MV Review- GD and Taeyang GOOD BOY

Big Bang may take some time to release their next album, but till then GD and Taeyang has brought us this cool, groovy song as a gift.

A song to be enjoyed during the night, it is the ultimate party song. GD and Taeyang’s collaboration at its best, you are sure gonna enjoy this song. The song simply gives us the message of how good GD and Taeyang are, and not the naughty boy types.

The music video has been set under ultraviolet lights giving more to the party feel, other than that there is not much to the video. The dance in the chorus is cool, there is loads of swag in the song. GD is one of the composers of the song, so we get to know how limitlessly talented GD is, irrespective of all the controversies. Taeyang, too, shows his cool boy charm.

Overall, I think this is the grooviest song I have ever heard. It’s so cool and the song is so catchy, I bet everyone who has heard this song, must have heard it at least ten times at that moment itself. No other song can get you dancing like that.


Got7 is back and this time with a new genre. Unlike Girls Girls Girls where they are all flirty and showing off their charm and A where they are running behind their crush, here, they are desperate for the girl’s attention. The girl is everything with them apart from lovers. They are friends and therefore Got7 is telling her to stop now, hence Stop Stop it.

The music video, it confused me. JB was going to commit suicide because his beloved wasn’t accepting his love, but then another JB shows up from the future I guess, wearing weird clothes. He gets confused and then ends up falling down the terrace to land in future. When he goes to the future, he meets the same girl and she is their darling friend and they are exceptionally close. He just keeps staring at her throughout the video. In the end, he once again sees the girl going upstairs, a thing that had happened in his past. He goes behind the girl. When he reaches, he sees the past JB in uniform standing and this time, he falls back and soon becomes the JB in uniform. The girl is again on the terrace but this time he says nothing, but just remains standing there.

I love the song, since it is different from the previous songs. The feel is different. One problem - a lot of auto-tune has been used, which covers the original voices of the members. The dance is nice, I like the steps used in the chorus. Unlike A and Girls Girls Girls, we do not see any of Marks and Jackson’s acrobatic skills, though I like their parts as rappers. But, they sure can be better. Good thing is there has been proper division of lines.

I loved their new hairstyles but not their costumes, they are just too weird. Identify is the album’s name, and I liked all their songs. The other songs are really nice. All should check their dance versions. Got7 look plain hot in white shirt and black trousers. The dance has really got cool moves. 

MV Review- Hi Suhyun ft Bobby I AM DIFFERENT

Hi Suhyun is a new project by YG Entertainment. YG perked up everyone’s interest by releasing small images of the members and then there was a curtain raiser, revealing the members. Finally the video released on Pepero Day.

The music video is so sweet, just as sweet as peperos. So what has it got in store for us? Lee Hi and Suhyun are in love with their new neighbour, Bobby. Bobby is that perfect Prince Charming, the Mr. Handsome who all wait for. Then, starts all the plots to impress him, to grab his attention. They secretly peek at him, Suhyun uses binoculars to check him out. Lee Hi brings gifts for him, while Suhyun plans to fall sick in front of him. Both do their best, but in the end….well…he turns up with his own girlfriend after all the stalking. In the end though, Lee Hi and Suhyun team up to take revenge against him. The very same spot he reveals his girlfriend.

The lyrics of the song tells us how the girl is different from other girls and how she truly loves her. What impresses you the most in the music video is Bobby. I mean- HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS CUTE? I have shown this mv to my non-kpop friends too, and even they agree how cute Bobby is and then the mv is also so easy  going, even people who do not listen to kpop will love it.
The song, well, it is a little bit like all Lee Hi songs are, it has a jazzy touch to it, but then Bobby and Suhyun give the song a fresh feel. Good thing is Suhyun is also doing solo, apart from being in Akdong Musician. Her brother must be proud.

I would tell all my kpop chingus to show this video once to their non-kpop friends. Not only will they love Bobby, but also fall for the high school crush concept of the music video. Lee Hi looks exceptionally cute, too.