Its the month of November already and therefore its time to get ready for Halloween and our beloved kpop idols are more than ready for it. Various groups from various companies dress up as their favorite characters- not only evil, but whatever they can dress up as. Halloween, is, of course a huge think, and we can see our idols dress up as their favorite characters or as our favorite characters, so lets see what our idols have dressed up as this Halloween.

The biggest entertainment company in South Korea- SM Entertainment have organized their own Halloween party and have welcomed both their previous members and the present members to be a part of it.
First we have SHINee. They release a creepy music video, Halloween themed for Married to the Music and then they nail this years Halloween party with a variety of perfect costumes. We have Minho as Jack Sparrow, Jonghyun as Inuyasha, Taemin as Howl, and our great leader as KFC, with Key being the clown in McDonalds. Onew and Key have a chicken fight too, which is hilarious.

We got EXO, where Chen is Harry Potter, Baekhyun something cute (I don't know what) Xiumin as Chucky and Kai as Bowie Sehun and Suho as guards from Kingsman.

Sooyoung from SNSD became Sadness from Inside Out, and Soohyun became Malificent.

We have the Red Velvet members and Luna. Leeteuk became Charlie Chaplin, Heechul, a telly- tubby and Siwon became Steve Jobs. Changmin from TVXQ was dressed as the main in One Piece.
There were many other people, but even Sulli was found attending the party.
You can all check out the pictures in SMTown Wonderland's official Instagram site.

Next we have BTS who also dressed up for their fansign event. You can check out their performance in the V App. Jin is the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen.
 And then we got Seventeen with us. Mingyu is the hottest Dracula.

So, we can see how much fun our kpop idols had for Halloween.
We then had Monsta X taking the Hero choreography to another level with their Dracula costumes.
 And then there was Got7 with their superhero costumes.
There are a lot more artists who celebrated Halloween and of course I could not cover all of that. Well, I hope my readers also had a great Halloween.

Movie Review- Never Ending Story


It is another Uhm Tae Woong movie- since I was in a Uhm Tae Woong movie spree.

Never Ending Story is a story of two dying people who fall in love. We have Kang Dong Joo (Uhm Tae Woong), who leads a careless life, lives with his sister and brother-in-law and works as their assistant. He is addicted to lottery, but one day he discovers he is suffering from brain tumor. Oh Sung Kyung (Jung Ryeo Won) who leads a very organized life and works in bank. Her dream is to marry someone like her. The day she visits the doctor and gets to know that she has brain tumor, Dong Joo storms inside the chamber and demands to be retested. And that is how the two meet.

Both of them are amazed at the type of life they are living. Since both are going to die, none of them inform their families about their disease, and according to Sung Kyung, they start planning for their funeral. Dong Joo in the beginning is taken aback, but soon starts helping her in it and slowly both get to know each other and fall in love.

I loved the storyline of the movie. Not everyday do we see movies being made on a plot like this. Two strangers united by a disease and similar life goals. They go out together, meet people, eat, and well, they do shop for their funeral too- especially Sung Kyung. You will see Uhm Tae Woong being the sweetest boyfriend ever and Jung Ryeo Won being bad too.

The characters acted really well. As we can see, since the beginning we are told that both of them have chances to die, the movie is not at all melodramatic, till the end. It has a lot of humor, with a mix of first-love feelings. While the two of them interact, and get closer, slowly we start hoping that they should not die.

I got nothing to say about Uhm Tae Woong- give him a role and he nails it. Here, although he is a character who is in his late twenties, he has a very childish nature in the movie. I guess, no one else could have played the role better than him. Coming to Jung Ryeo Won- she was good too. The character she played, she did justice to it.

If you are a fan of melodrama with a little bit of comedy, I would surely recommend this movie, and it can be watched again. I personally kept it in my laptop for future viewing.

Movie Review- Architecture 101


I had been procrastinating over this movie over a long time, but finally I saw it a few days ago.Being a fan of Uhm Tae Woong, I could not miss out on it. And then finally I planned to review it.

The movie- Architecture 101 revolves around two lovers who meet once again when they grow older and then remember their college days when they were in love. We have Lee Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong) who is now an architect in a famous architectural firm. Seo Yoon (Han Ga In) comes looking for him, wanting to make a home for herself, designed by him. They then recognize each other and while the house is being made, they remember their whole love story together.

The movie has a very warm feeling. Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong of course gave their best. Their acting will actually move your heart.But since the movie deals with both the past and the present, Suzy and Lee Je Hoon play their characters extremely well. I am not much of a Suzy fan and the only work that I have seen of her is Dream High. In the story, she suited the character pretty well, and of course she looked pretty too. Lee Je Hoon impressed me quite well. The way he expressed his emotions were to the point. And something that elevated his character was his friend Nab-Deuk played by Jo Jung Suk. His acting was outstanding and as a supporting cast, he did support Lee Je Hoon a lot. And the villain played by Yeo Yeon Seuk, well, he was charmingly good and bad.

I will not give out spoilers, but the love story is sad. The story was good, very romantic and sweet too and but the thing was it had a logical ending, and nothing fairy tale type. I can pretty much say, it is something you will not expect, but it does leave you facing reality. There are moments you will smile, and also the protagonists will make you laugh and cry too.
It is a perfect one- time watch movie.



Got7 made a comeback, this being their 2nd album this year after Just Right, which unfortunately I did not get time to review.
They released another album named MAD, with its title track being If You Do.

The song is one of the best songs of Got7 that I have heard so far. All their songs are surely addicting, but this one just slays it. The song stays stuck in your head, irrespective of whatever you are doing, the song is that addicting. The song tells us about how the girl breaks the boys heart, everything she does is right, and everything he does is wrong and she doesn't seem to get that. The vocals are good as usual, but the rappers have given their best in the song- they not only get a lot of lines, but they nail their parts. Jackson has improved so, so freaking much.

The boys are acting in the MV, showing their frustration in whichever way possible, except Mark, who just walks around. The members look killer handsome- all of them. No one looks bad at all. Bam Bam has left his old cute image and has now gotten into a totally hot look.
The song and the MV is refreshing for the fact that Got7 generally do music videos in which they are mostly happy or jumping around. But here they took the chic image, more than Haji hajima and it suits them so well.

Coming to the dance, I loved it. The choreography is not at all easy and I am eagerly waiting for the dance version to come out to groove with them to the song. The foot work in the chorus is amazing. Even Jackson does it, I do not know how, considering the fact that he has got his leg sprained. I just hope is leg is better now and he is not overworking himself.

I got no complains about JYP or the song, nor the promotion of Got7. What I felt bad about is the fact that they did not promote Day6 well, them being new and someone who needed more attention and promotions. Day6 just released their album and then suddenly all the attention moved towards Got7.



So, the biggest and the most awaited comeback of the yaer just happened- that is the debut of iKON. Personally I was excited too. I haven't seen W.I.N as of yet but heard a lot from other fans- that how Winner did not deserve to win and it was iKON who were better than them and so on and so forth. Now that iKON has debuted, lets see what did they bring for us.

iKON Airplane:
Airplane is a hip-hop ballad, with Double B , that is Bobby and B.I. rapping and the vocalists. The song, well is nice and soothing. The rapping is good, as usual and that is what stands out the most in the song. The vocalists are good too. Thankfully there is a balance between the rap and the vocals, which was lacking in My Type. Fans had got pretty angry on that. Donghyuk only gets to do the La di da..part and also Chanwoo has a major lack of lines, but then there is some singing by the rest of the vocalists.

The song is about B.I. falling in love with his best friend- the girl who is also friends with Bobby. They all are sad that she is leaving, but then B.I. never gets to confess to her.
The song is a request about telling the Airplane to stop, so that they can spend some more time with her.

Rhythm Ta:
Coming to the controversial song and the most controversial artist of the year, known for dissing people, Bobby and his lyrics.The song is a typical YG hip-hop, if not iKON, it would probably even suit GD and Taeyang. There is some dance and our shirtless Bobby with handsome looking all the other members.

The song is about enjoying the rhythm and enjoying your life. It is about living freely unlike idols, who according to Bobby, like to show- off and all. Dance and get your body moving. The MV has a slight amount of dancing, again the vocals have  got a good share. Chanwoo this time does the Da na na part in the song, like Donghyuk in the previous song.

If I have to make any final comments over their debut- I think it could have been better, especially if we compare how JYP idols are doing. Both the songs for me were quiet average, and I like My Type way, way more than Rhythm Ta and Airplane. Secondly, the group focuses the most on Bobby and B.I.. The vocalists hardly get lines compared to the rappers, and the rappers are the one singing even when there are so many vocalists are there. I hope that doesn't happen in their next songs.
Comparing their debut to WINNER, the quality of the songs of Winner were better than theirs, at least that is how I feel about it.