We have a new music video released by BTS- another song from their album In the Mood Of Love. This time the song is called Sick or Dope. 

The image teaser of the song was of course speechlessly awesome and good. And then the MV released. I was left even more speechless. But before let me discuss the song.
The song is about being different for others, hardworking and how awesome BTS is. We all know that the path to success is hard-work, but they work as if they are high and they doped. While other people are having fun in life, going clubbing and all, BTS is working hard and being successful in life- being the awesome they are.

Now the MV- it is another dance MV, but I don’t know why, every simple dance video leaves me dumbstruck. All the members are in different profession. Jhope is a race car driver, Jin doctor, Jimin officer goer, V is detective Conan, Rap Monster is a pilot I guess, Suga is a sailor and Jungkook is a police officer. If see all these professions are busy professions where you have to give your all and you don’t have time for daily fun. As entertainers too, they are equally busy.

Coming to the dumbstruck part- I see a SHINee is BTS, with a touch of Hip hop. Their choreographies just keep difficult and difficult and all the more awesome. Even the camera work keeps improving one by one. The dance looks all the more great with the camerawork- the head shots and then the perfect and clean endings. 

Special mention to Jungkook and Jimin, who have been constantly messing with my bias list, Rap Monster too has been stealing hearts and well, Jin and Rap Mon as non- dancers are getting better better.

Drama Review- Who Are You: School 2015

After watching dramas for many years - this is the first time I felt, how fast time flies by. I had just started the drama during my holidays and by the time my college reopens, the drama is over.

The drama is a part of the School Series- this one being School 2015. A fresh storyline with fresh new faces. The story is about twin sisters, out of which one has been adopted and lives in a rich household, and goes to an elite school in Seoul- Go Eun Byul. The other one is still in the orphanage and attends a school in Tongyong- Lee Eun Bi, both played by Kim So Hyun. But then the Lee Eun Bi is a victim of severe bullying in her school by a girl named Kang So Young. Not being able to take it anymore, she ends up committing suicide.

While on the other hand, the other sister is in Tongyong, for a school trip, but soon goes missing. Finally people find a body, but no one knows which sister it is. When she regains consciousness, she has forgotten things, but soon we see that she is Eun Bi. She therefore starts living as her sister and attends the same school as hers, as Eun Byul. But soon she is caught by Gong Tae Kwang ( Yook Sung Jae). Also soon after the suicide incident, Kang So Young ends up joining the same school as Lee Eun Bi, after being expelled from her previous school.

The storyline is one of the best that I have seen this year. Things have been placed so well and perfectly that it seems as if all these things can actually happen in the real life too. Secondly the drama has a great cast. Kim So Hyun playing two roles, both so different from each other- we have Lee Eun Bi who is silent and introvert, and then Go Eun Byul who is full of pride and attitude, She plays both roles so well. We can actually think them to be played by two different person altogether. Now coming to the male characters- we have Han Yi Yan (Nam Joo Hyuk), who loves Go Eun Byul, and Gong Tae Kwang who easily made out the difference between the two sisters and identified Lee Eun Bi. There acting moves you, it literally left me speechless. I have seen Sung Jae acting before, but here he was exceptionally good. This drama did not seem to be model Nam Joo Hyuk’s first drama at all. I wasn’t even much fond of him when the drama started, but then he won my heart by his acting and the passion he shows in it. 

Now coming to the villain Kang So Young (Jo So Hyang). She is one of those villains who can compete with Gu Jun Pyo’s mother. She was so good and hence hateful. Her looks, feel, her way of speaking- all reeked evil. I actually felt like slapping her once in a while, but then she was just acting, right? 

Apart from all the love story and finding who is who, who have sub-plots where they cover all the problems faced by teenagers of this generation- the pressure of choosing what you are good at, the pressure of always being on the top and bringing good marks, the competition faced by people in the entertainment industry and lastly bullying, the main story. All these sub-plots have also been done well.

This has been really a good watch, and also you have some fun shipping couples here. You don’t know who will end up with whom till the end, and passionately keep rooting for your favourite. Therefore, I would recommend all to watch this drama and have fun, while you shed some tears and bite your nails in the process.

Movie Review - The Innocent Thing

So a non- Korean film person comes suggests me this movie, and therefore I had to see it. The day she told me about it, I searched for it and watched it that very afternoon, and I was not at all disappointed.

The story has an amazing plot. We have Joon Ki (Jang Hyuk), who was a former rugby player, now a physical education teacher in an all girl’s school. He is a pretty friendly teacher and handsome too, so many girls crush on him. But there is one exception- Han Young Eun (Jo Bo Ah). In the beginning it was only love, but when the teacher discovered it, the girl got more and more obsessed, so much that she started doing absurd things. She was even ready to harm his pregnant wife. 

The movie has a very intriguing pace, it will keep you hooked very well. I personally did not skip a single part in the movie. Sometimes it feels a little slow, but then it takes its pace again. Jang Hyuk’s acting is good- as a teacher, and then the scenes where he is almost slipping into temptation, but then stops. Also the scenes he did in the end- really well done. Even the lady who plays her wife- she too does a really good job. But the whole show is tolen by Jo Bo Ah. This is clearly not supposed to be a horror movie, but she gives that feeling. Her unpredictable-ness, and her creepy voice, plus her showing up from anywhere- scares you sometimes. 

The movie, towards the end has a silly scene, which is a little illogical- that actually doesn’t seem to happen in real life. There is a scene where Young Eun says she is pregnant, and then, Joon Ki’s wife drugs her and another teacher take her to the hospital to get an abortion done, but then they tell that she is a virgin. The scene personally I found it pretty silly. 

Other than that, the movie is really well made. There are some heated scenes too, so do watch out dear teenagers and adults. I would really recommend it for all adults to watch and enjoy the thrill.