Movie Review – Confessions

It is definitely one of the best movies I have watched until date. The storyline is perfect. The execution is brilliant. The narration is mind-blowing. This movie is an example of why I like Japanese movies the best. I may watch 100 more Korean movies when compared to the number of Japanese movies I watch, that’s only because I am biased towards Korean men, but Korean movies will never be able to beat Japanese movies. Never. Ever. 100 of good Korean movies cannot compete against Japanese movies like Confessions, Memories of Matsuko, Departures etc. They are truly overwhelming.

The movie revolves around the death of a 4yr old girl Manami and the following are people who confess things:

Yoko Moriguchi (played by Takako Matsu)
She is a middle school teacher whose world comes crashing down when she loses her 4yr old daughter Manami, and two of her students are responsible for it. Instead of seeking justice from authorities – since the Juvenile Laws are lenient in the country - she comes up with an elaborate plan for revenge.
Manami’s father Masayoshi Sakuranomiya was a HIV patient and Yoko injects his blood into milk cartons of her daughter’s murderers, which they unknowingly consume, hence starts a journey of revenge.

Mizuki Kitahara (played by Ai Hashimoto)
She is the class representative of class 1B – Yoko’s class and the class the murderers belong to. She is a silent girl in the front but actually a psychopath who murdered her own family. She is bullied by her classmates which pushes her close to Shuya Watanabe. She is the only person who really understood him but he only used her.

Shuya Watanabe (played by Yukito Nishii)
He is one of the murderers. His motive to kill Manami was naivety as Yoko puts it. He just wanted the world to recognize his talent and his mother to notice him. When his honest attempts to get famous doesn’t work, he decides to become a murderer. He doesn’t stop at Manami, though. If you don’t feel like strangling him while/after watching this movie, then you should seriously see a doctor.

Yuko Shimomura (played by Yoshino Kimura)
She is Naoki’s mother. Naoki is one of the murderers. She never ever admits that it is her son’s fault and blames Yoko instead. The entire time Yoko was telling her about what killed Manami, Yuko kept saying, “It’s not fair” but she wasn’t talking about Manami. She was actually meaning it wasn’t fair on her son.
Just slap this bitch on her face, somebody!

Naoki Shimomura (played by Kaoru Fujiwara)
He is one of the murderers, and his motive to kill Manami was to take revenge on Yoko and Shuya. At first, he just teams up with Shuya to kill Manami but when Shuya rejects him assuming the girl is dead, he actually kills her. However, he secludes himself from everyone after he drinks HIV inflicted milk. He becomes a complete lunatic!

The villainy is at its peak in this movie, at least that’s what I felt. There was a bit of evilness in everyone, and there was too much malice in Shuya Watanabe. The movie exposes the dark side of the good and the good side of the dark. Anyway, you will start having second thoughts about Juvenile Laws after watching this.
Now, should I add that it is a MUST WATCH? You should have got that by now, no?

Favorite Quote from the movie: I heard the sound of something important to me disappearing. Pop!

Movie Review - Fighting for Love

I haven't watched too many Chinese movies, except Jackie Chan's. But like everybody else who are into movies, I have watched Lust Caution and thoroughly enjoyed Tony Leung Chiu-Wai's performance in it.

I may have picked this movie 'Fighting for Love' for Tony Leung Chiu-Wai but I felt like I was watching a distastefully-made adaptation of a Jackie Chan's movie. Somehow, I just couldn't imagine Tony in a comic role. Perhaps, I still haven't got over his image of a strict Japanese officer Mr. Yee (His character in Lust Caution).

Coming to the movie now, it is about Deborah (played by Sammi Cheng) who by chance meets Chiang Tung Choi's (played Tony Leung Chiu Wai) in a road accident and ends up in bed with him - let's just blame that on the alcohol. Tung already has a girlfriend, so they end everything as soon as they get off the bed. But, fate had other plans and it made them meet again. Actually, the very next day!

Deborah is very arrogant, as arrogant as one can get, which causes her to lose her job. She is also kicked out of her home after she loses her father's dog. And she even lost some big money. One word to define her? LOSEr. She is literally loses everything and becomes homeless...penniless.

Our hero Tung, like any other prince from the Western Fairy Tales, saves our damsel Deborah from everything that's causing her distress, and in the meanwhile, falls in love with her. Background - few of his family members are as bizarre as one can get. His two sisters are always quarelling amongst each other and for no good reason. His brother is constantly under a panic attack and keeps insisting that he moves out of the house. His mother ship her son and Deborah, and provoke Deborah to steal him away his current girlfriend, who is much more goodlooking than Deborah is and quite successful as well - she is a popular Television host. I already told you - everything was too bizarre.

There is something more bizarre than his family, that is Deborah's transformation from an arrogant working woman to a submissive nobody. The character changes over night... well, maybe in a week or so, and the transformation aren't portrayed properly - they were too mechanical if you ask me, hence felt shallow.

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is unquestionably a good-looking man and the actress who played Deborah was quite good too, but the chemistry between them was nothing remarkable. Perhaps, I just had too much expectation and felt let down, and would have enjoyed the movie if I had watched it with an open mind. It was a good one-time watch, though. I remember all the mush made me go aww at least once, and for the bizarreness of it, I was actually rooting for Deborah.

By the way, smoking is injurious to health!

MV Review- N Sonic BLACK OUT
After visiting our country, N-Sonic got busy with their comeback- and I must say, it is really good. Most of their songs have been addicting and so is this one.

The song deals with the electrifying experience a guy has when he falls in love with a girl. How men go blank when they see a pretty girl. The song is divided into two parts- Part 1 is about owning the girl and the second part is more of a description of the girl and why they want her. So the boys get electrified, thinking about the girl. They go blank.

The MV is a fun and simple one. There is some real good dancing and the fluorescent effect adds to the party feeling. Also when the members are shown, some electric currents pass through them- adds more to the lyrics and to the feel of the song. Also the MV is very colourful. Their previous work has been quite serious, this one is more light-hearted.

The song has been mixed well, gives the correct poppy feels. You are bound to start dancing. I love the chorus especially.

Special mention to the kids in the MV. They are sooo cute. I love the song and I hope next time I see them I can see them perform this song.

MV Review- Nu'est I'M BAD’est brought out a special single and this another underrated song. Nu’est is one of those bands who are really talented. This song brings out their perfect vocals and rap skills and of course it’s different from the usual pop music they generally bring for us.

I love the song- it’s got a jazzy temporary feel to the song. It sounds so nice to the ear and it’s filled with instrumentals. It’s a lovely song, something you will fall in love with at once. 

The song is a break- up song. The guy regrets breaking up with the girl while he remembers how he fought with her and stuff. He realizes that he is a bad guy- not deserving enough for the girl. But he doesn’t want the girl to go. He still loves her. He asking for another chance.

The song is filled with honey vocals- we have Ren and Minhyun singing beautifully and then Aron and JR rapping perfectly. The song has a perfect balance of rap and vocals. And also the fact that Baekho is missing. The song is so perfect with a member not there, how much better would it have been with Baekho?

There is no dance in the MV, just a ballerina is dancing. The boys just roam around a room, from one place to another showing their perfect visuals. That kind of makes me go crazy over them. Ren looks so perfect with his new hair.

I would recommend this song so much. It is one of the best songs of Nu’est. I hope it gets more views than it has presently.

I personally blame the company that they are not being promoted well, but also being from Pledis entertainment, I liked the fact that Baekho is not being uselessly worked up and also that they are taking good care of his health. Hope he gets well soon.

MV Review- FT Island PRAY
There are times when we miss really good songs. I am happy that I decided to listen to Pray, for I never heard a rock song this good.

FT Island goes pretty underrated, and this song too, I am sure, many did not listen to it. I am not much into rock music, but Pray has made a huge place in my heart.

The song is not a love song- it’s a prayer- a sincere prayer to God to save him and show the correct path. The persona here is trying to send a message across the world, but he is alone and his voice is fading away in the world of evil and lies, therefore he prays to God to show him the right path and not only him, but also save other people. Somewhere he knows there is only a little hope but still he prays.

The MV shows that Hongki is trapped in a box, where he is going mad. Also the band is playing in a box like structure and there are people with weird paint standing and laughing. They are sticking to the walls of the box, trying to enter. But Hongki doesn’t succumb to it. He keeps singing, and praying. In the end he takes a high note and the glass breaks, pushing away all the evil. And then he continues his prayer.

We know how good a singer Hongki is and that he and his band members have tried almost all genres. This genre too, they have justice. The music is powerful and good. Similarly, we can feel the passion and the need of the prayer through Hongki’s voice- his desperation for help from God.
I haven’t heard a rock song this good for a while. I hope as the days go by, the song receives more views and more positive comments.

K-hip hop has gotten into my system and when this song came out, I couldn’t stop myself from reviewing it. It is a lot different from their previous song and this one is much cooler.

The song is full of Indian music and beats and they have incorporated hip hop and rap to it. There are classical beats too, to which they have given hip hop steps- fusion sorts.

Of course Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK and Bizzy are good rappers and they have always maintained their standards, they did it this time too. There is swag and the song is groovy, the MV is fun, the dance too is really cool.

There is nothing much in the MV, a fun MV with colours and a few dance steps. Rap Monster also features in the song- well, just for a while. I never knew that Indian music could be used in such a cool way. They actually rap to table beats and the tunes of sitar.

And I found Yoon Mirae so pretty in the MV, her swag and then her nice tom-boyish pretty looks. It is surely one of the best hip hop songs I have heard. After listening to it, you are bound to go “Bang Diggy Bang Bang.”

MV Review- Red Vlevet ICE CREAM CAKE
Red Velvet came back with a new member and a new song- Ice Cream Cake. Truly speaking I love the song. It is so unlike the other girl group songs, and has almost everything in it- nice addicting music, pretty visuals which do not go overboard and a MV full of beautiful special effects.

The lyrics- they seem to be asking their loved one to give the special feeling one gets while eating an Ice Cream cake. They want to experience the same feeling from their lover on that special day- the soft, tasty and delicious feeling. 

They look really pretty and the new member Yeri too merges with them well. SM always incorporate special effects in their mv, and here too we see that. They do it so naturally- it seems as if they are actually happening. The big cat, the ball bouncing wherever they are, the ball shower and so on.

The song has a very poppy feel and an MV which is very random and colourful. They have also matured a lot compared to Happiness- the dance, the costumes, the song- all are much better- but then both the songs are addicting. I love the jackets that they wear in the end of the song, although their hairstyles were weird.

Overall, I love it.  
After this song, I have surely become a fan of Red Velvet (I was one before too but now a tad bit more).

Drama Review- Kill Me Heal Me

Finally I found my favourite K-drama. I don’t know how to explain my feelings towards this drama, it has been so close to my heart. I have never seen a drama as good and as interesting as this.
This is the third Ji Sung project I am seeing after Protect The Boss and My P.S Partner and I am well aware how good an actor he is. But in this drama he has taken everything to a whole new level.

So what is Kill Me Heal Me about? It is a psychological thriller. Cha Do Hyun, an inheritor of a huge business, doesn’t want to have it since he is not the rightful owner of it. Also he suffers from DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder or in simpler words Multiple Personality Disorder, due to a childhood trauma. He has forgotten one whole year of his childhood, which is a very important part of his life and also carries a secret.

Then comes in Oh Ri Jin, who is a psychiatrist. She meets Cha Do Hyun first in the airport and then he turns out to be a major patient of the professor under whom she is studying. Under certain circumstances, one of Do Hyun’s major personalities- Shin Se Gi recognizes her and proposes to her the very night they meet. Since she is the only one who had seen Cha Do Hyun’s secret, her professor decides to make her Cha Do Hyun’s personal physician. As the drama unfolds, a whole lot of secrets are revealed, related to their childhood, his business, her family etc.

The drama is the best I have seen. Cha Do Hyun, here has seven different personalities out of which two are girls. The most powerful personality in all of them is Shin Se Gi, which is the stronger side of Cha Do Hyun. Then there is Ahn Yo Seub, his suicidal self, Ah Yo Na- his girl self, Perry Park- his lighter and comic self. Two more personalities join in the end of the drama.

The way he plays the role of each personality is outstanding, also the way they have been portrayed is remarkable. His whole personality changes when he portrays his personalities- his gestures, the way he talks, the way he looks, everything. You are bound to be baffled that how can one person can portray all of his personalities so well. There will be a point in the drama when you will start missing his personalities when they don’t show up for a longer time span- especially Shin Se Gi and Ahn Yo Na. These two are the most impactful personalities in the drama. 

Love triangles are there in all dramas and it is so here too. We have Oh Ri On (Kim Seo Jin), Oh Ri Jin’s brother who will start having feelings for his adopted sister. Also there is a love triangle between Cha Do Hyun and Shin Se Gi. And you will pray that Shin Se Gi wins it- basically the girl- always- falls- for- the – bad- guy effect is in play here.

Also the camerawork is good. When he changes his personality, the background colours also change, giving the correct feeling. The actress Hwang Jung Eum is someone I liked sometimes and sometimes I didn’t, but then she was much better than the other actresses that I have seen. Sometimes she goes a little overboard with her cuteness, but otherwise she did a great job too. You can actually feel the chemistry between them.

The other actors have also done a great job- especially the people in Oh Ri Jin’s family, Cha Do Hyun’s grandmother, his mom and his secretary- who has played the secretary in The Heirs. The drama has a perfect 20 episodes, not a single episode is an extra or dragged. All the episodes are important. 

I would recommend this drama a hundred times and the way I got attached to this drama proves it how good it is (also the ratings it got). I have never cried so much after a drama ended and then I still keep on watching the parts of Yo Na, that great an impact it left on me.

Movie Review - Confession

Have you ever liked an actor not because of his looks but his acting prowess? I have. It's none other than Ju Ji-Hoon, and I am extremely happy with his choice of movies. From Antique to Confession, he has played excellent roles, yet his movies are not as appreciated as his less skilled counterparts. I accept he doesn't ooze glamour like few of his colleagues do - but hey, he is subtly charismatic. This guy literally grows on you if you really pay attention.

Talking about the movie, it is about three friends Hyun-Tae (played by Ji-Sung), In-Chul (played by Ju Ji-Hoon) and Min-Soo (played by Lee Kwang-Soo) who have been friends since their middle school. They have been with each other through thick and thin of life for a very long time.

Hyun-Tae is an upright fire-fighter, who has forsaken his rich parents and married a physically challenged orphan. His parents are into gambling and he doesn't like it, so he has cut of all ties with them - he isn't even in talking terms with them.

In-Chul works as an insurance agent and is known as a swindler. Anyway, he treasure his friends more than anything else in this world. He is often seen being abusive towards Min-Soo but that's because Min-Soo is very clumsy and always gets the others into trouble.

Min-Soo runs a small delivery service at a small shop - which happens to be his house, too. As I already mentioned he is ever clumsy. He is the least ambitious among them. He is very dependent on his friends. He needs them to take care of him. And not to forget, he is a drunkard.

Okay, so the storyline goes like this - since Hyun-Tae is not in talking terms with his parents, In-Chul goes to them whenever they need him. Now, Hyun-Tae's dad isn't well, so his mom wants to pay off the debts using the insurance money that she may get if there was an accident at the gambling company she runs. She suggests this to In-Chul and for the swindler he is, he agrees to help her - but he also thinks it may reunite Hyun-Tae with his parents. Even Min-Soo helps him, but reluctantly.

Things don't go as planned. In-Chul and Min-Soo only wanted to help Hyun-Tae by setting his mother's workplace on fire, instead the fire destroys their friendship, and their lives as well. It has a very sad ending - sad because you realise you may have spent an eternity with someone, loving and treasuring them only to learn that they never really trusted you. They were always cautious around you when you thought they genuinely liked you. The bromance is at its best in this movie.

Actually, there is a lot I want to tell about this movie - more about what I felt after watching it. Since, it got a suspense element to it, I think if I say too much, I may spoil it for you.

All the actors have done well - even the less important ones like Hyun-Tae's wife and daughter, Insurance Company's investigator and In-Chul's girlfriend. The direction was good, and the screenplay, as well. Kudos to the actors, the director and the writer!

Now, do I need to say 'it is a MUST WATCH'? I supposed you got that already after reading my review.

Movie review - My Love, My Bride

If I am getting married at all, I want a husband like Young-Min (played by Cho Jung-Seok) and I want to be a bride like Mi-Young (played by Sin Min-Ah). They were so cute together. I don't mean just look-wise but the over-all chemistry - the lovey-dovey moments, their fights and the making up.

After 4 yrs of courtship, Young-Min finally proposes to Mi-Young, and they get married. During the early days of their marriages, like every other newly-married couple, they have sex at the drop of the hat. There was nothing erotic about these scenes, in fact, they made me roll on the floor laughing my ass off...quite literally. Every time Young-Min took his pants off, it was just too hilarious. They spend most of their waking moments with each other - through phone whenever they are at work. They definitely began quite happily.

Anyway, as the fire starts to cool down, they start arguing a lot and spend many nights when Young-Min wants to have sex, but Mi-Young is too tired to do it. She feels he goes to her only when he wants either food or sex - she isn't over thinking here, he indeed wants only these things from her. Fuck companionship or whatever the marriage is supposed to bring into a couple's life! He loves her but doesn't know how to keep the flare that was there in their relationship in the initial days. I guess this happens with every other couple. They are always in a hurry to have each other, to be with each other that they don't know what to do once this honeymoon period gets over.

Young-Min is an aspiring poet and Mi-Young is an artist, but they both would have given up their interests for whatsoever reason. They soon begin to pursue them and get lost in their own worlds. Young-Min meets Pan Hae-Il - his favorite poet - through his job (Young-Min works in the community service center) and though Hae-Il reminds him several times that he shouldn't let poetry steal things that are precious to him but use poetry to treasure these things, Young-Min forgets it and lets Mi-Young suffer alone. Even Mi-Young starts looking for solace elsewhere. She finds her first love only to realise that the image of this person that was in her mind was actually her husband in the initial days of their relationship. However, they really try to keep their marriage but things just slip out of their hands.

The movie is simple and the storyline is sweet. It will work well as a remainder for all those couples who are struggling with their relationships, and also the couples who are thinking of getting married may see the truth behind it. The movie made me go 'aww!' several times and I was ROFLMAO most of the times. There were some serious moments, too. But it was mostly easy-going.

Shin Min-Ah's choices of movies are so different from the other A-grade Korean actresses. I don't know what response did the movie get at the box-office, but the movie will definitely cater to the audience even after 10 years from now. It was so much fun.

Movie Review - The Naked Kitchen

Is it only me, or Shin Min-Ah and Ju Ji-Hoon really make an adorable on-screen couple? I feel they both are few of those under appreciated talents in the industries right now - their capabilities are yet to be explored to their full capacity. Anyway, they should totally act in another drama/movie together. I would also like to see Shin Min-Ah with Rain and Zo In-Sung in other projects; now that all of them have matured as actors, it may work better than it did in the past.

Coming to the movie now - It is a sweet and a feel good movie that will bring a smile on your face even when the main leads Sang-In (played by Kim Tae-Woo) and Du-Re (played by Ju Ji-Hoon) fight amongst themselves for their love Mo-Rae (played by Shin Min-Ah). In the movie, there is sadness, and betrayal, and longing, and insecurities - but they aren't overly dramatic at all. It is portrayed in such a way that you will savour the emotions - like Mo-Rae and Sang-In savour the delicious dishes that Du-Re cooks for them.

The movie begins with Sang-In and Mo-Rae's wedding anniversary. The couple are affectionate towards each other and seem very happy in their own little world. Later that day, Mo-Rae goes to buy a gift for her husband at a ceramic exhibition. Unexpectedly, she meets Du-Re there and they end up having sex - yes, it sounds absurd but your opinion may change after watching the movie. It looks like just the thing they should have done, or even you would do if you encountered such a situation with either Shin Min-Ah or Ju Ji-Hoon.

Du-Re is Sang-In's mentor and all of them start living under the same roof. Sang-In knows that Mo-Rae slept with someone on their anniversary day but doesn't know it is Du-Re. The closeness between Mo-Re and Sang-In bothers him, and they even fight over Mo-Re like kids fight for a candy. But, hey, they still continue living in the same house because all of them love each other. Yes, even Sang-In and Du-Re like each other. They don't want to hurt one another but are the cause of each other's hurt. In the end, they leave everything up to Mo-Re. They want her to choose one among them. For her, it is a question between a never-changing, laid back life that is Sang-In and a stomach full of butterflies, enthralling life that is Du-Re. She wants to keep both of them because she loves them equally.

Shin Min-Ah has managed to look innocent throughout the movie, even when she was committing adultery. And it goes without saying that Ju Ji-Hoon looked absolutely handsome. Every time he kissed Shin Min-Ah, my stomach was swamped by butterflies. I really wanted to swap places with her. Even Kim Tae-Woo is quite good-looking, and a good actor as well. He left an impression on me even though I had my eyes only for Ji-Hoon and Min-Ah.

In my opinion, this movie is a delight and you should watch it if you like watching laid-back, feel good and not-so-dramatic movies.

Kris And Luhan's new Movie Special

We all know Luhan and Kris left EXO. It was so sad, I even cried because of it. Both were my biases and I could not see one of my favourite kpop bands break up like that.
But then when I saw that both of them were doing so much better than they were doing in EXO, somewhere my heart felt happy. I followed throughout what all they did and what all schedules they had. The news that they were going to be acting in movies and I would be able to see them again brought immense amount of happiness to me.
So finally I saw the two movies they did: Miss Granny and Somewhere Only We Know.

Miss Granny
The movie is the Chinese version of the Korean movie Miss Granny. 

The movie has veteran actress Kuei Ya Lei as Shen Meng Jun, the grandmother, who has been suffering the perks of oldage- disregarded from family and daughter- in- law, not much respect from the society etc. All think her to be the core of all the problems that happen in the family. When her daughter- in- law falls ill, she decides to leave the house. One night she was just walking down the streets when she finds a portrait shop. She decides to take a picture of her that can be used during her funeral and when she walks out of the shop, she realizes she is back to her twenties. Then she decides to live her life properly again, but will that be possible? Her younger role is played by Yang Zishan.

When she becomes young, she wants to go back to singing. That is when she is seen by Chen Bolin. There is a love triangle in the movie where Luhan, the grandson falls in love with Meng Li Jun, her younger form. And then we have Chen Bolin, who too falls in love with her.

I liked the movie for various reasons, Luhan being one of them. He actually did a good job, this being his first film and that the cast was filled with powerful actors. But there is always room for improvement, no? Secondly I am a huge fan of Chen Bolin and he looks handsome as ever in the movie. I liked the plot of the movie a lot, and how in the beginning it’s all fun and comedy. It’s only in the end that it gets serious.

It is a feel good movie, and worth your time. Not only we will like the movie for the comedy, but also the message it gives us. And of course it can be seen by all - irrespective of their age.

Somewhere Only We Know
Have you ever fallen in love with the name of a certain movie? Well, I did and this is it. Somewhere Only we Know is a movie full of feels and the name is so beautiful, just like the movie.

This a sweet love story set in the beautiful city of Prague. When dumped by her fiancé, Jin Tian (Wang Likun) travels to the city in search of Josef Novak, her grandmother’s love, when she finds a letter in her belongings after she passed away.

In Prague, she meets Peng Zeyang (Wu Yi Fan aka Kris). He is a single father who lives with his daughter and a sick mother. Both meet via a common friend and soon love sparks between them. We go on a city tour with them as they search Josef and also we get to know her grandmother’s love story.

The movie has two stories going simultaneously, one of Jin Tian and another of her grandmother. The grandmother’s story is set in the 1950’s. So we see the movie moving back and forth in time. But both the stories are really interesting. The scenes are really beautifully done.

As for the acting, I liked it a lot. Except for Yi Fan, I knew none, but they did leave an impact. There is not much dialogue in the movie and it has been made very simply. Yi Fan’s acting was very very good, much better than expected. He was looking handsome and cute - but there is a scene where he gets angry, and I feel, he really looks funny there. He tried his best, but he still looks funny. And his daughter- fans (and me) must have gone mad - he was such a sweet father (kyaaaaa!!!), although the girl didn't have much to do.

The movie has some really beautiful dialogues, which can melt your heart and you might remember it for a long time. Also the romance is just perfect - not too much nor too less. After you have seen the movie, you will get the real meaning of the title too. 

Personally, I might watch this movie many times, I loved it so much. Not because Yi Fan is there, but for the true essence of the movie.


It’s been just three months since the year started and we already have a whole set solo artist debuts. The list includes SHINee Jonghyun, F(x) Amber, CNBlue Yonghwa and Teen Top Niel.

SHINee Jonghyun – Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
The song deals with the craziness of love, and also has been compared to slightly- like the way one behaves when one is on drugs, Jonghyun is behaving the same way, as he has fallen in love with this girl. 

The song has a jazzy feel with a touch of rock. We can see the variations in Jonghyun’s melodious voice throughout the song- which he specializes in. For the first time I got to know about Iron- the person who features in the video for the rap part, and I must say, he is the perfect choice. We are already used to Jonghyun’s voice, but I actually loved the rap and also Iron’s voice. Also, Jonghyun accompanies his voice which makes it even better.

The MV doesn’t has much to it. Although I love the idea of him being shirtless and flaunting his body. Also the idea of him singing in the shadow of the girl’s face
The album Base, all in all is a great album. But I would have loved it if SM hadn’t used Crazy for their MV and instead had gone with Deja Boo or Hallelujah. I seriously love Hallelujah- it’s the best song in the album and I would have loved it if that song would have been chosen for the music video.

CNBlue Yonghwa- Mileage
I actually could not choose which MV to review for him, cause he released three MVs for three songs from his album, but since he released this first, so I decided to this one.

I love the song- a nice feel good song, and for a change a song which does not speak about love. The song again is a jazzy song, a more sweeter and melodious version though. 

Yonghwa and YDG are busy people in this MV- one is dating and the other is busy with his family. So now Yonghwa is begging his girlfriend and YDG his wife for some free time – Mileage. Both of them take care of their things and give a good explanation of what all they have done for them, and now why they need a small break. Both are discussing their lives over a meal and drinks.

The MV shows what all is in the lyrics. What I liked that the concept of using placards and dolls, not offending fans (LOL). It is a feel good MV and really creative. Also we see a new side of Yonghwa- the fun side of him. He is dancing and singing and the wave. I thought Yonghwa couldn’t dance and he did such an awesome wave. He also broke away from rock music and tried something different. 

Teen Top Niel- Love Killer
This was not what I had actually expected from Teen Top Niel. Whatever he came out with- it’s too good and too addicting. 

This song again is a love song- the fact that he is attracted to a girl who is cheating on him with a fellow member LJoe- he is still attracted to her. And he doesn’t know the reason why. He still wants her and wants to own her even after all of that.

From beginning to the end I loved every part of it. Suddenly I was seeing a grown up version of the leader of Teen Top. He is one idol who has perfect vocals added to perfect dance skills. His singing and dancing are at par with each other. His vocals charm and melt you to the core and then his dancing- crisp and every move taken to a new level of perfection. The song has a slow beginning and then more instruments are added after the first stanza. The dance for both are different. The first part has more contemporary moves and later it becomes more pop-ish. 

One thing I liked was the moving ramp that has been used. He poses, comes closer to the camera, goes further, sometimes just walks- a nice thing to be used. Also his expressions were good, we could actually feel his pain. Dok2, as usual, did justice to his part- like he does for all his parts and songs.

If to catch a flaw, somehow they could have used a little younger looking girl, I found her to be looking slightly noona- types.

F(x) Amber- Shake That Brass
Now, I got nothing to say about the MV and the song. Both have nothing much in it. I like the song and that it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just about enjoying life and to “Shake That Brass”. The MV too has nothing much, just a friendly, and thoughtless video, with all of Amber’s foreigner friends from different companies and bands featuring in it. There is Jackson, Park Joon, Aron, Brad, Rome, Min, Hyoyeon and many more people- showing her vast connections.

I like the dance, nothing much difficult, simple groovy steps. What made this song this famous is the fact that it was sung by Amber and also that Taeyeon was there.

Amber’s awesomeness is indescribable. I am, personally, a fan of her and how cool she is and her coolness actually reflects in the song. Her free spirit, her friendship with other company people and her carefree attitude. 

Taeyeon adds the extra bit of awesomeness needed. Her presence itself makes the MV complete. Her vocals help and fit into the song perfectly.

Movie Review - Commitment

Being a hardcore T.O.P fan, I had to watch this movie. And being a sucker for good acting, I am definitely going to complain about his acting prowess that are indefinitely lacking. Even the story had many loopholes.

Anyway, I had watched an episode of Running Man where T.O.P and Kim You-Jung appeared together to promote the movie. After watching the movie, I really want to know why Kim You-Jung was a part of these promotional activities because she hardly had anything to do in the movie, and whatever she had, she was mediocre at it.

T.O.P plays a North Korean agent Ri Myung-Hoon, son of another agent. His father is named a traitor though it was North Korea that betrayed him after he successfully completed his mission in South Korea. You see, whoever comes from North Korea to South Korea on whatever mission, has to complete it, but they never get to return home. Myung-Hoon's father is one such victim, and Myung-Hoon, who goes to South Korea for his sister's sake, is another victim in the making.

After two years of intensive training, a North Korean family living in South Korea adopts him, and enrolls him at a local high school. At school, he sits next to a girl named Lee Hye-In (played by Han Ye-Ri), and becomes fond of her only because she shares her name with his sister. He even beats up the people who bullies her. Meanwhile, he is also doing his job as a North Korean agent after the school hours. You will see him beating up people, trying to learn the whereabouts of a certain man and killing his preys after he gets whatever he wants from them. He does these things really well because all he had to do in these scenes was look either mildly interested (or angry), or completely bored.

There was a lot of hotness on screen, though. Thanks to T.O.P, and his well-toned body, and his cute face which looked cuter every time he smiled or acted naive. However, I wish they had paired him with someone else other than  Han Ye-Ri. She looked so average next to T.O.P that it hurt my eyes, and she is even a lot older than him.

The movie lost its charm after the storyline started getting little serious. Whenever wounded, T.O.P didn't look like he was in pain. Whenever he was sad or worried, his face didn't reflect enough emotions. Probably, that's how the director meant a North Korean agent to be - emotionless and not-so-charming. Leon was a similar character and he had a different effect on his viewers, didn't he? If it was upto me, I would reshoot at least the climax - no, I wouldn't change it but I would let T.O.P take as many retakes as he wants to get the scene right. I would even try poking him with a needle if that's what was needed to make him look hurt.

All in all, it is a good movie, a good one-time watch. Anyway, I hope T.O.P identifies his shortcomings and works on them, and offers better movies to his fans in the future. Oppa, fighting!

Movie Review - Departures

There are good movies, and then, there are movies that awe you. Departures is one such movie that will leave a strong impression on everyone who watches it. It got me thinking about my ambitions, my career choice and the society that herd us. It wasn't just thought-provoking though, it was entertaining as well - not in a commercial way. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie, and I could appreciate the beauty of the occupation around which the story is woven.

And, the movie has won many awards as well. Best picture at 32nd Japan Academy Awards and the Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards.

The movie depicted the saying "you choose something but the destiny has something else in stores for you" really well, and it also tells us wherever the fate leads us isn't always that bad - maybe it is not where we wanted to be, still it could have been worse. An aspiring cellist Daigo Kobayashi (played by Masahiro Motoki) loses his job after the band he recently joined disbands due to financial problems. He doesn't just trust his skills and look for another job, instead he, along with his wife Mika (played by Ryoko Hirosue), moves to his hometown. His wife follows him without uttering a word.

After they settle down, he starts looking for a job, and stumbles upon an ad in a newspaper that changes everything that was his life until then. It promises a high-salaried job to someone with minimal experience. He supposes it is something related to travelling as it mentions journeys. It sounds like a perfect opportunity. However, it is a job in an encoffining company - the company actually prepares the deceased for their last journey. He is reluctant in the beginning, still stays for the money. The first job scares him off though - they have to clean a rotten body, and after that, he quits immediately.

He gets tricked by his boss and attends a funeral where he watches him perform the ritual with such elegance that his opinion about the job changes. As a corpse transforms into a beautiful women in front of his eyes, he finds peace within himself and decides to continue working at the encoffining company.

All was not to go well. He suddenly has to deal with the society that opines any job that involves corpses are filthy. But, he doesn't quit, because for the first time he has found something that he really loves doing and can actually do it, and get paid as well. Even when his wife leaves and his friends look down upon him, he continues doing his job - with same elegance and with his head held high.

There is a side story, too. Daigo's father abandoned him when he was only six year old. All his life, he pretended that he hated his father, when he was actually waiting for him to return. And when they finally meet, his father has already left this world. He prepares him for his final journey and bids goodbye.

Quoting Daigo from the movie: 'To revive a cold body, and grant eternal beauty. It was calm and precise. And more than anything, it was filled with affection. To be present at the last farewell, and send off the deceased. It was tranquil, and every action seemed elegant.' I really did feel all these things while watching the movie. It was really calm like the never ending ocean and the vast blue sky. After The Shawshank Redemption, this is the first movie that has impacted me so strongly.

Masahiro Motoki is an excellent actor. Though even others did a good job and played their roles really well, Masahiro Motoki just steals the show.

This movie is a must watch to everyone who loves watching good movies. 

Movie Review - Silenced

There are very few Korean movies that are not based on any tragic love stories and are still good. Silenced is one among them. I ventured into Korean Drama and Movies with Coffee Prince, and Gong Yoo with his flawless performance made me want to explore this world further. I have stuck to it so long, no? All thanks to him!

Gong Yoo plays a role of a newly appointed teacher - Kang In-Ho - at a school for the hearing-impaired in Mujin city. He starts off alright. He is new at the school and wants to connect with the students who are little reluctant in the beginning but eventually warm up to him. It doesn't take him long to hear the cries and the pleas for help from physically disabled children that everyone else has been ignoring so far - from the school watchman to local policemen.

At first, he suspects that teachers are just being mean to the children, and are using extreme methods to punish their wrongdoings. He tries to cheer these students, but one thing leads to another, and he discovers that actually these students were being sexually abused by the School's principal, head of the administration department and a certain teacher.

Yoo-Jin, an acquaintance, who also happens to be an employee at the Mujin Human Rights Center, helps him bring the incident into authorities' attention, and together they drag the culprits to the court. The children, though deaf and dumb, are quite smart, and help the prosecutor prove the culprits' crimes. However, it wasn't to be solved so easily.

The victims' relatives - Min-Soo's (played by Baek Seung-Hwan) grandmother and Yoo-Ri's (played by Jung In-Seo) parents take money from the accused and sign contracts saying they won't pursue the case. Yeon-Doo (played by Kim Hyun-Soo) is left alone but she does her best to prove that she was indeed violated. Meanwhile, Kang In-Ho has his own problems. His daughter is sick and he needs the job to take care of her, but he's suspended after he drags the management of the school to the court. The best thing about his character was he didn't regret his actions and decisions even for a moment. He didn't get tempted when they promised him a better job and big bucks. All he wanted was to save the poor children and some justice.

The crime scenes were very vivid - both the rapists and victims played their parts so well - that they make you cringe and your skin crawl. It will impact you so strongly that you may want to harm the rapists and everyone who are directly or indirectly involved with them. Gong-Yoo's performance was extraordinary. His eyes really speak volumes. And the children were equally good - I liked Min-Soo the best among them and his story was the most tragic. It begins sadly as well - his younger brother would have died in an accident.

Watch the movie only if you can handle watching all the crime and tragic. I am telling you, the crime scenes will disgust you though they aren't gore.

Movie Review - Tazza- The Hidden Card

I first saw him in the movie 19-nineteen and then in the drama Iris, and thought what a serious looking guy he is. Why doesn't he smile often because when he smiles his eyes smile, too. Then, I started following him on various websites, watched numerous videos on Youtube and became a fangirl. I am mentioning this because when I say T.O.P is lacking when it comes to acting, I want you to understand that I like him very much, but there is no shame in accepting that he is not good at something.

Naturally, I had a lot of expectation when I started watching this movie. I had to, after waiting for so long to watch it. T.O.P was indefinitely handsome, no second thoughts about it, but he had the same expression throughout the movie - or maybe he switched between a couple of expressions - it was quite consistent, anyway.

T.O.P plays Ham Dae-Gil, nephew of Go-In, the protagonist of the previous Tazza movie. He is a hustler who uses tricks while playing card game and this talent leads him to a bigger playground. He encounters his nemesis, and even better and bigger fishes than him at this new place. He plays and plays and plays until he loses everything. The game even steals one of his organs.

He doesn't give up, though. He fights back but, of course, with some help from his mentor (played by Yu Hae-Jin) and the girl he loves - MiNa (played by Shin Se-Kyung), and her brother and so on. There was plenty of passion, drama, glamour and craziness in the movie. I had a comics feel to it. However, I may have enjoyed it better if I knew how to play the game the story revolves around - nevertheless the maker of the movie has executed the addiction part really well. *if only he could make T.O.P act then the movie may have been a total winner*

Other than scenes that needed T.O.P to show some emotions, he really did flow like water from the beginning to the end of the movie. Yes, that's how his character was. There were no moments that were wasted and unnecessarily dragged. He liked a girl, he told her immediately. He wanted to sleep with a woman, he just did. He wanted to save somebody's arse, he put everything he had into it. His character was that simple and straightforward, though hustlers are meant to be twisted and cunning. In a way, this compensated for his lacking acting prowess, and it will actually help you to sit through the movie without complaining about his bad acting.

My favorite bit in the movie was when T.O.P took his shirt off. Though he was kissing President Woo (played by Lee Ha-Nui) and was all over her, I didn't feel jealous at all and was only drooling at him, and my eyes could see only his well-toned body. He is really South Korea's one of the best looking men (of course, the best-est according to me).

All in all, the movie is a treat to T.O.P's fans.