A new boy- band debuted from JYP and it is surprisingly a soft rock band, called DAY6. We have had a glimpse of Day6 with GOT7 previously in WIN of YG Entertainment and finally they are debuting.

A song that has been forever stuck in your head- it is this song. I am not much of a rock person but this song is just unbeatable when it comes to how addicting it is. Secondly, they do not look like rookies from any angle, whether is rapping, the way they play their music, music video presence, vocals, instrumentation, the rapping- everything is to the point.

We have Jae as the guitarist, vocalist and rapper, Sung Jin who is the leader, guitarist and vocals, Jun Hyeok on the keyboard and vocalist, Young K as the bass guitarist, rap and vocalist, Won Pil as the vocalist and Do Woon on the drums. As you can see, all are involved in vocalization , except for the drummer.

The song is a break- up song, where we have the girl leaving th guy without informing him. And then one day the guy meets her all happy with a new boyfriend in the subway. The MV has actor Choi Woo Shik who works as an actor in JYP. The intelligent thing in this MV is the choice of an actor instead of making the members do it.

Finally, I really love the chorus, how the word Congratulations has been used for the girl. It was one of the most awaited comebacks of the year and of course they did not disappoint us, like even a little bit. Love the song, just too much.

N.Flying also a boy band which debuted this year, has been good, but this one is more addicting and Day6 will be giving a very strong competition to them.

2nd Comeback Special: MonstaX and Seventeen

The months of September and October are filled with comebacks. We have a Monsta X and Seventeen- two major rookie groups releasing their second albums and MVs. Last time too, they debuted somewhere nearby each other and this time too the same thing happened. So let's see how did our rookie groups do in their recent comebacks.

First lets look at Monsta X Rush:

Their song surprised me. They have improved a lot since Trespass. Coming to the MV first. Their dancing is more synchronized and lip sync is also perfect. Performance has improved a lot. We all know how good Jooheon is at rapping, but this time I preferred I.M more. They try a little to hard when it comes to expressions. Jooheon actually goes overboard with them- no one actually behaves like that after seeing a girl. It can be exaggerated, but he does it too much. Importance of Jooheon- song begins with him again. In short the MV reeks too much of Jooheon.

Shownu as usual got his own part for dance and vocals. So did the other members. Hyungwon as the visual, I think gets a little screen time this time. Rest were fine.

The MV is basically, they boys fall in love with a love, but then she gets kidnapped and all of them go to rescue her in the end. I like the camera-work a lot. It looks good and it is of course better than Trespass. The lyrics of the song is silly. I found it funny. I did not know cell-phones were made of steel. At least that was what the translated versions say. They are just telling the girl to come to them as soon as possible and quickly make a decision. Trespass had better lyrics.

Seventeen Mansae:
I am surprised at how much a band can improve. Everything is so perfect in them. Their first song was a simple dance and music pop song, but this song has a MV with a storyline.

So a very common concept has been chosen- our 13 boys are high school students and crushing over one girl. The girl is the villain in School 2015. And the class had only three girls and the rest was our Seventeen boys.

The acting in the MV looks so natural. All boys get enough screen time, and little parts of their own. But mainly it is Wonwoo, Mingyu and S.Coups who are the main here. D.K. acts as the comic relief and I find it super adorable. If we compare Mansae to Adorable, this is way more expressive. We can actually tell who all can be future actors from this MV. None of it is overboard and it makes your heart flutter rapidly. Scenes I loved here- the basketball game when Jeonghan makes the basket, how his hair flies and S.Coups moves the ball for the girl. Also when Vernon smiles after he gets slapped and of course the way Wonwoo and Mingyu and S.Coups stare at the girl...faints!!!!

As we know the group is divided into parts- the dance team and the other members of the group have an awesome and a very strong choreography. The choreography in the beginning is cool and then the chorus. The rapper team is just bound to steal your heart and the vocal team is just too cute. The dance team has their little solo parts and Jun is someone who will steal your gaze with his superb dance steps.

A cool thing about the lyrics of the song is that when the lines in the song are being sung, the scene is also happening simultaneously. They all love the girl and when the girl stares back at them, they all go Mansae!!

I loved their comeback a tad bit more than that of Monsta X. Also both the songs are good and addicting. Opinions always differ right? So do comment and tell, what do you guys feel about their comebacks.

MV Review- JunJin WOW WOW

Jun Jin of Shinhwa became my bias after I had seen the Hello Councelor episode of Shinhwa. Before that, although I knew them as a group, I did not know their names. His personality and looks and voice impressed me so much.

I did not know he was going solo. The news came to me after checking out V- app. And I accidentally came across his MV, which I had to watch.

The MV doesn’t have much to it, he walking around is more than enough to make the hearts swoon and them to faint. He looks that hot. There are many close-ups of him and there is a girl in the MV who is seen very less. The sets keep changing. We also see Jun Jin dancing. The chorus has some very strong and swift dance moves, and he nails them perfectly. 

The song has more (correct) English than Korean, and major repetition of the chorus. Since he is not much of a vocalist, his voice sounds pretty smooth. His rap parts are amazing and so is Eric’s who features, but is only heard. The song talks about how he can’t stop but keep looking at the girl he likes and also how his presence is so strong, that she cannot ignore it.

The song is not very catchy, but I liked it pretty much. It is not very bad.

Shinhwa altogether is awesome and of course I did not expect Jun Jin to get his own solo. Now that he got one, I hope you people listen to the whole album and also follow him on V- app. 

Drama Review- Oh My Ghostess

This is another drama that just made into my one-of-the-best-drama list. 

This drama falls into the genre of magical realism. We have a virgin ghost Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) who thinks she needs to make out with a guy who has a lot of energy to ascend to heaven. She has been stuck on earth for 3 years. Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is an assistant chef in a famous restaurant. She is a timid girl and very tardy, reason being she is always seeing ghosts around her, her grandmother being a shaman. She is an introvert and has low self- esteem.

Na Bong Sun has a crush on the star chef Kang Sun Woo (Cho Jung Suk) who is the owner of the chef she works in. But thanks to her timid personality she can’t make a move on him. Finally, one day she ends up leaving her job due to some misunderstanding in the restaurant. While she was leaving the place, Shin Sun Ae possesses her on the streets while she was trying to escape a shaman. Their energy match and she is locked inside her. Na Bong Sun’s fresh journey begins from then.
We also have a side story of Kang Sun Woo’s sister and how Shin Soon Ae dies.

This drama is like one of those perfect dramas, with damn good story line, an awesome cast and the right amount of episodes. To begin with, let’s start with the story. I haven’t seen a better storyline in this genre of dramas. Of course we have Master’s Sun, but then, having seen that too, I find this one better. The acting just helps the story perfectly. If the actor’s weren’t good, I would have seriously wondered, how much this drama would be a hit.

I have seen Park Bo Young only in movies, latest being the horror movie Don’t Click, her acting was really good, but here it reaches another level. Park Bo Young is seen playing a dual role. She is playing herself as well as she possessed by Shin Soon Ae and these are totally different personalities. Then we have Cho Jung Suk. I had seen him for the first time in King To Hearts and he had caught my attention there itself, playing the second lead. His acting was better than that of Lee Seung Gi. I am just too happy he gets to play the main role here. I guess, no one else would have been able to carry out this role as good as him. He is not only the perfect man, but he plays his role so naturally, it doesn’t seem that he is acting.

Finally coming to Kim Seul Gi- this girl has never failed to impress me. I have seen almost all her dramas and once again, I would say this was her best performance.

The drama has two storylines, so not only we have Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo falling in love with each other, we also have a murder mystery. And here we meet the villain of the drama Choi Sung Jae (Lim Ju Hwan). His role creeped me out bad. I got goose-bumps at certain points in the drama thanks to him.

All in this drama act as if all of this happen in the real life. It’s as if people get possessed daily, and ghosts live a life like us. That’s how perfect this drama is. Shin Soon Ae in this drama is everywhere, yet she is not there. Even the other minor characters play their roles so well, I seriously so freaking impressed.

I will recommend this drama some 10,000 times or more to watch, it is so good. You will fall in love with everything in it.