This is another Taiwanese drama remake into Korean drama.And I had the privilege to watch both the Taiwanese and the Korean drama.
The Taiwanese drama In Time With You was made into The Time We Were Not In Love in Korean. I will compare both and review together in this post.

First lets go for the original series. In Time With You is one of the most beautiful Taiwanese drama I have ever watched. The story is of a thirty plus girl Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) who does not have a date and wants to get married. She has had relationships in the past and was also about to get married when the groom ditches her on the wedding day. Her best friend and neighbour Li Da Ren is also in his thirties but does not want to get married. Both of them do everything together, and have been for each other since high school. None of them realize how much they have been in love with each other, even their families are aware and try to put them together, but they themselves do not want to. In the process, You Qing's ex comes back, promising never to leave her. This drama has almost 30 episodes each episode being 1 and a half hour. It has a lot of details.

When we see the drama, it gives rise to a lot of emotions in our hearts. Chen Bo Lin won my heart. He is a great actor. He has played his character so well. Throughout the drama you want a guy best friend like him. Even Ariel Lin has acted really well. She looks  mature, yet kiddish and of course sweet.

The drama, apart from their story, also has some sub-plots which are damn adorable. You Qing's family's bonding has been shown so sweet. Its like one happy and good family in the world. Them supporting each other in each once crisis, how the although so busy, makes sure to spend time with her husband. Then in Li Da Ren's family too, we see that although their family is broken, they all have their little joys to share.

In many parts of the drama, they show Da Ren's past, how much he has always loved You Wing, but has never been able to express it since she doesn't think that we. We have seen him get hurt and then redeem himself too.

There is a bit of elder woman romance in the beginning with a young guy who uses her for promotion (David Hsu). That bit too, well, the guy was too cute there and I was a little disappointed when he did that.

The Time We Were Not in Love poster.jpg
This is the Korean version of In Time With you with just 16 episodes. A lot has been modified in the Korean version. A lot has been given away with.

Here we have Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) who is an employee in a famous shoe franchise. She is a total workaholic and doesn't have time for herself. Her best friend from high school and neighbour Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) has been with her always in whatever she does, but they are not attached romantically. Once again, here we find that Oh Ha Na had an ex who ditched her on her wedding day and it was Choi Won who had cheered her up.

Although the plot is similar, many roles have been changed. Oh Ha Na is just like You Qing, but here Choi Won is a flight attendant. The family has been shown the same type of bonding except that they do not show much of Choi Won's family again. Choi Won only has a sister who is a fangirl.

Since I had seen the original series and then I was watching this- I made quiet a few comparisons. First a lot has been cut short. Secondly they have given it a korean drama touch- the fashion is top class. Ha Ji Won is the prettiest I have ever seen. Ariel Lin looks good too- but Ha Ji Won and her fashion looks outstanding. Choi Won's character is as sweet as Li Da Ren's, but well, I got a major weakness for Chen Bo Lin, so I found him slightly better.

The employee that uses Oh Ha Na has been played by Kim Myungsoo from Infinite, but oh, how I loved his role. I guess, no one would have been better than him in it. Also the person who plays their ex. I guess, the Taiwanese one was a little too harsh. He first breaks up and then when he gets back, he once again does the same thing. In the Korean one the ex is a little lighter. He just comes back and he gives a tad bit more importance to his work and tries to compete with Choi Won.

Finally, one factor that adds to the sweetness of this drama is their names. Choi Won in English sounds like 'one' and Ha Na also means one in Korean- therefore Ha Na + Won= One + One, which means they can never be made apart.

For recommendation- I would tell you all to watch both. Both are good in their own sweet ways. Just that one is long and detailed and the other is short and precise. Other than that, I think the Korean one did proper justice to the Taiwanese one and it has been a good adaptation too.

Drama Review- SHE WAS PRETTY

When I was at home, there was this huge list of drama posts that flooded my facebook page. Since my exams were going on, I wondered what was so interesting in these dramas that were going on.
Finally I reach home and the drama I start watching and downloading was She Was Pretty.

The cast of She Was Pretty is familiar. We have Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Jun who were siblings in Kill Me Heal Me. Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), is a simple girl who gets a job in a magazine company. Although hard working she is ugly, someone with freckles on her face and a curly hair. She was very pretty when she was young, but when puberty hit her, she becomes the way she looks now.

Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Jun) is a businessman who comes back from the US, to help The Most magazine become the best and get the highest ratings. He was really fat when he was small, but he came back as a tall and handsome guy. The first one he contacts is  Kim Hye Jin, but he doesn't know that she is not pretty anymore.

Min Ha Ri is Hye Jin's best friend, who also knew Sung Jun since childhood. Since Hye Jin used to discuss everything with her, and also not to disappoint Sung Jun, he sends her instead of going herself to meet Sung Joon. Next day, Hye Jin ends up working in the same office as Sung Joon as her boss.
Kim Shin Hyun (Choi Siwon) was alos one of the employees in the same company as them. He starts liking Hye Jin, because of her nature and personality.

On the other side. Kim Shin Hyun stays in the same hotel where Min Hari works. They keep on meeting without knowing who is who.

This is one of my favourite dramas. Although it has a plot similar to most kdramas- it has been well scripted and well made. The actors have perfromed so well. It feels as if it happens to us daily. It deals with the raw emotions of someone who is considered ugly and what all one has to go through.

If someone impressed me the mot apart from Hwang Jung Eum, it is Choi Siwon. I am watching him act after really really long- and he just won my heart, way , way more than Park Seo Jun. His dialogues are nice and he is the comic releif in the drama. He was looking handsome and he acted so, so well. I seriously lack words for his acting. He has improved so much. There are also some sub-plots which are equally adorable. And of course there are some caringly sweet moments. The child actors here have done a good job too. Ji Sung Joon's character, I think could have managed without being that bad. For me, throughout the drama- Choi Siwon shines out.

The drama leaves a very lingeringly sweet effect, which will really take a lot of time to get over. It is a drama perfect for a one time watch and to be enjoyed fully at that very time. It is such a perfect blend of all emotions. It is indeed a great watch. 


It is winter and it is time for all the award functions to start. MAMA is one of the biggest music award fest in South Korea. I have been personally watching live broadcasts of MAMA from the past 4 years.
This years MAMA probably as one of the most controversial MAMA that I have ever seen. MAMA is based on the votes of the viewers. In each category there are kpop groups put up, for whom we have to vote within a 60- 30 days time. Each category has a winner.


The reason this year's MAMA was so controversial was the nominations had not been done wisely and it was too much biased towards the Big 3 companies in Korea- SM, YG and JYP.

Personally I had complains about the Female Group nominations- Twice was winning, when Oh My Girl was much much better than them.

In the Best Dance Category Big Bang has been nominated, where BTS was nowhere to be seen. We all know how good BTS is in Dance,

For Solo artist category- JYP won, where Kyuhyun was much better than him.

Also the EXO had been given so many awards so they come and attend the Award show and perform in it.

I, personally, had been quite disappointed, because of which I voted only 3 days out of the 30 voting days.

Following were the winners in this year's MAMA:-

BIG BANG- Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Music Video, Best International Aritst
EXO- Best Male Gropu, Album of the Year, Best Male Style.
SNSD- Best Female Group, Taeyeon- Best Female Solo
SHINee- Best Dance
RED VELVET- Best Dance Female
JYP- Best Male Artist
TWICE- Best New Female Artist
iKON- Best New Male Artist
CRUSH and ZION.T- Best Collab, ZION.T- Best Vocal solo Male
SAN.E- Best Rap
CNBLUE- Best Band Performance
BTS- Best World Performance
HYUNA- Best Dance Solo
AILEE- Best Vocal Solo
F(X)- Global Fan's Choice female
MONSTA X- Asia New Artist

Well, no award function is complete without so many beautiful and sexy performances. Therefore here are some performances to look out for-

Monsta X collaboration with Seventeen
BTS performance for RUN
SHINee for Savior, Jonghyun's solo
Big Bang's performance and then Seungri going and singing with Sehun
EXO's Lightsaber and new song performance
2NE1- Comeback performance with CL with Hello Bitches.
F(x) with 4 Walls
Taeyeon with I
And PSY performing Napal Baji and Daddy.
iKON's perfromance

The performances were really cool and they are some of the best performances.

I really wanted Oh My Girl to win instead of Twice. We also get a glimpse of how the votes are controlled, and how some really non- deserving artists get certain awards. But I heartily congratulate all the winners of MAMA, especially SHINee, because it was a real surprise for me that they won. Also I was although upset that BTS did not get nominated for best dance, but was very happy that they got the World's Best Performance award.
I hope next year, the deserving groups get the awards and the new rookies from other companies also get a chance to get what they deserve.

MV Review- BTS RUN

BTS released their much awaited music video Run and the second part of their album In The Mood For love part 2. 
There is a eason why BTS has won so many hearts all around the world- their MVs. Run baffled the mind of most music vieos watchers- literally played with it. So what is Run about?

BTS had released two videos in the past- I Need U and also a Prologue in September. I have already reviewed I Need U, but Run spoils all the assumptions that had been made in the past. This is what most fans and I have speculated:
If we put Run, I Need U and the Prologue together- Run comes first, then comes the prologue and in the end comes I Need U.

We thought all the boys had died, except for Jin in I Need U,but all had to be redone again.
In the I Need U mv, the boys are all alive, except for Jin- he is the only one who is dead. The white background of his room represents the grave and the 6 lily petals the six members. They were so much affected by his death, that Suga became a drunkard, V killed- probably the person with whom Jin's girlfriend cheated, J-Hope became narcoleptic, Jungkook tortured himself by getting beaten  up and Jimin also committed suicide by drowning himself in his bathtub. Finally tired of his life, Rap Monster burns the gas station he used to work in.

In the Run mv we see the relationship between the members. Before killing themselves, how close they were to each other and how it affected all the members. Jin is lost, since he is dead already. Jin was always like a father figure in the group, which is proven how he is always behind the camera, taking care of the members and protecting them. They resort to vandalism, and finally I Need U happens. When V commits suicide- in the prologue, he is the last one to kill himself, and the members encourage it, by telling him to jump.

A complicated story-line right? But it is the most baffling thing that I have ever come across in the history of Kpop. It wasn't of course easy to figure out the whole thing. But after putting the pieces together it all makes sense.

Coming to Run, again a super addicitng song, which I do not know how many times I have watched and heard it. It has been on repeat in my phone since it has released. The dance practice, we get a glimpse of it in MAMA. I could not stop fangirling over Jimin, Jungkook and V, who left me fangirling so bad. I seriously cannot wait for the dance practice version.

The MV has been shot beautifully. I fell in love with V's hair, and also Suga's. What took me aback was the membersacting skills. BTS needs to do a drama ASAP. 

If you get addicted to BTS, please make sure you watch all their three videos- that is Run, I Need U and the Prologue. Hope watching all the mvs will help you understand the whole thing.
Coming to the album- In The Mood For Love part 1 was awesome, and In the Mood For love part 2 is even better. The songs Butterfly and Nevermind will be on loop- I can guarantee that. Also the album looks so beautiful.