Movie Review - Diary of an Ugly

I haven't watched many Filipino movies, but from whatever English rom-coms I have seen until now, I can tell that this movie is a total rip off. From the feel that the characters imparted to the sets and the storyline to the mood of the movie - everything is screaming HOLLYWOOD. Even half of the dialogues are in English - so much that I might have understood the movie without subtitles.

Anyway, the movie is about a girl named Rea "Eya" Rodriguez (played by Nadine Lustre) who has a major pimples problem. She is an orphan and currently is short on cash. When Cross Standford(played by James Reid)'s father offers a big amount to work as Cross's personal maid, she immediately takes it up. You see, all his previous maids quit after experiencing his devilishness. He is that intolerable. Even his nickname is Devil.

Eya puts up with everything, even the jealousy of the other girls at school who don't like seeing her around him. She keeps the fact that she is just his personal maid a secret from everyone, except her best friends Lory (played by Yassi Pressman) and Chad (played by Andre Paras). And to add to her troubles, Cross, in front of the entire school, announces that she is his girlfriend.

Lory has a major crush on Cross and Chad is forever crushing on Lory. Eya gets tangled between these love triangles and quadrangles, when her own heart has started to move and beat for none other than Cross, the devil. I know, it is too cliched. And what happens later beats this. There is a masquerade ball at school and a mysterious guy who confesses his love for Eya, and then everyone associated with Eya starts looking for this mystery man.

This movie offers absolutely nothing to its viewers. An ugly girl who becomes beautiful as the movie proceeds, an arrogant guy who initially hates the girl but starts feeling for her once he realises that she is beautiful after all, and a love triangle where the other angle is either the girl or the boy's best friend. Cliched romance - treating the sick, spending a rainy day together, blah blah blah. However, the movie was a hit at box office and grossed millions.

Coming to the acting prowess of the cast, they were absolutely lame. Cross and Eya had no charm whatsoever, and even Chad and Lary emerged as weak.

Watch this movie only if you have nothing else to do.

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