Drama Review- The Lover

It has been 5 years since I have been watching Korean dramas but this drama is the most non- conventional type of drama I have seen.  Warning: It is a 19+ drama. Also the name has a dual meaning- The Lover in Korean becomes dorobo, which means dirty also in Korean.

The Lover is a story of 4 different couples- not the conventional husband and wife that we see daily in our life, but a little different. They all live in an apartment and we get to see a part of their life for twelve episodes. 

First we have Doo Ri (Ryu Hyun Kwang) and Oh Do (Oh Jung Se). These two are madly in love with each other, both romantically and passionately, but none of them want to marry. The want to have a living relationship all their life. Next we have Takuya (Takuya Terada) and Lee Joon Jae (Lee Jae Joon) who are roommates. Takuya needed a place for rent for three months and therefore he is brought to Joon Jae.

Then we have Choi Jin Nyeo (Choi Yeo Jin) and her young lover Jung Young Jun (Jung Joon Young) who have a difference of thirteen years and Young Joon is the younger one, also he is a struggling musician. After that we have Han Seol Eun (Han Eun Seol) and Park Hwan Jong (Park Jong Hwan) who are engaged, but not married yet. They want to stay together and see how much they can get along together. And there is a solo house president.

This drama has a very sitcom-ish feel. It is not like the other dramas that we watch. Also it has a very homely feel. Since it deals with unconventional couples, we get to see the different problems they face. For example Doo Ri is the one who works instead of Oh Do, similarly Jin Nyeo is the one who supports Young Jun- very untypical of the patriarchal system that is followed.

Then we have Takuya and Joon Jae who take bromance and gay love to a totally new level. I had basically started watching this drama because of them. Their chemistry is so good. It feels very real. And then towards the end when Joon Jae starts ditching his girlfriend for small things he wants to do with Takuya- it simply melts your heart. Their love story out of all was the best according to me. 

Han Seol Eun and Park Hean Jong couple show how all engaged couples don’t turn up to be successful. They show the time and space needed. But the drama is not only about that. It also has elements of them mixing with each other. There are times when Jin Nyeo feels like his boyfriend is nowhere near handsome Joon Jae, other times, Oh Do gets jealous of Joon Jae and Takuya and Jin Nyeo because he is short. Often Jin Nyeo and Seol Eun get into fights due to their physical differences. 

The drama is such a good blend and then the jokes, the rated scenes- everything has been shown so well. The acting too, especially Takuya and Joon Jae, since portraying gay stuff is actually a little difficult. Also, I just saw how talented an actor Lee Jae Joon is. Portraying scenes where he almost makes out with Jin Nyeo, it was so freaking hot. Special mention to the last episode. I won’t give it away since I want all of you to watch it. There is nothing in the drama makes you bored of it. Rather you will have a great time watching it. But please watch it till the end.

I would recommend this drama to all, if you want something which does not feel much like a drama nor is long as a sitcom. Also watch it because it is different.

MV Review- BTOB I'm Okay

This MV simply touched my heart. BTOB has mostly tried to be sexy or funny or a mix of both, but this MV is something that will stir your emotions, and make you feel happy and inspire you.

We have seven different stories here- Sungjae is on a walking tour, Peniel is a fireman or a rescuer, Hyunsik is an artist, Eukwang works in a library to study, Changsub dreams to own a chicken shop, Ilhoon is a RJ who has broken up with his girl and finally Minhyuk who is preparing for civil service examinations.

But all of them are having some or the other problems in their life and job. Sungjae starts off at a journey but then he gets exhausted soon, Peniel new to the rescuers job, doesn’t know what to do and hence gets scolded by his senior. Eunkwang works in a library to manage his notes from their, but he keeps dropping books and the manager keeps on scolding him. Changsub works in a chicken house and the customers create problem for him. Hyunsik is good at art but impressing his art teacher is really difficult. On the other hand he is trying to earn money by putting up pamphlets but then the owner of a car irritates him, and he ends up almost hitting him. We have dj Ilhoon who is reading the confession and sorry letters he gets and tears up. Finally we have Minhyuk who is trying hard to study but then his girlfriend calls up and they go to a costly food shop. Seeing her boyfriend a little uncomfortable, she vouches to pay. But then he tells he wants to break up with her.

But then there is a positive side to everything and every bad start has always has a good ending. As the music video progresses, their hard work is noticed and their mistakes are realized. Changsub earns the chicken shop, Eunkwang is left to study at peace in the library, Peniel’s senior realisez his mistake and when the girl they saved came to thank them, he tells Peniel is the one who saved her. Hyunsik’s art is appreciated when he draws a beautiful sketch of his teacher. When Sungjae has almost fainted due to exhaustion and lack of water, nature brings down rain for him and he gets up again to complete what he started. Ilhoon realizes his mistake of breaking up with his girl and the restaurant Sungjae goes to eat after the journey, Ilhoon comes and proposes her there. Finally our Minhyuk passes the civil servant exam, becomes a rich, handsome guy and brings his girlfriend to a costly restaurant and pays for her and himself. The girlfriend stayed with Minhyuk till he succeeded in life.

Seven different stories giving us the same message- never to lose hope in life. The song is so, so inspiring and the lyrics hit you straight in the heart. It talks about what all unemployed people face and how difficult and hopeless one feels when they have to go the army or give up their favourite things just to earn some money. But then, this song is always there, this melody is always there to make you feel better and inspire you to achieve what you want.

Drama Review - Pasta

I have been a fan of Lee Sun-Kyun ever since my first Korean drama "Coffee Prince" and I'm also looking forward to his new movie Love Virus in which Shin Min-Ah is rumored to be cast opposite him. Kong Hyo-Jin is quite a good actress, too. The drama also got Choi Jin-Hyuk and No Min-Woo, so it was a MUST WATCH to me. Better late than never, so I finally watched this drama.

The drama is set in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, La Sfera and it's basically about the love between Seo Yoo-Kyung (played by Kong Hyo-in) and Choi Hyun-Wook (played by Lee Sun-Kyun), and Yoo-Kyung's growth as a chef.

Yoo-Kyung takes up a job as a third assistant after her mother's death. You see, her mother had wanted to eat at La Sfera with her daughter but they couldn't afford. So, for some reason, she feels that she has to become a chef who makes the pasta that her mother had wanted to eat before her departure. Anyway, Yoo-Kyung is a hardworking, an average looking girl who is trying really hard to make her dreams come true.

Hyun-Wook is a sort of genius in the kitchen. He studied abroad in one of the top schools and is a perfectionist when in front of the stove. He was betrayed by his ex-girlfriend Oh Se-Young (played by Lee Ha-Nui) in the past and since then he is against any kind of relationship between men and women in his kitchen. To avoid it, he makes sure that their are no women in his kitchen. He becomes the head chef of La Sfera - all thanks to Se-Young who wants to start over with him - and rebuilds the kitchen into an all-male kitchen. However, Yoo-Kyung stands up to him and make him opens his kitchen to even women. Then, he gives her an opportunity and teaches her to make her a better chef than him.

In between, there is someone who keeps cheering Yoo-Kyung since she joined La Sfera by sharing photographs of cactus. Yoo-Kyung's career is symbolically compared with the growth of thorny cactus that eventually blooms a beautiful flower. The secret admirer who shares these pics turns out to be Kim San (played by Alex), the owner of La Sfera. There's a love rectangle between Yoo-Kyung, Hyun-Wook, Se-Young and Kim San, but chemistry between Yoo-Kyung and Hyun-Wook steals the show. I quite liked them together and hope they work again in another project. Both of them are good actors.

Though I found the story cute, I didn't like the guy bullying the girl just because he likes her and doesn't know how to go about it. It is so cliched and it is there in almost every Korean drama. Perhaps, they should make it the other way around from now onwards. I would definitely like to watch the girl bullying the guy and him bearing all the bullshit she puts him through. I mean why should a girl be so submissive all the time. I don't like how Korean media stereotypes the relationship between a man and a woman. I understand their culture is patriarchal but they should change with the changing times, no? I would punch a guy on his face if he bullied me and not fall head over heels for him.

Anyway, other than the man bossing around the woman, it was a good watch...so good that I may rewatch the drama sometime in the future. It was a food porn. There was so much good food on screen that I was drooling most of the times.

MV Review - Bigbang's Sober

Bigbang's comeback has been a HIT so far. They released an album as a group after three years' gap but they did it with a BANG, I tell you. I am so proud to be a VIP.

Like its Bae Bae, Bang Bang Bang and We like 2 party, Sober is another song from the group that's fun, crazy and catchy. It is evident that Bigbang has grown as musicians, singers and performers. Bigbang has no rival other than Bigbang themselves.

In the beginning, we will see all the members doing some crazy steps to the catchy music, especially G-Dragon is at his craziest in this MV, and of course, T.O.P. No one can beat them when it comes to acting crazy in front of the camera. Daesung looks quite dashing in this MV, particularly when he's playing the drums. I was really like WTF he's so handsome unlike what the Korean media says. Taeyang appears masculine - his usual self, and Seungri swings somewhere between drunk and sober.

The MV is grand and colorful like Bigbang's other MVs. It shows that they have put so much effort, and of course, they have spent money. The styling is good as well - GD has colored his hair orange, Taeyang's dreadlocks look quite good, Seungri continued his grey hair look, T.O.P's spike looks cool and Daesung's style is the best among them. There's nothing to talk about the dance though because it is all crazy - lets say it's what you do when you are drunk or in shower, and anyway Taeyang was literally in the shower in this MV.

The best part about this MV is the music itself. It is fun and very catchy, and it will make you want to jump around like a kid. I am listening to it in a loop (of course with If You, too) since it was released and I still don't seem to get enough of it. My favorite part in the song is when T.O.P says 'Aah chincha-ish'

Bigbang is at its best this year!

Drama Review - Triangle

I have been in love lately and that's with none other than Kim Jae Joong. He makes my heart flutter and every time I see him, I feel butterflies churning in my stomach. Anyway, this blog is not gonna be about my star-love but the drama Triangle.

This drama is about three brothers Jang Dong-Soo (played by Lee Beom-Soo), Jang Dong-Cheol (played by Kim Jae-Joong) and Jang Dong-Woo (played by Siwan) who get separated after their father's tragic death at the mine he was working.

Dong-Soo becomes a police officer. Dong-Cheol loses his memories and name as well, and becomes a gangster Heo Young-Dal. Dong-Woo, the youngest among them was adopted by none other than the man responsible for his father's death and grows up as Yoon Yang-Ha. All three of them cross paths after several years while Dong-Soo is chasing a gangster ringleader Ko Bok-Tae (played by Kim Byung-Ok), and Young-Dal wants to be recognised by Ko Bok-Tae and join his gang, and Yang-Ha has to take over his father's business and Ko Bok-Tae is one of the shareholders of the company. After that, the plot revolves around revenge, love and gambling. Several secrets are revealed as the story proceeds. There's too much power struggle in the drama, and everything was quite realistic.

The drama started off as if Jang Dong-Cheol is the protagonist. I was really disappointed then, but later Young-Dal took the main stage and the drama became more interesting. Among the three brothers, Young-Dal was the most intelligent even when they were kids and that's why he gets all the lime light as the story proceeds. He is the man who saves the day in the end. He outsmarts everyone, though he takes some big damages in the process. One cannot win everything and every time, right?

Though the plot and execution were excellent, I see that the drama didn't do that good because the plot was serious and there was no typical 'guy bossing around the girl he likes' angle to it. Instead, the characters seemed real and mature. Even the love was sensible and not cliched. There were no pointless love triangles, except that Siwon and Young-Dal liked the same girl Oh Jung-Hee (played by Baek Jin-Hee). However, Oh Jung-Hee stuck to Young-Dal from the beginning to the end, so there was no swinging between two guys.

Even though there were several side characters, they were given the importance they deserved. I guess it's because they had enough number of episodes to do that - twenty six. As far as me, I wish there were few more episodes so I could watch more of Jae Joong. He was so handsome though the styling was done subtly. I quite liked his transformation from a gangster to an office executive.

The gambling part was quite interesting, too. It made me hold my breath at certain scenes, especially whenever Young-Dal and Yang-Ha played.

This drama is a MUST WATCH to everyone who likes Kim Jae-Joong, good plots and good execution.

Drama Review - Rooftop Prince

This is Park Yoo-Chun's 3rd drama that I have watched so far. I did wrong by watching 'I Miss You' first. Anyway, my opinion about him as a actor has changed a lot after watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. He's definitely one of the best actors in the Korean TV industry now and it was just a mistake to act in I Miss You. And only recently I realised that he is a part of JYJ group, and I like him even more since then.

Park Yoo-Chun plays two roles in the drama. Actually, many of the characters play two roles - one in the Joseon period and another in the present time, and they play it really well.

The story revolves around Park Ha (played by Han Ji-Min) and Prince Lee Kak (played by Park Yoo-Chun). And the other roles Yong Tae-Tong and Boo-Yong played by them are weaved together into the story nicely.

It's all about the struggle for power and money, and one true love that saves the day. I know it sounds cliched but the execution is what makes a story interesting, right? This drama is executed well and that's why you have to watch it.

One day, Prince Lee Kak and his men who fall out of the sky into Park Ha's rooftop pent house, i.e. into the world we live in now, and it provides comic relief while there's so much power struggle is happening in the background. Though they learn the ways of this world pretty quickly, it was so good as long as it lasted.

Hong Se-Na and Hwa-Yong (both played by Jung Yoo-Mi) were few powerful characters in the drama. These characters make you wonder whether there is no end to a person's greed. Though, Yong Tae-Moo (played by Lee Tae-Sung) was the main villain, it was Se-Na and Hwa-Yong's characters that left a strong impression on me because they started villainy at a very young age and continued it until the very end. Park Ha and Boo-Yong were their sisters, still their enmity towards their own siblings was inexplicable. They definitely didn't have any conscience whatsoever and that makes them one of the cruelest villains of all time.

The drama didn't limit itself to the love between a man and a woman, there were moments where they show strong bonds between a mother and a daughter, a grandmother and a grandchild, a king and his men, and so on. However, the relationship between Lee Kak and Park Ha was very cliched. It made this drama just another Korean drama where the guy keeps bossing the girl he loves around. What makes it more stupid is the girl lets the guy bother her even though it is as easy as saying a NO to make him stop from being a bully. I understand that people behave very childishly when they are in love but I don't get why Korean TV overuses this fact. They just don't know when to stop. Apart from this, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and highly recommend this drama.