MV Review- Kara CUPID

Kara has made a comeback and I must say, they are now standing in the position of my favourite girl band.

The song Cupid is awesome. This is the first time I heard a Kara song right after it released. I had not even heard Mama Mia this fast. Although I had not seen the teasers, the moment I saw the MV and heard the song, I fell in love with it.

The song is a request to the love God Cupid to attack at a guy whom they love and make him accept his destiny. They are madly in love with the guy and they really want the guy to fall for them. They want that little space in his heart. They want Cupid to do everything according to them so that the guy falls in love with them. They want Cupid to shoot his arrow.

The MV, as far as I deciphered, each member is a different sort of a gift. Songyoon represents flowers, Youngji fragrances, Goo Hara mirror or jewels and Gyuri ornaments. They are trying different things to impress the guy. They use roses as weapons to capture the guy’s heart.

The dance is simple and really impressive. It suits the song really well. There are no sensual steps as such. The chorus has a soft step to it, kind of the point in the whole dance. The girls are looking so, so pretty, especially Youngji and Goo Hara. Youngji doesn’t have much lines in the beginning but soon she is seen rapping. And the rap is really soft voiced, unlike other songs which have powerful and heavy voiced raps.

The song is beautiful and the comeback is great. I want this song impresses other people too as much as it impressed me.

Drama Review- Girl Who Sees Smells

I was happy that Park Yoochun was about to do a new drama and my soul reason to watch it was this fact. But once I started watching it, my whole reason to watch it changed.

This drama has been taken from a Webtoon with the same name. We have Choi Eun Sol( Shin Se Kyung) whose parents have been murdered. When she reaches home, she is seen by the murderer. The murderer tries to kill her too, but she escapes the place, but soon she gets hit by a car. In another scene we see another Choi Eun Sol (Kim Soo Hyun), calling her brother Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoochun) to inform him about a bus accident they have met with and that she is being admitted in a hospital. So we have both the Eun Sols in the same hospital.

When Moo Gak reaches the hospital, he sees his sister has been murdered. Someone has slit her neck. Soon a few years later, we see a struggling Moo Gak trying to become a detective. He is trying to his best to please his seniors to get that position. A few days later he is chasing a thief in a car that Oh Cho Rim was driving. Oh Cho Rim is the Choi Eun Sol whose parents had been murdered. She was in coma for a time span and when she woke up, she acquired the ability to see smells, but had also lost her memory. At that moment she was looking for someone who could be her partner in the gag company she worked for. Choi Moo Gak seemed a good partner and hence they decide to help each other. She would solve cases for Choi Moo Gak and help him become a detective while he would help her with the gags.

Slowly all the secrets open up about each other till they all reach the Bar Code Murder case to which Moo Gak’s sister. Eun Sol’s real parents and many other were being victims to.  Soon a new character enters, the boyfriend of one of the victims of the bar code murder cas who is also a famous chef- Kwon Jae Hee (Nam Gong Min) and his doctor friend Chun Baek Kwung. We also have Yeom Mi Gyeong (Yoon Jin Soo) who joins the detective’s team to solve the bar code murder case.
Now the reason why the reason to watch this drama will change- just like me, most of them will start watching this drama due to Park Yoochun, but I have to say as the drama progresses, most of the viewers will watch it for Nam Goong Min, reason being- he is our beloved murderer. I haven’t read the webtoon, but believe me, the drama has been so intelligently made- it is going to baffle your minds. In the beginning some weird incidents will happen, which will all be explained later in the drama. When we are shown that Nam Goong Min is the murderer, like me, many others will be baffled- because he is not at all someone who looks like a murderer- lest be one. But one thing- the role suited him well and he played it even better.

One more thing to be mentioned about the drama- the special effects used in it. The drama has beautiful special effects, when Oh Cho Rim uses her eyes to see smells, different elements are used to make up the components of the smells, also different colours. And that is a marvelous view.

Coming to the police force and the rest of the cast- they have been very average. The police force except for Choi Moo Gak and Chief Yeom has been shown like a bunch of fools who can’t work without the help of Oh Cho Rim. Park Yoochun did well, but then his role was surpassed by Nam Goong Min’s awesome acting. Talking of Shin Se Kyung- she has been very monotonous. I had last seen her in Blade Man. Although I did not see the complete drama- but her role in both of them have been similar. Yoon Jin Soo compared to others have done a better job. It has a little romance too, although not very mushy.

I would recommend this drama, well only and only for its plot and Nam Goong Min. I might watch it again for similar reasons too.

MV Review- SHINee VIEW

A die hard SHINee fan had been waiting for SHINee’s album and music video for soooo long. I might be the happiest in the whole world right now.

SHINee came back with an awesome album and an even more awesome music video. We have the song View chosen from the album which has been made into a mv. The song has been written by Jonghyun himself.

The song lyrics talk about a beautiful view- the view of a girl, who is ready to make love or rather to drown in the love of her man. Also nature has been a part of the lyrics. Since it is a song written by Jonghyun, some amount of sexual content is always expected. The song as such can be seen in both ways- as a beauty, like plain description or sexually. Well that also depends on the people who are listening to the song.

Coming to the mv- now that was a really interesting mv, not expected of SM at all- where they make mvs on box like rooms with nothing but amazing dance moves. The mv shows a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. We have SHINe getting kidnapped from SHINee World Concert Bangkok- some girls have kidnapped them. But we don’t see SHINee panicking at all. These girls are die- hard fans of SHINee and they are taking care of SHINee well. Our boys are also enjoying their company. It doesn’t seem at all that they have been kidnapped. They go shopping, drinking, swimming, riding scooters and even fool the police. But the boys make sure they don’t get caught. One girl is seen flirting with Onew- in a room full of SHINee posters. Then they go partying and someone tries to harm another girl. Our manly Minho goes to protect her and gets hit with a bottle. Then we have another okay sorts intimate scene. Finally they break into a drink shop and were enjoying, but then we hear police sirens and the MV ends.

I loved the MV- I had to watch it twice to understand the MV, cause I was surprised that SM wold make an MV like that for SHINee. Secondly, the out-of the – box concept was really nice. We get to see beautiful Thailand and also the boys in nice casual clothing. The scenes here are well made- none of the scenes go overboard with the girls as sasaengs.

As a die hard Shawol I was fine with everything till it came to the division of lines. The song doesn’t have rap in it and unfortunately Minho doesn’t get lines at all. He gets exactly 5 lines in the song and I hear his voice in the chorus when all are singing. Although he gets most of the screen time in the MV, but he deserves a few more lines I guess. All the more it is necessary, because except for him- all the others have been under vocal training.

The dance as usual is good- no doubt in it, since it is SHINee. The moves look nice and casual. Also, as I mentioned before- the set they dance in is also pretty simple, with minimal light to make out the members with casual clothing. Then we have scenes with drinks- and now I guess all the more they can enter concepts like this because we have an adult Taemin here.

Special mention once again to Minho- damn those muscles. I mean- in the chorus, all you see are his muscles- his freaking well- toned muscles. SM also makes him wear all sleeveless clothing for a purpose.

Coming to the album- I loved all the songs. There isn’t a song I did not like in it. But songs I loved the most are Odd Eye, View, Alive and Trigger. I would recommend everything of SHINee to be heard to and viewed.


Soon after EXO, we had BoA giving us a surprise comeback. Lately I had been falling for BoA’s charms in Japan, and then this came, and I tell you, I loved it.

In this MV we have a girl, who is bored and then she gets a message on Line from a friend to go on a blind date. She agrees immediately and after trying a few dresses and some makeup, she leaves. She is super excited and we are seeing that in a hidden version. She is dancing and singing around in the streets- excited to meet the boy. But then, it seems she reaches the wrong destination and meets an ugly nerdy guy, who is not at all her type. She sits there for a while and then she gets another message on Line from the person she is about to meet that he still waiting in a coffee shop. She leaves the places and rushes to the other location. And there she meets the perfect guy. The guy is Oh Sehun from EXO.

The song is simply the type of guy she wants to date and how she is excited to see the stranger she is about to meet, who just her type of boy. There is also a small description of the type of boy she wants.

Truly speaking when I first saw the MV, it left a really mushy feeling in my heart. I was like, why doesn’t something like this happen with us? I have to praise BoA for the concept of the MV. Then we have BoA’s singing and the song- after a long time she made something which is a little fast paced. I liked it a lot how she is shown in little screens, like the television, the photo- frame, mobile phone. And then the last conversation- it was so sweet.

Final view point- I love how the mv was made, the song was lovely- an MV and song one can listen to and watch any time.

MV Review- Monsta X TRESPASS

After the completion of the Survival program No Mercy, we already got to kow all the members of the new Starship hip ho[ boy band- Monsta X. All we had to do was to wait for the MV.

The band has members Minhyuk, Joohon, I.M., Kihyun, Hyung Won and Shownu. The way the group has been made is pretty equal. There are two of each- two vocalists, two visuals, two rappers, and two dancers. Therefore expectations were of course high.

So basically the song is about trespassing into a girl’s heart. The boys have fallen in love with a girl and now want to enter the girl’s heart. They don’t bother to ask her permission. The music, well, the song is pretty noisy. More of rapping, and it has not much of vocals. Joohon has a special few lines. And you can hear his voice the most in the song. The rest, well, they are just there. I also don't like the ending of the song. It is very abrupt.

The MV, has a similar concept of trespassing, well not into a girl’s heart but in an imprisoned area. The boys are running around, being chased by the police. One is in jail, and the others are all around the place.  There is very little dance shown here, unlike any SHINee or Infinite video. Also there is very little amount of proper lip-synch. The boys don’t sing the lyrics at all. Only Joohon is seen mouthing a little of his lines. Shownu has been given bit of dance and Hyung Won a bit of screen time, since he is one of the visual. And yes, he does look handsome.

The song is not bad, pretty addicting too. Good enough for a debut song. But one thing that worries me about their company is, now they will pay less attention to Boyfriend. I hope there is not much disparity and Boyfriend is also properly promoted and taken care of along with Monsta X.

Drama Review- Hogoo's Love

I wasn’t interested in this drama in the beginning, till my friend told me there is yaoi or a gay storyline in it. I decided, okay let me give it a try and I am happy I did so.

We have Kang Hogoo (Choi Woo Shik), whose name means a fool. He is a simple, unsuccessful boy who girls mostly take as best friend and nothing more than that. He has never been successful in dating, let alone something more than that, he also failed the civil services exam and presently is a webtoon artist’s assistant. We have Do Do Hee (Uee) who is called the Nation’s Mermaid, is a national level swimmer who always comes second. They were classmates previously. The two meet first on the street and then in the class reunion. Hogoo being the helpful and good boy he always has been, decides to take Do Do Hee on a trip to the sea on her request. There she gives clues that she is pregnant, but our fool doesn’t understand and she later tells that she is going for a haemorrhoid operation. With a promise to meet once again in Christmas, they part ways. Later, Hogoo meets Do Hee in the subway, with a swollen belly- she is 8 months pregnant.

Hogoo continues helping her around, with her labour, to the birth of the child, to post natal care. But no one knows who the father of the child is. That night, Byun Kang Chul (Im Seulong) comes to meet Do Hee, and a series of misunderstandings start. Then we have Hogoo’s twin sister, Ho Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung)- who unlike Hogoo is a psychology student and her professor wants her to date her son, Byun Kang Chul. It turns out that Ho Kyung already had a crush on him. Since all the four attended the same school, the timid Byun Kang Chul too had once fallen in love with Ho Kyung, but he mistakes her to be Hogoo, thinking himself to be gay. As the drama unfolds, all the misunderstandings unfold and all secrets get revealed, and all the problems are solved too.

This drama indeed has a feel like any other dramas, just here the love triangles are formed with the guy instead of the girl. Then we have a cute baby character- Geum Dong, who is super cute and Uee and Woo Sik taking care of the child. Also we have Im Seulong looking so handsome. Last time I had seen him acting was in Personal Taste and he looked…umm…not so handsome, but here he looks just too good. He also is a clean freak in the drama but then he breaks all his rules for the baby. We also see beautiful example of a happy family. The members in Hogoo’s family are always there for their kids, and also for each other. It feels so good to see them like that.

I love how Choi Woo Shik did justice to his role. I have seen him in different dramas playing different roles. In this drama he looks too cute. It is my first time seeing Uee acting- and she was good too. Im Seulong- waaoo. He proves the fact that if a person is given a good role to play, he stands out more. I  loved his character- from the smart and handsome look to his total timid and cute sides. His gay role too, I MEAN WHO WOULD NOT FALL FOR THAT? Then we have Lee Soo Kyung- again it’s my first time seeing her in a drama and I loved her role. She I have never seen a girl play her role this smartly.

Finally I spotted a tiny mistake in the drama- there is a scene where the child is all covered up and is passed on from Woo Shik to Seulong, but when Seulong enters the car, we can clearly see there is no child in the blanket, but when the drive ends, the child magically appears.

It went pretty underrated thanks to the other dramas that were going on that time in other channels- not that they were bad, but this one was good too. I would recommend this drama a million times, it’s so cute. If not a million times- please watch it at least once- and I promise, you will not be disappointed.