair. She was very pretty when she was young, but when puberty hit her, she becomes the way she looks now.

Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Jun) is a businessman who comes back from the US, to help The Most magazine become the best and get the highest ratings. He was really fat when he was small, but he came back as a tall and handsome guy. The first one he contacts is  Kim Hye Jin, but he doesn't know that she is not pretty anymore.

Min Ha Ri is Hye Jin's best friend, who also knew Sung Jun since childhood. Since Hye Jin used to discuss everything with her, and also not to disappoint Sung Jun, he sends her instead of going herself to meet Sung Joon. Next day, Hye Jin ends up working in the same office as Sung Joon as her boss.
Kim Shin Hyun (Choi Siwon) was alos one of the employees in the same company as them. He starts liking Hye Jin, because of her nature and personality.

On the other side. Kim Shin Hyun stays in the same hotel where Min Hari works. They keep on meeting without knowing who is who.

This is one of my favourite dramas. Although it has a plot similar to most kdramas- it has been well scripted and well made. The actors have perfromed so well. It feels as if it happens to us daily. It deals with the raw emotions of someone who is considered ugly and what all one has to go through.

If someone impressed me the mot apart from Hwang Jung Eum, it is Choi Siwon. I am watching him act after really really long- and he just won my heart, way , way more than Park Seo Jun. His dialogues are nice and he is the comic releif in the drama. He was looking handsome and he acted so, so well. I seriously lack words for his acting. He has improved so much. There are also some sub-plots which are equally adorable. And of course there are some caringly sweet moments. The child actors here have done a good job too. Ji Sung Joon's character, I think could have managed without being that bad. For me, throughout the drama- Choi Siwon shines out.

The drama leaves a very lingeringly sweet effect, which will really take a lot of time to get over. It is a drama perfect for a one time watch and to be enjoyed fully at that very time. It is such a perfect blend of all emotions. It is indeed a great watch. 

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