Drama Review - My Name is Kim Sam-Soon

I read somewhere that when this series was originally broadcast, 50% of Korea watched the final episode. After reading this little fact, I had to watch the drama. It is also believed that this drama was a turning point in Hyun Bin's career. Do you need any more reasons to watch the drama? At least, I didn't.

Kim Sam-Soon (played by Kim Sun-A) was always laughed at because of her name. She wants to change it to Hee-Jin but doesn't as her family is against it. She even supposes that she isn't able to get married because of her name.

On one not-so-fateful day Sam-Soon encounters Hyun Jin-Hun (played by Hyun-Bin) at a restaurant's men's toilet. You see, after getting dumped she just rushes into a restroom without checking whether it is men or women's. So, they meet each other while she's crying her eyes out inside men's toilet. They meet again after a year or so, after she has gained 7kgs and is unemployed. She is at his restaurant for a job interview. Things happen and they fall in love though there is an age difference and there is a past and they started it as pretense.

One thing that I liked the most about this drama is the fact that Kim Sam-Soon didn't think of sacrificing her love for the sake of less fortunate even for a moment. She felt sorry for Yoo Hee-Jin (played by Jung Ryeo-Won) who had a history with Hyun Jin-Hun but she never agreed to give up everything she had for others' happily ever after. She stood for her happiness. I think we need more such stories to be made into dramas and movies. We should encourage people to be a little selfish and do whatever makes them happy (as long as they aren't doing anything immoral or illegal).

If all these things aren't convincing you to watch the drama then let me tell you, there is Daniel Henney in it. He plays that sexy Henry Kim you don't want to miss watching. The noona romance between Kim Sun-A and Hyun-Bin is quite cute, too. You should definitely watch this drama.

Korean Drama Trends

Just listing some popular and overly-used concepts our favorite Kdrams are based on...

1.) Noona Romance - King of High School, Witch Romance, Oh My Lady, I can hear your voice

An older woman falling in love with a man who's a lot younger than her, and the difficulties their age gap posses on the love that's blossoming between them. Who does dig these kind'a stories? I do. I think they are awkwardly cute. 

2.) Time Travel - Queen In Hyun’s Man, Rooftop Prince, Faith: A Good Doctor, Dr. Jin

A man from the past (read Joseon period) travels all the way to the future to find love. Oh yea, initially it's just to solve some mystery in the past whose answer is hidden in the future... but love happens anyway.

3.) Psychology - Kill Me, Heal Me, Hyde, Jekyll and I, It's okay it's love, White Christmas

The protagonists here are always suffering from some mental disease and their love interests happen to cure them. Yes, it's as simple as that.

4.) Soul Exchange - Big, Secret Garden, 49 days

Souls just hop from one body to another. Sometimes they get the gender right, other times they don't.

5.) Cross dressing - Coffee Prince, You're Beautiful, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, To the beautiful you, Ma boy

It happens only in the movies and dramas, I guess. And that too only in these Asian movies/dramas. If a man dresses up like a woman, I will always know that it's a man, or a transgender woman. Gay love is beautiful, but I don't get the logic behind cross-dressed gay love. Will never get. 

6.) Super Natural - Gu's Family Book, Arang and the Magistrate, My girlfriend is a Gumiho, Vampire Prosecutor, Master's Sun, My Love from Another Star, Blood

These are the most interesting in this list. Find a ghost, or a vampire, or a gumiho, and there you have a superb drama. 

7.) Contracts - Fullhouse, Goong, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Lie to Me, Accidental Couple

People do all kind'a things for money. They even pretend to be someone's wife or girlfriend for a certain amount of time. And those who get into these contracts always end up falling in love. I wish it worked that way. I would have both the money and the love. Sigh! Life isn't fair to everyone.

8.) Revenge - City Hunter, Prosecutor Princess, The Devil, I Miss You, The King 2 Hearts

Revenge as a theme is alright. Everyone uses this concept. But revenge for something that happened years ago. Revenge when you live all your life only for that. That's something. 

9.) Rich guy poor girl - Boys Over Flower, Heirs, Protect the Boss, Legend of Chun Hyang, City Hall

The girl is always poor. Damn!

10.) High School - School 2013, Reply 1997, High School Love-On, Jungle Fish

High school was fun. Things that were important to me at that age were just BIG at that age. Now...after so many years, I will never understand why they were so important to me...

11.) Reunion - Discovery of Romance, Emergency Couple, Cunning Single Lady

Love never dies. It comes back, and when it does, it's better than it ever was.

12.) Music - Dream High, Shut up flower boy Band, Beethoven Virus, KPOP survival show

It's music and it's story set in the KPOP world.

13.) Drama - The King of Drama, Can We Love

We love dramas, don't we? I mean the Korean dramas.

14.) Food - Pasta, Let's Eat Series

I am hungry now.

15.) Homo Sexuality - HoGoo's Love, Coffee Prince, Personal Taste, The Lover
Someone who accepts homosexuality isn't narrow minded, no? Then why not just deal with someone from the opposite sex properly so that they don't have to pretend to be homosexuals? 

Did we miss any? Tell us. Leave a comment.