Drama Review- It's Okay It's Love

I have been following this drama since its making and believe me I haven’t regretted anything about it. Everything about this drama is topnotch and perfect- the cast, the storyline, the acting and even the OSTs.

The drama has an interesting story and for this super interesting story, a perfect cast has been chosen. We have Zo In Sung as Jang Jae Yeol, who is a famous writer and Gong Hye Jin as Ji Hae Soo as a psychiatrist. Ji Hye Soo and Jang Jae Yeol meet at a chat show and slowly fall in love with each other, but then both of them have their own problems.

Ji Hye Soo is scared of sex because she has seen her mother betraying her handicapped father for money and care. Jang Jae Yeol has had a bad childhood and his brother Jang Jae Beom, played by Yang Ik June, is a murder convict. Jang Jae Yeol’s life has been so traumatic that we see his childhood affecting his daily life. He has a teenage friend called Han Kang Woo played by Do Kyungsoo who like him has a troublesome family. Jang Jae Yeol cherishes him the most.

Both their lives merge as both of them help each other get rid of their problems and illnesses to make their lives better.

The best thing in this drama is the topics it deals with. Various controversial topics come up in different episodes with the main story going on. Topics like sex, gender change, divorce are covered in the drama. The actors playing the different patients do a brilliant job at imitating them. Special mention to Lee Kwang Soo here. His role as a Tourette’s syndrome patient is exceptional. It seems as if he really suffers from the problem. All viewers love it.

The actors do a great job. Zo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin have proved how good actors they are, their acting was so natural. Do Kyungsoo, a member of EXO and a novice in this field, too, has done a good job, but yes, he could be better. The pace of the drama is good. It is going to keep your interest throughout and it ends in 16 episodes. It hasn’t been dragged even a bit.

The OSTs play a major role in enhancing the feels in the drama. The Pop OST track list which contains English songs that have been chosen for the drama has been used in the correct moments telling us about the mood of the scene. Then, there are the OSTs that Davichi and Chen from EXO have sung. I love those two songs.

As a psychology student, I really loved this drama. It has been educational to me. For others too, I would strongly recommend this drama. There isn’t any reason you will not love it. You are bound to fall for the story, the characters and the songs too.

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