MV Review- SNSD Lion Heart and You Think

All this while I had not reviewed music videos, a hell lot of music videos released. We had GOT7 and Infinite, then a whole series of girl bands. SHINee released their repackage album, and Super Junior made a comeback with Devil. We also had B1A4 making a comeback after almost a year and of course Big Bang left it's mark among all the MVs. And then Wonder Girls made a superb comeback- I Feel You being one of my favorite video and song.
Coming back to the latest, we have Girls' Generation releasing Party in the summer and now Lion Heart and You Think. First I will review Lion Heart.

I personally like Girls' Generation videos for their music videos, the fact that they are not like other girl bands. But slowly SNSD is becoming a little monotonous- especially their videos. Most of these videos focus more on the glamour part. Bright colours and clothes, advertising stuff in their videos and so on. Most of their videos look like I Got A Boy, all with bright clothing. The amount of pink and orange lack of sober colours distract you. The girls look pretty as usual, no doubt in that. Yuri's healthy figure and Hyoyeon and Sooyoung's short hair look too good on them. It suits the retro style that has been chosen for the theme.

Lion Heart, well, the song did not appeal me much. It was an okay song- not very addicting but not bad. Probably it will take a little time for it to grow on me.

The music video deals with a man who has the nature and heart of a lion- but then as the girls wait for him, he ends up flirting with all of them and in the end gets beaten up, instead of getting a girl.

Now about You Think. All the songs chosen to be made MVs with are of totally different genres. You Think turns out to be hip-hop-ish, again not very upbeat and not very addicting, but better than the others.

What actually looks good here and strikes you is the dance. The dance really stands out, and so is the set. They leave all the glamour in Lion Heart, for which I am just too glad. The choreography is very cool.

The song is a feminist break up song. It's after a break up and how the guy tries to act cool, but that is only his thinking. The girl doesn't want get affected by the attention the guy gets after the break up and the wrong image of her that he puts of her in front of the world. The song has a "Monica" call which has been taken from an yester year bollywood song. It suits the song well though.
I was surprised to see Sunny getting so many lines. Probably she had more lines the Yoona. She did justice to the song though. And then the rap, Sooyoung really needs to try hard, but Hyoyeon nailed the rap like literally.

I just hope next time all get a little bit equal amount of screen time.

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