MV Review - Bigbang's Loser & Bae Bae - Made

I haven't been following KPOP from a very long time. I am relatively new to it. Anyway, I listen to a very few bands and fewer artists - Rain, K.Will, Bigbang and few others. So...when Bigbang announced a concert tour and I heard rumours about their comeback, like many other VIPs, I was excited too. I was looking forward to their music. They had me at the trailer of MADE. It was just AWESOME!

Now coming to the song 'Loser'...

Lyrics: It's sad....a tearjerker. For someone who is going through bad times, it had me in tears...quite literally! All five of them sing about how they are losers, loners and people who just pretend to be strong but aren't. They don't feel love or love has abandoned them, so they want to go back to the way they were before...a long time ago. They want to go home.

I liked TOP's lines more than others. He says he spent his nights with different women, but he is tired now and wants to return home. Even he wants to go back to the way he was before when love was still fun. His voice! *I get butterflies in my stomach every time I hear him. I must be in LOVE.*

I guess they are trying to mirror the feelings of those people who have lost themselves, their innocence and everything that was them before they travelled thousand miles away from home...for whatever reasons it may be.

Music: It suits the lyrics very well. It isn't something you will hear at parties, but I already see myself spending many evenings listening to this song in a loop. It is quite catchy. Do I hear me hum? YES! YES!

I also feel they have improved a lot. Their music was always good but it has gotten better. What more a VIP can ask out of these idols? They are like wine - they have got better with time.

MV: You will see all five of them suffering, dealing with difficult situations and giving up, and then shrinking into their shells. Just like the lyrics, the MV is a tearjerker, too. It will tear your hearts into pieces to watch them cry. Their acting is topnotch, especially Seungri and GD. T.O.P has improved a lot....quite A LOT, to be frank. I never thought he will ever manage to look sad, but he has really done his part well. However, Daesung has beat them all. The guy knows how to cry.

The sets they have shot the MV in are beautiful. The camera work is good. The mood and the concept are perfect. Their costumes and style are AWESOME - that's expected because they are BIGBANG. After all, their style is unique in the entire industry.

All in all, an excellent MV. MUST WATCH! MUST HEAR!

Now, the song "Bae Bae"...

Lyrics: It is in complete contrast with the Loser, considering they were released simultaneously. Here, the boys sing about their love - how she is perfect for them, what they feel for her and what she makes them feel. If you listen to it without watching the MV, it is just another love song with pretty tunes and beautiful voices. Why am I saying this is - well, you will understand it after watching the MV.

MV: A part of it is sensual and the other part is fun. 

GD & T.O.P play pranksters and their bit in the MV is provocative. They are very explicit about sex. You will see GD grabbing boobs and spanking asses...of mannequins. T.O.P goes a step ahead - he sprays something at the girl  (though he uses only injection shots, I feel it was symbolic to cumming) and at the end of his lines, they even show a baby. Their expressions - I was really screaming OMG and ROFLMAO seeing GD & T.O.P fool around. However, Taeyong, Daesung and Seungri play it subtly and woo our hearts. They were like those knights on white horses every girl dreams about - totally Mills & Boons material. Hey, but GD & T.O.P steal the show here. 

At the end of the MV - all five of them are playing with many girls, lying next to them, dancing with them and err...lifting their hanboks

Music: Just like the MV, it started fun (GD's part) and became sensual (Taeyong's part). It alternated between these moods and did it without any awkwardness.

Costume & Sets: They were well thought and suited the concept and mood. The sets and costumes mirrored GD & T.O.P's naughtiness, and Seungri, Taeyong & Daesung's sexiness perfectly.

Verdict: Quite a comeback! It was worth the wait.


I have never been so excited about anyone’s comeback ever, and all the wait and excitement has been so worth it.

BTS came back with In the Mood of Love part 1 and the song I Need U for mv. I have never heard a song this good, that too from BTS. I can easily give it the tag of the best song of the year blindly, without even thinking once- it is that beautiful. 

The lyrics tell us about a relationship which is one sided- the boy loves the girl, but it is all one sided. The girl uses the boy, but does not love her. It is only the boy who loves the girl. So the boy wants it all to end. But then he realises that he cannot leave the girl, he is so dependent on her, he cannot live without her, but then he is tired of the relationship, so tired that all of this is making him sick.

The MV too, kind off, gives a similar message. I had to see the mv quiet a lot of times (not that I had any problem), and I had to refer to a few Youtube comments too, to understand the MV and finally it all made sense to me. The MV begins with Suga, in a hotel room, playing with a lighter, basically showing how his relationship as finicky as the fire. The girl uses him and now must have left him there. We then see a pale Jhope looking and analysing himself on the mirror, probably on pills or so sick with the girl and the stress of the one sided thing. Jin is crying, and V is going somewhere. Jungkook is lost in his world, and Jimin sitting in the bathtub, with a letter, Rapmon in the petrol pump. All want to move on from their relationship. 

Jin burns the petals, as he sheds a tear, Jimin burns his letter and then he takes a dip in the water. Jungkook walks around aimlessly, and then in the latter half of the video gets bruised and beaten up, finally he is almost hit by a car. Rap Mon in the petrol pump has some significance, their relationship was such that the girl kept coming back to him and leaving him, like cars, which keep coming and going. And the lollipop signifies the lingering and boring taste, which one gets after being in a long one sided relation. V is seen to going to his girlfriend’s place- there he kills the other guy who abuses her. I assume, the girl used to go to V for relief from this guy. Now he ends it all. In the end, they are all sitting in front of a bon-fire and are burning stuff- Jhope is seen there burning his medicines. Finally, they all are seen sleeping together. They are at peace now. Everything is over.

The boys are seen enjoying and going places together, having fun and all. But there is still a lingering pain. Believe me, but while watching this MV I had shed tears. When they are first seen walking around, they looked slightly down. All the fun they were having, it was all to hide that pain. 

As for other aspects of the song, there has been proper division of lines among the members. The blend of rap and vocals is just right. Jungkook’s voice melts in the chorus, Suga’s power rap showed his frustrations. V’s acting- totally impressed. I mean the part where they show where he has killed that guy- that face- just wow. Jhope without make-up- I like his plain face.

When I got to know BTS came back I thought, they would be back with some more perfect dancing and great hip-hop music, but in this song and the rest of the album, they came out of their regular style and broke all stereotypes I had for BTS. 

Movie Review- CART
This movie is not a love story, but it surely one of my favourite Korean movies. Cart is based on a real life incident that happened in Seoul. It is about contract workers coming up together when they are laid off.

We have Sun Hee (Yum Jung Ah) who is a model worker at The Mart- a retail store. She has been working really hard to become a regular employee from a temporary one. Other employees there include Soon Rye (Kim Young Ae), who is an old cleaning lady there and Hye Mi (Moon Jung Hi), who is a single mother. Soon there is an announcement made that all the temporary employees will be laid off, without any proper reason. These three decide to join forces with the other temporary employees and later with Junior Manager Dong Jun, who also help them. The quiet lady and mother of two, Sun Hee discovers a power within her, when she is told to lead the rally and also helps her son later in the movie, when he falls in a smaller but a similar situation. We see their struggle and perseverance which keeps them from giving up till the end.

The movie is a great movie. I have seen mostly Korean horror or love stories and this is the first movie not belonging to any of those genres, and I must say I am very impressed. It has a veteran cast. Yum Jung Ah ha done real good acting, and so has Moon Jung Hee. I have never seen anyone playing varied roles like Kim Young Ae. I had lately seen her in Kill Me Heal Me as a rich heiress and now I see her as a servant. Simply remarkable. 

We had seen Do Kyungsoo acting in It’s Okay It’s love and this was his second project. Once again he did not disappoint us. He might not be my EXO bias, but I am surely waiting for his next work. He does leave a mark. The movie has just one song- which has been sung by D.O. himself and that song is just too beautiful. It sums up the whole movie in its lyrics. 

The movie is a must watch. I have personally seen it twice, not because D.O. is there but because of the story, the acting, the emotions that it fills you with. It will make you realize, how important it is  to fight for your own rights and be aware of them.

MV Review- Cross Gene PLAY WITH ME

*Original song name- Na Haago Nolja- translated as Play With Me

I have never seen any kpop band improve this much. Each MV they release, we see a vast amount of improvement. I had not reviewed their last MV, and therefore I decided I had to review this one, however late it may be.

The song is about a boy asking the girl to play with him. The girl here is indecisive- when she leaves him, she wants to go back to him and when she is dating him, she wants to break up. This indecisiveness of the girl has made the boy mad. The boy is ready to be next to the girl and stay with her forever.

The MV here is a parody of Death Note anime. We have Takuya as Light and Shin as L. The nurse, I think so, is playing the second Kira and has to choose between the two. In the end there is a battle and Takuya wins, but the girl ends up with some other guy altogether- since it is a parody.

The main characters being played by Takuya and Shin, the rest are also given a share in the MV. We get a glimpse of all the members. Sangmin’s hairstyle is the weirdest hairstyle I have ever seen in any kpop MV. Also it is another MV with the asylum concept, which is doing really well nowadays- the boys did a great job. Takuya and Shin proved how good they can act- both being the face of the group.

The song all in all is really addicting. I like I am Not a Boy nor a Man but then that was a little slow and this is more towards the pop side. Cross Gene is one of those bands where I am still stuck in their debut song, even though it has pathetic English- but this song actually is good.

MV Review- J.Y. Park WHO'S YOUR MAMA

After the release of Miss A’s album, now we have the CEO of the company releasing his own MV. J.Y Park has released many MVs, but so far, I find this the most catchy and good.

The song is about JYP wondering how come women has such small waists and big hips- how women fit in their trousers and how the big booties make him go mad. He asks who the mother is from whom the girl inherited this and raised her.  It's a list of all his observations. The MV shows us girls in bikinis and in the gym and him looking at them in awe and confusion. 

This MV, in my opinion, has been very carefully and well made. JYP has choreographed the MV well. There are times, he has to touch the girl, but he never does, he just passes his hands over the body maintaining a little gap, never touches it. The girls too have danced well, and all we see JYP seeing are hips of women. 

If there was a flaw, the girls really had small booties. None of the dancers nor the girls in the gym had big booties- they were pretty average.

Finally we have the rappers touch and that has been done by Jessi of Lucky and she nailed it. The swag she raps with- I have only seen this much swag in Yoon Mirae and then CL. She comes next in the list. Thanks to her I ended up watching Unpretty Rapstar. I loved her part in the MV. And then her figure suits the MV so well. 

Overall I really really love this song, and I also tested the song on some non-kpoppers and they too gave positive reviews.

Movie Review - Ramen Samurai

I have always liked the way Japanese people approach work. You see consistency, yet there is progress. They dedicate themselves to their jobs - at least in the movies I have watched, books I have read and the people I know. They don't do it for the heck of it, they actually make effort to do it right and try to be good at it. They suppose their jobs define a part of them and their lives because everyone spends major part of their waking hours at work. After Departures, this movie shows us that dedication.

The movie switches between past and present, as Hikari (played by Dai Watanabe) traces his memories to recreate his father's recipe - which was the best Ramen in Kurume in the good old days. His mother joins him in his journey and together they both relive the days Bullet Ramen - his father's yatai - was made and unmade.

Yatai was the reason why Kurume was famous and the good food pulled tourists to Kurume. It was one of the major source of income. The days of yatai fade away when the government rebuilds the city, making the roads wider and the buildings taller. You see, yatai isn't quite urban, so there's no place for yatais in a developed city. Hikari's father puts up a fight and decides to live for his yatai and die with it, however, Hikari's mother makes him realise that they can continue making ramen in a different place - perhaps a ramen bar if not yatai - and the customers will find them to eat the best ramen in Kurume.

In the meanwhile, Hikari realises why he wants to restart his father's business leaving a job he had worked so hard for. He had become a designer like he had always wanted - making ads and all. Anyway, he simply doesn't restart his father's business but goes ahead to create his signature recipe... an unique taste that not only tastes as good as his father's but also makes his customers happy...him happy. He even gets a new yatai made. Note: The license to run a yatai can only be inherited, government has stopped issuing new licenses. That doesn't mean everything goes smoothly for Hikari and the people at the government office will let him open his yatai with causing any trouble. He gives a damn about these obstacles and opens the yatai anyway.

Their poverty is one of the highlights of the movie...the poverty owing to alcohol and Hikari's father's rashness. He just doesn't think about the consequences before doing something - he ends up fighting with people and paying compensations. When the business does well and they earn good, he spends it all on alcohol, leaving his wife and son to live in poverty. I think, one of the reasons Hikari didn't follow his father's steps (that is before he returned to reopen the shop) was because he didn't like the way they lived  - they couldn't even afford sketch books and he had to make do with a slate and chalks. He even drew on roads using charcoal.

All in all, it's a very good movie. A MUST WATCH!

I am deeply moved by it.  The change may be momentary, but I find myself working with a little more dedication. It's good as long as it lasts.

MV review - Dalshabet’s Joker

This is my first MV review and I took interest in this particular MV only because the Korean media banned it. Wondering why they did that? Read here.

In the song, the members of Dalshabet and other women dance for a joker, who could have been any man, not necessarily the Joker. I guess they chose the character Joker from Batman only because he is famous - I found no relevance otherwise. Anyway, the Joker looks pretty cool - I imagined a handsome, chiseled face behind all that paint he was wearing. Korean Men, I tell you!

Coming to the lyrics - it isn't anything extraordinary. The girls sing about a man who promised to look only at them, saying they were pretty and all... but now he is playing hard to get. That is turning these girls on and they wanna get some action going with him. The lyrics was evidently screaming out loud that they wanted to do him. And when I heard "I wanna, gimme wanna baby...I wanna, show me wanna baby", I really wanted to know whether these girls took some English classes or not. Why use English in the song when it doesn't make any sense at all?

Music - I don't listen to too many Korean songs, but when I pick a song, I listen to it endlessly. I had already heard many tunes from this song. For example - the starting guitar tune was from Gain's Fuck You song, there were many such dejavu moments for me. Even with all that, the song ain't catchy. It wouldn't have topped any list even if it wasn't banned - my opinion. In fact, the video will get more views on YouTube now, reason: ban.

Dance - most of the choreography revolved around the girls' crotches. They are either hiding them using their hands or trying to air rub them, or thrusting them forward. No wonder the MV was banned.

Costumes - They were boring. Like the music, their costumes gave me the feeling that I have seen them before.

One more thing, the girls should have decided whether they wanted to look sexy or cute in the MV. Some of them were trying to look sexy while others were acting cute. Like Kaeun was sexy throughout but Ayoung was exuding cuteness.

I liked the setting and the camera work very much.

Movie Review - Say 'I Love You'

Is it true that opposite attracts? Or we just look for things that we lack? In this movie, a handsome and most-sought high-schooler will fall for the most boring girl in the school, and the reason is she possess something he lacks and she responds to his feelings because he is everything she wants to be.

This is a story that you have heard several times...a story in which the hero (Yamato played by Sota Fukushi) wants to save a distress-in-damsel (Mei played by Haruna Kawaguchi), who also happens to be a Plain Jane, from her miseries, and in return, even he wants to be saved. Here, the girl doesn't speak to anyone, she has no friends and she gets bullied all the time. Their first encounter - the girl kicks the boy hard and leaves a wound, and the next thing you know is he is head over heels for her. He chases her but she constantly shoos him away.

One night, Mei is forced to look for Yamato when she realises there is a stalker behind her. He is a frequent visitor at the bakery she works. Though she has been denying his approaches, he shows up when she calls and rescues her from the stalker by kissing her in front of him.

She first becomes friends with him and eventually his girlfriend. She faces a lot of insecurities while being in relationship with him and also the hatred from other girls who like Yamato - this doesn't come as a surprise because he is after all the most-sought boy in his school.

For a 103 minutes movie, there's a lot happening in the movie - a lot more than you may like, there are way too many characters - they could have done without a few. There are inconsistencies, too - like Mei who didn't have any friends until she met Yamato becomes a relationship expert and starts fixing relationships of people around Yamato - first, Yamato's best friend (Kenji played by Tasuku Nagase) and his girlfriend (Asami played by Rima Nishizaki), then Yamato and a friend from his past (Kai played by Tomohiro Ichikawa).

I suppose it would have been an interesting movie - better than what it is now - if the storyline had revolved around one subject: either ragging or insecurities a normal girl faces when she has a handsome and famous boyfriend.

Also, we didn't need Kai to fall for Mei. We didn't want every single girl in the movie to fall for Yamato. Most of all, we didn't need some teenagers to behave like love is the most important thing in this world. I have had crushes and it felt still does, but my life doesn't revolve around them. I had studies then, work now. Movies and books should seriously stop misleading youngsters by exaggerating love and the feeling of being in love. Hey, Yamato gave up an opportunity just because he didn't want any misunderstanding between him and Mei. Actually, there would be no misunderstanding at all if not for Mei's insecurities. Instead of making Mei fix these insecurities, the writer made Yamato sacrifice his career. So you can understand why I am going on and on about love and its uselessness, no?

It is annoying to watch a movie in which the world suddenly starts revolving around a Plain Jane who was a nobody until a moment ago. Life doesn't work that way. Anyway, you can watch this movie once and then...forget all about it.

Movie Review - My Pretend Girlfriend

Do you remember your first love? The one after least, the previous one? I have heard several times that love doesn't change, people change. Change is necessary, I agree. If your first love didn't work and you are forever stuck with it, life wouldn't be fair, no? Time changes and people move on. That's the beauty of life! But at that moment when you are in love, when feelings are overflowing, when hormones are hyper-active, when love seem to be the most important thing in this important that you may not want to live without that moment, if your love turns you down, it may seem difficult to carry on. Trust me! It doesn't last for long. You eventually move on.

This movie deals with the same concept and it does complete justice to it.

Noboru (played by Taro Takeuchi) is an highschool student. He isn't the brightest, most good-looking in the school, so he ain't popular at all. It doesn't come as a surprise that he doesn't have a girlfriend. One day, he sees his childhood friend, Miyazaki (played by Asuka Kudo) at the football court and later exchange greetings. Noboru looks upto Miyazaki because the latter saved his life several years ago. Miyazaki takes advantage of this and asks Noboru to pretend to be Momose (played Akari Hayami)'s boyfriend. You see, Miyazaki is dating another girl Tetsuko (played Anna Ishibashi) and he is not sure what to do with Momose and her unrequited love. They were seen together and rumors about them were making rounds in the school. To solve this problem, he asks Noboru to take Momose as his temporary girlfriend.

Starting from then, Momose and Noboru walk around the school holding hands, and put up a we-are-in-a-relationship act in front of everyone, and it works to some extent. However, something that they hadn't predicted earlier happens. All their feelings gets messed up. Anyway...later, everyone goes their ways.

Noboru (played by Osamu Mukai) grows up to become a writer and he is quite handsome. One day, he returns to his school, owing to a book reading session that his teacher has planned. There, he meets Tetsuko, who is married to Miyazaki now, and her daughter Sakura. While talking to her, he trace backs his school days. Hence, the movie...

It is a feel-good kind of movie that you must watch. Most of the Japanese movies I have watched until now were excellently made. This movie is one among them. I may not rewatch the movie, but I will surely remember it for a very long time.

Movie Review - Gyeongju

To be honest, I picked this movie only because of Shin Min-Ah was in it and even the description on asianwiki promised that it will revolve around her. It also starred Park Hae-Il, whom I vaguely remember seeing in the movies A Million and Memories of Murder. The cast has other familiar names, too - Yoon Jin-Seo from Fugitive: Plan B, and Shin So-Yul from Reply 1997. The bottom line, I had to watch the movie.

However, the movie was a great disappointment. It was terribly slow... so slow that I yawned and yawned and kept yawning throughout the movie. All I can say is it was a poor attempt at making a Japanese-style movie.

Coming to the storyline, Choi Hyun (played by Park Hae-Il) is married to a Chinese woman and lives in China. One day, he returns to South Korea to attend a friend's funeral. There he decides to visit a tea house where he had seen an obscene painting seven years ago.

Once at the tea house, he cannot find the painting as the walls are covered by new wallpapers. When he questions about the painting, he seems like a pervert to the hostess there. And yes, Shin Min-Ah plays the hostess Yoon-Hee.

He leaves the tea house after sometime to meet a college friend and an one-time lover, Yeo-Jung (played by Yoon Jin-Seo). Her husband has a severe trust issue and that has made her paranoid. She seems like a different person to him now. She meets him at a small restaurant and quickly leaves. Yeo-Jung also asks several questions about his wife, perhaps her own marriage has made her curious about other people's married lives. Anyway, in my opinion, his encounter with her added no value to the movie. It felt like she was there because they wanted the movie to be 145mins long.

Meanwhile, Choi Hyun run into a mother and daughter duo, who are found dead later. He comes to know about it while drinking with Yoon-Hee and her friends.

About how he ends up drinking with Yoon-Hee... Choi-Hyun returns to the tea house and she figures that he isn't a pervert like she had assumed him to be. First, she invites him to join her for a drink...she is anyway on her way to meet few friends. Later, she suggests that he should spend the night at her place. If Detective Young-Min hadn't interrupted them, owing to his suspicion about Choi-Hyun's identity, she may have slept with him. She is a widow and probably it had been long since she had slept with a man. Anyway, they don't do it.

The movie is a narration of an eventful day in Choi-Hyun's life. He meets several characters - most of them are women - who make an impact on him...rather make his day eventful. Tea house hostess Yoon-Hee, his college friend Ye-Jung, the mother and daughter duo at the airpot, the lady at the tourists help-center, professor Park who also happens to be Yoon-Hee's ex-teacher, Detective Young-Min etc.

One positive thing about this movie is we get to watch Shin Min-Ah in a very different role. Though she looks terribly young for a widow, she has done a good job. Now that I think about it clearly, the storyline wasn't that bad, the cinematography wasn't lacking and the direction was good too. Perhaps, it was just the pace of the movie that spoilt everything for me. Anyway, do watch the movie. You may like it better than I did.

Movie Review - Diary of an Ugly

I haven't watched many Filipino movies, but from whatever English rom-coms I have seen until now, I can tell that this movie is a total rip off. From the feel that the characters imparted to the sets and the storyline to the mood of the movie - everything is screaming HOLLYWOOD. Even half of the dialogues are in English - so much that I might have understood the movie without subtitles.

Anyway, the movie is about a girl named Rea "Eya" Rodriguez (played by Nadine Lustre) who has a major pimples problem. She is an orphan and currently is short on cash. When Cross Standford(played by James Reid)'s father offers a big amount to work as Cross's personal maid, she immediately takes it up. You see, all his previous maids quit after experiencing his devilishness. He is that intolerable. Even his nickname is Devil.

Eya puts up with everything, even the jealousy of the other girls at school who don't like seeing her around him. She keeps the fact that she is just his personal maid a secret from everyone, except her best friends Lory (played by Yassi Pressman) and Chad (played by Andre Paras). And to add to her troubles, Cross, in front of the entire school, announces that she is his girlfriend.

Lory has a major crush on Cross and Chad is forever crushing on Lory. Eya gets tangled between these love triangles and quadrangles, when her own heart has started to move and beat for none other than Cross, the devil. I know, it is too cliched. And what happens later beats this. There is a masquerade ball at school and a mysterious guy who confesses his love for Eya, and then everyone associated with Eya starts looking for this mystery man.

This movie offers absolutely nothing to its viewers. An ugly girl who becomes beautiful as the movie proceeds, an arrogant guy who initially hates the girl but starts feeling for her once he realises that she is beautiful after all, and a love triangle where the other angle is either the girl or the boy's best friend. Cliched romance - treating the sick, spending a rainy day together, blah blah blah. However, the movie was a hit at box office and grossed millions.

Coming to the acting prowess of the cast, they were absolutely lame. Cross and Eya had no charm whatsoever, and even Chad and Lary emerged as weak.

Watch this movie only if you have nothing else to do.

Min-ho mania!

Yes, I'm writing about Lee Min-Ho mania, but let me clarify something before we proceed: I'm not one of those maniacs. However, I write about it because I met a couple of Min-Ho fangirls recently and their dedication towards him left me in awe. I had to do something about it and I settled on doing a blogpost on the topic.

Even I'm a fangirl, but my loyalty keeps finding new victims. Today I like this actor and tomorrow another. However, I'm sure I will never do anything for any of these celebrities, except hope to relive all the movies and dramas that they are a part of, and crave to be acknowledged by them the way I appreciate their works.

Anyway, back to the topic: Lee Min-Ho is a very average looking South Korean actor, whose acting skills are mediocre, but he is one of the most famous celebrities in the country. Perhaps it's the kinda projects he choose or it's just his charisma that I'm unable to see, he has made girls across the world go crazy for him. They just do anything and everything for him. For instance, they vote for him day and night to make sure he remains on the top in the 'most popular' lists. They travel overseas to attend his concerts. They fill their rooms with his posters. And whatnot. To be honest, I cannot even imagine doing any of these things.

Just the other day, I had a lengthy conversation on fangirling with a close friend. She suggested I should channel all my fangirling related feelings into something constructive. I readily agreed. I wrote "My Ramyeon Girl", didn't I? Finding more activities that will utilize my fangirling skills shouldn't be very difficult.

I hope even other fangirls find ways to use their love for whomsoever to do something with their lives, to become someone they can be proud of after few years down the line.

Movie Review - Shinjuku Incident

There is nothing more catastrophic than human greed. The greed for power, wealth & knowledge has been driving men to their graves since the beginning of all beginnings. Civilizations, kingdoms and organizations are made and unmade overnight to entertain the greed that resides in human hearts.

Shinjuku Incident is a movie that deals with ambitions and hopes of Chinese and Japanese men in the land of rising sun.

China's economy has been booming lately, but there was a time when Chinese people migrated to Japan and other nearby countries in search of better opportunities, in turn, a better life. 

However, Steelhead, played by Jackie Chan, was content in his country. He was a mechanic and had enough going to make a decent living. He went to Japan only to find his fiancée, Xiu-Xiu, and bring her home. 

In Japan, he is forced to clean sewers and steal to live. He endures everything, but only until he finds out that his fiancée is married to someone else. Then he takes up the job of helping his fellow immigrants settle in Shinjuku for good, as none of them have a home to return. That is when his life gets tangled in other men's ambitions and greed. Eguchi, Togawa, Gao and others rule the nights of Japan, and Jackie finds himself right in between them.

The movie makes you think, "only if he had been content with what he had, he might have not met his end yet...things wouldn't have gone so bad for him" for almost every character. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is seen plotting against his subordinates and superiors to move up in the hierarchy of underground clans. Greed leads everyone to their graves. It also makes you ponder on regionalism. You will definitely wonder why can't people from different countries live in harmony. Why fight against each other?

By the bye, Jackie manages to become a citizen of Japan and starts working a normal job like any other person in the country. But, it doesn't last long. Also, his friendship with Inspector Kitano and Hostess Lily adds spice to the story.

Jie is another character that you should look out for. His transition from a sweet boy next door to a badass drug addict is one of the highlights of the movie.

I am a die hard fan of Jackie Chan and this movie is one of the reasons I like him...every movie he is a part of is a reason why I like him. MUST WATCH!

Firstly, the teaser released, I was thoroughly excited- because I loved the music. Secondly I wanted to see how the new Girl’s Generation does, without Jessica.

I was baffled when the MV released. I loved the MV, the song, the dance, the background, everything. The song is supposed to be Japanese, so it releases both in Japanese and Korean. There is no difference in the two songs, except for the language.

The song lyrics tell us about a girl who moved on and changed after a break-up. She has just become someone new and therefore challenges the boy to catch her if he can- the chorus.

I have a weakness for EDM already, the reason why I love SM so much- also one of the reason why I love the tune and the music. Then we have pretty girls dancing in such a rough environment. I love the location and their costumes. They look decent, and hot, and pretty. 

The MV is pure dance. I love the dance of the song- it matches the song so well, both equally powerful and fast. The dance is just too good. Hyoyeon does a remarkable job in the choreography. She is already such a good dancer and here she outshines everyone. The power she dances with- simply wow. 

One more thing I like is the camerawork. When the song is slow, like in the beginning and after the chorus, they focus on the individual member, but in the chorus, the camera cover the girls from all the angles. The ending too, the firing of the fire and then they focus on Hyoyeon. 

Now, coming to the division of parts, since Jessica is not there, her parts have divided. The visuals get a good amount of lines. Yoona, Sunny, Sooyoung, Yuri and Hyoyeon- they all get more than a line to sing. Since there is not much of vocals, the vocalists stand on the same footing like the others. So all get a fair part of lines.

Commenting on Jessica’s absence, I don’t see that the group has been much affected by it. I know she is not there, but then, her absence is not showing that much. I don’t know how much different the song would sound or the video would be if she would be there. SNSD just lost a pretty face, and nothing else.

Something more to tell, other girl groups should learn from groups like SNSD, how to keep things simple and yet impactful. It is not necessary that one needs to do sexy stuff every time, for all their songs. Once in a while its okay, but sometimes classic kpop stuff like their MVs can be good too.

Movie Review- L-DK
I was told to watch this movie by a friend, who had also read the manga, and I am very happy that she told me to watch it.

Aoi Nishimori’s (Ayame Gouriki) parents had shifted somewhere else, but she did not go since she wanted to complete her schooling and stay with her best friend, Moe Shibuya (Rei Okamoto). Rei was in love with Shuusei Kugayama (Kento Yamazaki) and had propsed to him, but he rejected her. Therefore Aoi decided to confront him for the sake of her best friend. While she was doing so, she pushed Shuusei down the stairs where he injures himself.  Since she hurt him, he tells her to carry her home. When she reaches, she realizes they live in the same PG and are neighbours. Hence they start interacting and getting to know each other, slowly falling in love.

Now, all love stories have a second lead and some more obstacles- so is there in this movie too. There is Wataro Sanjo, who owns a grocery store and is a cook and stays in the same neighbourhood as theirs and Satsuki who is Shuusei’s childhood friend. Wataro Sanjo maybe the second lead, but he is not bad guy, but the girl is really bad in the movie. She is such a villain who is going to annoy you to the core.

The movie is a typical, clichéd love story. But the reason which makes this movie so sweet is the chemistry between Aoi and Shuusei. The moments which they share together are so sweet. Also Shuusei has a great charismatic charm himself. Ayame has also acted really well. Secondly the second lead here is also very impressive.

The movie is such that is bound to melt your heart. I will not give spoilers but the ending is very beautiful. As I told before, it is a typical love story, but it is really really going to make a huge place in your heart and you are bound to finish it with a smile on your face.

I watched this drama for months together- reason- it is so drab and depressing.

Shin Woohyun (Nam Woohyun) is a bright student, who lives with her grandmother. A classmate of his, Kim Jin Young had a crush on Woohyun. Since she belonged from a rich family, her mother warns Woohyun to stay away from her and also humiliates her daughter in the process. In the end Jin Young goes to commit suicide, but she is noticed by Woohyun.

Then there are two death angels, who guide souls of the dead around. The female angel is a drama addict and spends her time watching dramas in and around tv stores, since they are invisible. They have a book which have the details of the person who is about to die. So, when Woohyun and Jin Young are about to commit suicide, the book shows images of both of them, interchanging. The girl jumps and Woohyun succeeds to save her, but he falls instead. That’s when the nameless female angel comes and  saves him, but both of them become unconscious after that.

When they wake up, they are taken to the police station. The girl is taken to be suffering from Amnesia and she makes up a name for herself as Lee Seulbi (Kim Sae Ron). At that moment, Jin Young’s mother comes back and she orders Woohyun to change schools. Now, Woohyun and Seulbi join the same school and they meet Hwang Sungyeol (Lee Seungyeol). Sungyeol, like Woohyun is another top student and also famous, but colder by nature.

Soon there is a love triangle between the three. Suelbi learns how to live among the mortals with the help of Woohyun and Sungyeol.

Apart from this there is another story. Woohyun and Sungyeol are indirectly related. Woohyun stays with his grandmother, his mother abandons him when he was small. Whereas, Sungyeol’s father gets remarried to a woman, whom Sungyeol does not accept. Woohyun is unaware that Sungyeol’s step mother is his real mother.

The drama begins well, a high school story with a touch of supernatural, surely gives a good show. But then as the drama proceeds it becomes depressing as hell. As long as Woohyun’s grandmother is alive, things still go pretty well in the drama, but from the point that she passes away, the drama too loses whatever it had. After that all we see is Woohyun crying, Seulbi being bullied by her classmates and Sungyeol rebelling. All the three fall sick every now and then, and most of the times it is together. Seulbi then starts acting like some terminally sick patient who needs to be protected, and she is protected, by her beloved classmates, who once bullied her. 

If anything made me watch the drama, it was Nam Woohyun, because I am huge fan of his and I wanted to see him act in something major. Her he does show good acting skills, so does Sungyeol, who also acts pretty well. The role of the cold guy actually suits him well. Kim Sae Ron did act well, not that she was bad, but somehow she did not look like an 18 year old. Compared to others and especially Woohyun and Sungyeol, she looks small. In real too, she is almost ten years younger to Woohyun. I would have preferred someone older to Kim Sae Ron.

There is also a supposed Sunbae (Lee Chang Joo), who suddenly realizes he loves Seulbi and wants to bring her back. He too adds to the drab drama in the end, spoiling it even more. There are many emotional scenes in the drama, where we see Woohyun making your heart pain like anything for him (I have a weakness for crying men). There is also some bromance, which are one of those moments in the drama, which can make you start watching it again, but the effect does not last.

I would recommend this drama only to people who want to see depressing stuff and want to cry, otherwise, I won’t recommend this drama much. There are much better dramas out there, please do watch them, do not waste time on this one. Yes, you can watch this drama if you have nothing to do, like I did, but I would also say, you better find something to do, instead of watching this drama.


I seriously don’t know what plans SM had for EXO-Ls for I am sure half of the fandom must have gone brain dead during this time.

Starting with EXO’LUXION- their second concert after The Lost Planet. TLP had a lot of problems due to the members leaving, but this one came on with a bang and such a lot of new things. The fans who actually got to attend the concert are really, really lucky. In this concert we saw the hot, sexy and also the cute version of EXO. Also we got to know when their album and MV is releasing.
The concert had so much in it. It was a mix of new and old songs. Songs like Eldorado, Playboy, Hurt and a bit of Call Me Baby was shown. Also Lucky and Peterpan from the old albums were performed. Lucky and Peterpan, well I got nothing to say- soooo sooo cute. Wearing those woollen hats and those shoes, they were looking soo cute and then changing their costumes on stage- Oh…!!! BeatBurger- you are really something.

Then the water performance by Kai and Sehun, Playboy, Lay and Xiumin showing off their abs. The heat was taken to an all new level. We suddenly realized how manly and mature they had become.

As soon as EXO’LUXION was wound up, SM started bombarding us with teasers of the album and also play a game with fellow EXO-Ls. SM created a separate twitter account for giving us clues about Pathcode EXO. After every EXO teaser, we would be given a clue about the password to their official site with the member pictures and the next teaser. So the EXO-Ls had to figure out whose teaser will be next and the next locations. That was quiet interesting. There were some EXO-Ls who were busy solving the mysteries and the pathcodes and some were sitting back and watching all the fun.

All the teasers released one by one. I was also in the group of EXO-Ls who was solving the pathcodes with a friend and I got partially successful too. It was a really interesting way of promotion. I also tried not to solve, cause at one point of time, I couldn’t and the friend immediately was like ‘as if that is even possible’. by one the teasers released and we got the hd images of our beloved members. The locations finally came up to the song name Call Me Baby. SM did one last promotion stunt- the super cute EXO Mascots. I mean how adorable can they be!!! When all the teasers were over, EXO released the album on 30th afternoon.

Album name EXODUS, two songs leaked- namely Exodus and Call Me Baby. Finally SM released Call Me Baby track officially, next day they released First Love and finally the whole album. I have already reviewed the mv. Here I would like to talk about the album EXODUS.

The name has a meaning. DUS means 10 in hindi and we have 10 exo members left now so they are called EXODUS. The songs in the album are- Call Me Baby, Exodus, Eldorado, Beautiful, Playboy, Lady Luck, My Answer, Hurt, What If and Transformers. I loved Call Me Baby, just too addicted to it. Truthfully, I did not like the other songs that much. The album overall is really good, but the songs were not that good. I found songs like Love Love Love, Black Pearl and Heart Attack better than the songs in this album. They are not that good. Somewhere I find the EXO-Ls being blindly biased, very slightly but yes. To be talking about my favourite tracks- I loved Lady Luck, Playboy and Beautiful, and Hurt. I find My Answer, What If average and Transformers slightly above average. I don’t like Eldorado and First Love at all.

Talking about EXO M, I am happy that now, the members who never got any exposure, you know who I am talking about, now can be heard so clearly. Chen is everywhere and for rapping sakes, Tao is everywhere. Lay and Xiumin now get a lot of exposure, especially Xiumin. You can actually hear his voice clearly, unlike other albums. 

Now we have EXO NEXT DOOR to wait for which will start airing on 9th April. Chanyeol and D.O. are the playing the love interests. Chanyeol will someday be the end of fangirls with that voice, those looks and the perfect height. 

And one last request to SM. Please take care of EXO. From my article you can actually see how overworked EXO has been, also Tao won’t be able to perform in the latest shows, thanks to his sprain which has not healed till now. Many fans also have noticed some abnormalities in Kai. They actually need some rest. I hope after everything is over, they get a long break and come back healthier.