KPOP Best Songs List 2014

So, 2014 was a hectic year for all kpoppers. There were some good news and a lot of bad news, but then it wasn’t a disappointing year when it came to releases and the music. Many kpop bands, both girl and boy bands, made their comeback, and added more beautiful and addicting songs to the list of kpop songs.

I decided that this year I would start by putting up a list of good kpop songs- songs which I loved and enjoyed and would like to recommend to everyone visiting the blog. The list is random and has no serial, just a list of songs I liked.

So here it goes….

Epik High- Born Hater.
Epik High made a comeback this year and the group of three members does not disappoint me at all. With five more people featuring in the song, which also has a set of rookies, the song is one of the best I have heard this year. No hip hop song ever impressed me so much.

JYJ- Back Seat
JYJ has been so active in the acting world, but surely did not forget to give their fans good music. JYJ Back Seat is surely one of my favourite songs this year. Their awesome visuals accompanied with a heated MV - this song is a complete package. 

BTS- Just One Day
It is like the cutest and romantic song ever- not that they are doing any sort of aegyo. The song is a mix of rap and vocals, with gives it a hip hop and also a ballad type feel. The song has the capability to make any girl’s heart melt- and melt beyond repair. In my case too, Just one Day was their first song that I heard and now I am one of their biggest fans.

BTS- Danger Mo-Blue-Mix
Dark and Wild was the second album that BTS released this year. Danger in itself was good, but the remix which they released later, turned out to be even better. The original song is noisy but this one is more subtle and instrumental, with just plain rock background music. Thanh, a Vietnamese singer adds his own English touch to the song, making it even better.

Eddy Kim- The Manual
This is called simplicity at its best. A plain guitar tune, with a voice like honey accompanying it- its like a perfect song to be listening to on a rainy day, with a cup of coffee or tea. It puts your mind and ears in a trance. Basically the song tells us how to date girl and what all a boy should do for a girl- hence a list of things. In the music video we see him writing things in his notebook.  

Taeyang- Eyes, Nose, Lips
No one has a clue as to when Big Bang will comeback, but then we have Taeyang-shi to keep us pre-occupied. Eyes, Nose, Lips is a beautiful ballad with powerful vocals of Taeyang. There is no dance, just him in bare body, singing like that. You don’t know what to concentrate on.

GD and Taeyang- Good Boy
In need of a party song? Here it is. Good Boy by GD and Taeyang is like that perfect song to groove to, With super friendly moves and a cool MV, it is indeed one of the best songs released by them. There might not be a soul who will not like this.

Super Junior- Mamacita
Super Junior made a comeback this year with their leader coming back from the army. A more handsome, “out of the box” and funny concept, Super Junior rocked this year with their song Mamacita. For the music video they have acted in a play, which is very funny. The song has a drama version separately so that we understand the whole MV.

AKMU- Melted
AKMU rocked the charts this year with releasing 3 songs from their album Play, one of them being Melted. The music video is based in America and tells how complicated an adult’s life can be- hence the Korean meaning of the song meaning both cold and adults. It’s like one of the best ballads heard, something that actually melts you.

BTOB- Beep Beep
A break up song, made and shown in a fun way. The members in the group have just broken up with their girlfriends and therefore take out their anger on people driving and pressing horns on the street. The song has a superb and addicting beat and a very catchy dance to go with. Whenever the chorus comes, you are bound to go “Dwi Dwi Bang bang.”

San E Body- Language
The song is fully A- rated, strictly for adults, but the song I must say will stay stuck in your head for very long. The song is a hip hop song, with San E showing his great rapping skills with Bumkey singing the chorus. Adults who have seen the video will love it too- the ending especially.

Beast- Good Luck
Beast made a comeback this year with Good Luck and I must say I love the song. They were looking sexy and hot in the MV, the dance was good and the song super addicting. This song is like a perfect kpop song, with a perfect blend of vocals, rap and good music. Although I did not like the MV much, but the song makes it up for it.

Ukiss- Don’t Flirt
When your favourite boy band takes a sexy and adult concept with a member of the band being under 19- that is Ukiss Don’t Flirt for us. The members Eli, Hoon and Kiseop make out with girls in the video with this sexy, soft playing in your ears- you are bound to get turned on. With member AJ studying abroad and Dongho leaving, a new member Jun took his place and he did justice to his position too.

EXO- Overdose
Well, in the kpop world it might be a crime to not include EXO in the list. EXO Overdose has indeed been one of the most addicting songs this year. The 12 boys look simply irresistible, the dance is difficult, yet so perfectly done and then the music- the best. And then this song is special because it is the last song where we see EXO as OT12 (which is very, very sad).

VIXX -Error
This song has been the best song VIXX has ever made- it is sooo GOOD. Electro pop music at its best, the MV is awesome, the dance and formations are perfect, the special effects are outstanding, the music is addicting, Ravi’s rap sounds good…well, I ran out of adjectives for the song.

GOT7- Haji Hajima
Got7 released 3 songs this year- Girls Girls Girls, A, Haji Hajima and I was in total confusion about which one to choose. In the end I chose Haji Hajima, reason being the members having a more mature look in this MV. I also find the song way more addicting than the other 2 songs. In this song, their charms can be seen straight through the MV. The song is so much different than the basic pop we hear every day.

Ze:A- Breath
One of the underrated songs in kpop, yet so beautiful. Breath is one of the most beautiful and addicting kpop songs I heard this year. With most of the members in the acting industry and this band getting lost, this song shows how good they actually are. I although don’t like the fact that some members are given so much time, whereas some members hardly have lines nor are they given proper screen time ( I guess you all already know who I am talking about).

Roy Kim- Home
A song that is capable to melt your heart when you listen to it. Roy Kim’s voice accompanied with a guitar and a heart touching MV, this song is like a blow of fresh air to refresh your mind and your ears- it is so soothing. Beware though, it can make you cry like crazy and make you feel homesick, if you are staying away from home.

B1A4 Solo- Day
A very happy-go-lucky song. A song which you would love to listen to while in a long drive or walking down the beach. It’s such a beautiful song, with a crazy MV, the boys looking handsome and cute with awesome vocals. Its a perfect summer song.

F(x)- Red Light
Red Light is so good and so different, unlike other girl band songs. The members look pretty yet sexy and swag. The music is addicting, the vocals are also so nice. Amber takes the cake for looking so handsome. The song all in all is perfect, hence one of my favourites.

Girl’s Day- Something
One of those clich├ęd girl group songs, yet an addicting one. Girl’s Day released many songs and this one has a very addicting tune to it. It stays stuck. The girls look hot and the dance is a little weird yet easy so many like the song- especially boy bands. One of the main reasons people know this song is because of so many boy groups have danced to it. I personally got to know about the song after Ren danced to it.

Sistar- Touch My Body
Well, a summer special song by Sistar. This song has an upbeat tune, suited to the summers and the girls as usual flaunt their perfect bodies. Hyorin’s voice is a s good as ever and the rest are not bad either. Also the song has been so popular, it would be wrong of me not to put this in the list.

2NE1- Come Back Home
It is like the best song of the year. The music is so different and so good, unlike all the other girl groups and all the aegyo. An electro-ballad song, without any cutsie choreography- a song I will prefer any day and anytime unlike other girl group songs. I love this song so much. It is my favourite girl group song in 2014. The song also being used for the people who lost their close once in the Sewol Tragedy, the song makes a huge mark in your hearts and stay really, really long.

Red Velvet- Happiness
Another different type of MV and song. I like the song very much, so much that I would love others to listen to the song too. Happiness is a lovely song, although the MV and the dresses are weird, I love the song. 

AOA~ Mini- Skirt
I don’t know why I like the song, but somehow I could not ignore the song. I don’t like AOA at all, but then this is the only song that ever impressed me, mind you, only song wise, cause I still can’t make out what they try to show in the MV.

SNSD- Mr. Mr.
The song is pretty behind in my list but compared to many other songs, it is really good. Again the MV does not make sense, but the girls really look beautiful and I love the vocals in the song- so powerful and so good. 

SoYou and Urban Zakappa-  The space between
This collab song is really sweet. The song is so nice and the MV too is so different. Soyou and Urban Zakappa, both of them blend their soft voices so beautifully. It’s conversational style makes it more friendly to understand.

High4 and IU- Not Springs, Love or Cherry Blossoms
Another collab soft song, which won my heart. The song seems to melt in your ears, it’s so sweet. IU looks so cute and practically, this is the first time I actually liked her. There is a little bit of rap also, which breaks the soft beat, making the song even more beautiful, since it’s slow throughout.

Winner- Empty
YG’s second boy band debuted this year and hence expectations have to be high and I think Winner totally stood on them. I love this song. I have never been much of a YG stan but Winner has actually made me one. This was the first time I got to know about Winner, because I did not watch WIN- Who Is Next either, and they totally owned me through this song. The rappers are good and so are the vocalist and so is the song. Indeed one of the best this year.

Purfles- 123
The final song I want to add in this list- Purfles 123. They are another girl band that debuted this year and this song is like a freaking super addicting song. They went pretty underrated and most of them don’t know about them, but they are too good. The vocals, the dance, their looks- they are too good for a debut song. I would really recommend this song to all kpoppers.

Drama Review - Sassy Girl Chun-hyang

It is an old drama - made in 2005 - about a sassy girl Chun-Hyang (played by Han Chae-Young) and her life after she meets Mong-Ryong (played by Jae Hee). This drama is based on the legend of Chun-Hyang - a daughter of ginseng who became a wife of district magistrate.

In the drama as well, Chun-Hyang's mother is a dancer at a local bar, and she barely makes ends meet. However, Chun-hyang, who is extremely smart does odd jobs to support her mother. She is also a school topper, the same school Mong-Ryong is transferred to. That's where the drama begins.

Mong-Ryong is a troublemaker and meeting Chun-Hyang makes him cause more trouble. In their first meeting, he gets punched by her and have his phone broken. Later at school, he becomes friends with Chun-Hyang's childhood friend and visits her place when he hears she is sick. That night, he ends up drinking wine without realising it is alcohol and sleeping at her place. When he's at her place, his bike gets stolen and the thief who stole his bike, also steals Byun Hak-Do's (played by Uhm Tae-Woong) bag. One thing leads to another, and they end up marrying each other and living in the same house.

Though they agree to get married reluctantly, after tying the knot, they start liking each other. But Mong-Ryong finds himself split between his first love Chae-Rin (played by Park Shi-Eun) and Chun-Hyang, or at least Chun-Hyang thinks so. In order to save the man she loves from choosing between his love and his responsibility, she voluntarily walks out of his life. Meanwhile, she also helps Mong-Ryong study and get into one of the prestigious colleges in Seoul - which would have been next to impossible without her because Mong-Ryong's definitely not one of the brightest kids who could even think of getting into big colleges, and he eventually becomes a district attorney.

As if Chae-Rin wasn't enough to cause trouble in our main leads' lives, Hak-Do joins the club and messes up everyone's life so bad that it will make you wonder whether this guy has nothing better to do in his life. The bad guys in this otherwise life-like drama are just too extreme. I have been in love and I have lost, too, but I would never invest so much in a broken relationship. Never. Ever.

The acting prowess of all the actors in the drama was nothing remarkable, but I guess acting meant something else 10 years ago. And the dresses they wore were just too hideous, except Hak-Do, as he mostly wore suits. Chan-Hyang's hairstyle is the first thing you will notice after starting watching the show and it may make you want to give up right away. Been there, experienced that. I had to use all my will power to just sit in front of the computer and finish the show.

Lastly, the hilarious Jaeson period adaptation at the end of each episode was the best part of this show. It sarcastically but nicely summarized the storyline episode wise.

Watch the drama for the friendship that Chan-Hyang, Mog-Ryong and Chan-Hyang's childhood friends share. It was quite fresh. Unlike the friends in other dramas who sweet talk main leads no matter what they do, in this drama you will see them behave like real people do - taunt when protagonist does something wrong, regularly remind the protagonist how wrong they were in the past and how they may repeat their mistakes and so on.

Drama Review - Arang & The Magistrate

This is definitely one of the best dramas that I have ever watched and will go back to as often as possible.

I know I started watching the drama because of Shin Min-Ah, but I am not saying this because I like her - she is definitely one of the good actresses in the industry right now and it would do much good to the industry if they let her explore her capabilities by making her take challenging roles. And, I don't even have to assess Lee Joon-Ki for he has one of the best and popular faces in the industry, and also impeccable skills to go along with it.

The story is based on a famous South Korean legend of a virgin ghost "Arang" who appears in front of the magistrate 'Eun-Oh' seeking justice. Eun-Oh, who is one of those who can see ghosts, who is searching for his missing mother, agrees to help Arang because he supposes she could lead him to his mother. It appears to be a quest with no leads at all in the beginning because Arang doesn't even remember her real name. She has no memory of her life before death whatsoever.

It doesn't take much time to learn her identity though, because she happens to be the previous magistrate's daughter and the clues of her identity is safely preserved by her nanny in one of the rooms in the magistrate's office.

One day, her 3 year old dead body miraculously appears and it hasn't rotten a bit. It leaves everyone perplexed. As the magistrate prepares to send her to after-world properly, she finds a way to return to the living world to find her murderers...and thus a new journey begins.

This drama got a fine mixture of fantasy and love, unlike so many other movies and dramas where one thing overtakes the other. The story doesn't revolve around the love between Arang and the magistrate alone, but the mystery behind Arang's death and Eun-Oh's missing mother and the big purpose behind everything that happens in the drama.

The scenes with King of Heaven (Played by Yoo Seung-Ho) and King of Hell (played by Park Jun Gyu) were extremely good. They were not only amusing but thought-provoking. And for the eye-candy Yoo Seung-Ho is, you will wish they had more scenes.

Noble man Choi and his son Joo-Wal are other important characters in the mystery. And the dirt they are hiding in their backyard is literally the turning point of the drama - so prominent that it sets both Heaven and Hell in motion.

Even Dol-Soe - magistrate's man servant and the shaman Bang-Wool played major roles as well, and along with the others, they added humor to the drama. And you definitely wanna watch out for a mischievous trio - Ibang, Hyungbang, Yebang - who work at the Magistrate's office. Arang and the magistrate were no less humourous. Though the drama gets little serious as the mystery unwinds, it surely made me laugh in the beginning.

The graphics used was quite good as well and all the Jaeson-period clothing. Especially Lee Joon-Ki looked 'more than usual' handsome and his hotness was difficult to handle. It will literally make you drool.

Now, you know why you should watch this drama, and why I rewatch it... and will watch again sometime soon.

Drama Review - Devil beside you

I am not going to be lenient and unnecessarily praise this drama. It definitely had its moments, but on the whole the drama was too bland. When I began watching it, a friend told me that it is one of those dramas that has stuck to the manga as much as possible, hence the absence of reality. Anyway, it wasn’t the lack of realism that put me off but the way many stories were weaved together - redundant, predictable and uncreative.

The drama is about Qi Yue (played by Rainie Yang) and the devil beside her i.e Jiang Meng (played by Mike He) who also went by the name Ahrang; he is also her gonna be brother. Their parents (one divorced and another widowed) met at a restaurant, fell in love and decided to get married. Qi Yue and Ahrang go to the same college. Though they start on bad terms, they eventually fall for each other, and this drama is about how they make their love work. Meanwhile, they meet a series of characters who fall in love with Qi Yue and Ahrang as if they are the last girl and boy on this planet. Things don’t work and they find someone else, but not before they chase Qi Yue and Ahrang until the end of the world. Sigh!

Be it the acting prowess of the actors in the drama or the direction - there is nothing to brag about. Everything’s just bad. Even the chemistry between the lead actors isn’t praise-worthy.

Mike He looked hideous throughout the drama– thanks to the ugly clothes he wore and the stupid hairstyle he carried. Qi Yue wasn’t any better looking, but she at least wore nice clothes and did her hair prettily. Their parents were quite good looking though and also played their roles well.

There were numerous reasons to stop watching the drama, but my curiosity about the incestuous love made me hang on until the end. And when it ended, the open-mindedness of all the characters who were actually supposed to stand against such a relationship left me amazed. Also, the way Qi Yue and Ahrang stuck to their love though it was so wrong made me realise a relationship will work as long as people involved in it put effort to make it work. If you aren’t then you are not really in the relationship.

If you don’t have anything else to watch, then you may give this drama a try. Otherwise, there are plenty of good dramas out there.