This is another Taiwanese drama remake into Korean drama.And I had the privilege to watch both the Taiwanese and the Korean drama.
The Taiwanese drama In Time With You was made into The Time We Were Not In Love in Korean. I will compare both and review together in this post.

First lets go for the original series. In Time With You is one of the most beautiful Taiwanese drama I have ever watched. The story is of a thirty plus girl Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) who does not have a date and wants to get married. She has had relationships in the past and was also about to get married when the groom ditches her on the wedding day. Her best friend and neighbour Li Da Ren is also in his thirties but does not want to get married. Both of them do everything together, and have been for each other since high school. None of them realize how much they have been in love with each other, even their families are aware and try to put them together, but they themselves do not want to. In the process, You Qing's ex comes back, promising never to leave her. This drama has almost 30 episodes each episode being 1 and a half hour. It has a lot of details.

When we see the drama, it gives rise to a lot of emotions in our hearts. Chen Bo Lin won my heart. He is a great actor. He has played his character so well. Throughout the drama you want a guy best friend like him. Even Ariel Lin has acted really well. She looks  mature, yet kiddish and of course sweet.

The drama, apart from their story, also has some sub-plots which are damn adorable. You Qing's family's bonding has been shown so sweet. Its like one happy and good family in the world. Them supporting each other in each once crisis, how the although so busy, makes sure to spend time with her husband. Then in Li Da Ren's family too, we see that although their family is broken, they all have their little joys to share.

In many parts of the drama, they show Da Ren's past, how much he has always loved You Wing, but has never been able to express it since she doesn't think that we. We have seen him get hurt and then redeem himself too.

There is a bit of elder woman romance in the beginning with a young guy who uses her for promotion (David Hsu). That bit too, well, the guy was too cute there and I was a little disappointed when he did that.

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This is the Korean version of In Time With you with just 16 episodes. A lot has been modified in the Korean version. A lot has been given away with.

Here we have Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) who is an employee in a famous shoe franchise. She is a total workaholic and doesn't have time for herself. Her best friend from high school and neighbour Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) has been with her always in whatever she does, but they are not attached romantically. Once again, here we find that Oh Ha Na had an ex who ditched her on her wedding day and it was Choi Won who had cheered her up.

Although the plot is similar, many roles have been changed. Oh Ha Na is just like You Qing, but here Choi Won is a flight attendant. The family has been shown the same type of bonding except that they do not show much of Choi Won's family again. Choi Won only has a sister who is a fangirl.

Since I had seen the original series and then I was watching this- I made quiet a few comparisons. First a lot has been cut short. Secondly they have given it a korean drama touch- the fashion is top class. Ha Ji Won is the prettiest I have ever seen. Ariel Lin looks good too- but Ha Ji Won and her fashion looks outstanding. Choi Won's character is as sweet as Li Da Ren's, but well, I got a major weakness for Chen Bo Lin, so I found him slightly better.

The employee that uses Oh Ha Na has been played by Kim Myungsoo from Infinite, but oh, how I loved his role. I guess, no one would have been better than him in it. Also the person who plays their ex. I guess, the Taiwanese one was a little too harsh. He first breaks up and then when he gets back, he once again does the same thing. In the Korean one the ex is a little lighter. He just comes back and he gives a tad bit more importance to his work and tries to compete with Choi Won.

Finally, one factor that adds to the sweetness of this drama is their names. Choi Won in English sounds like 'one' and Ha Na also means one in Korean- therefore Ha Na + Won= One + One, which means they can never be made apart.

For recommendation- I would tell you all to watch both. Both are good in their own sweet ways. Just that one is long and detailed and the other is short and precise. Other than that, I think the Korean one did proper justice to the Taiwanese one and it has been a good adaptation too.

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