MV Review- Super Junior- THIS IS LOVE x EVANESCE

This Is Love

Mamacita made us laugh, but Super Junior did not seem to be satisfied that they made another video of one of the songs from the Mamacita album. It has been a long time since Super Junior did something like this. This Is Love- the feel and the style of the music video is similar to that of Sorry Sorry Answer, and the members look remarkably handsome in formals.

The video is reeking of elegance- simple and beautiful, just like a glass of red wine. The video is set on a circular box-like room, which has 6 parts. The members walk around the circular room, and they dance when the chorus of the song comes. The members keep moving from one room to another. And there are mike-stands that they caress.

The lyrics in itself tell us what love is all about- little things like the blowing wind and the blooming flower, the falling of raindrops on one’s shoulder etc. The dance perfectly suits the song. Dance moves are crisp and sharp. There is even a dubstep for Eunhyuk and Donghae, right in the centre of the room, with spotlights.

What will catch the viewer’s eye is the brilliant camera-work. The camera-work is exceptional. The camera focuses on one person when it zooms in and when it zooms out, the other members are ready in their positions and steps. While the camera zooms on one person, the member beautifully utilizes the camera by giving expressions. There is a point where first there are 5 members and then they zoom on Kyuhyun. When they move back, we find 9 members dancing with mike-stands.
Taking out the one and only fault in the video- the footwork the members do in the fourth line of the chorus, except for Eunhyuk and Donghae, I guess none of the members do it correctly and it does hit the eye.

I bet after watching this video- all ELFs will want to be mike stands.


Evanesce is another beautiful song from Super Junior and they just released its music video. It has the same beginning like This Is Love and the same set, just that the feel is different. This song counters the feeling and meaning of This Is Love.

The song has a sad meaning- “Why does love end? Why does things so beautifuldisappear?” The music video starts the way This Is Love did, with Kyuhyun opening the door, but his expression is totally different. When he enters the room, he looks lost. All the members are frustrated and sad. They had expected the love to last, and hadn’t imagined it to end this way. The same room is filled with dust, and the furniture is covered with white clothing. They are distraught.

Once again, the camera work is new. They focus on one member and zoom in, and when the camera backs off, it’s another member. To give a dark feeling, Siwon has put some eye makeup. Special mention to Eunhyuk- unlike other members, who walk around the room, showing their frustration, he is given a separate dance piece with a girl. They are once again under the spotlight, but when the camera spins around the room, the chandeliers in each room blink. That was actually really cool.

The members have easily brought the sad feel in the music video, but Leeteuk looked a little fake. Others were good. The video again ends the way it had ended in This Is Love, except that Donghae leaves the room crying. That expression, with the tear falling down his eyes- I lost all my feels there.


Roy Kim is one of my favorite solo artists and all his songs never fail to leave a mark on my heart. This song, too, etched its way into my heart.

When I watched the video for the first time, I cried. When I watched it for the second time, I cried, again. Then, I promised myself that I will watch it for the third time and cry once again, but I will surely review this video, however late and I hope you get your answers here.

This video is bound to bring tears to people of all ages. It’s a video giving the message of love and how much we love our family. There are three small stories in the video. We see Roy Kim coming home after a long time, but then he does not enter his house. The first part is about a girl who just gets her bonus payment. She is very happy about it. But then just outside, on the street a rich lady is shown harassing an old man for crashing into her car and leaving a small scratch. The woman is so ruthless that she hits the old man throwing him down asking for money. The public too is just standing and watching, merely clicking pictures. Then this lady comes and throws the money right on the face of the rich lady, helps the old man get up and leaves the scene.

The second one is about a sick person and his mother who takes care of him. He is suffering from high fever. The third person is a manager of a huge star but then he is humble enough to go and rescue a school girl who is getting bullied. All these people gather outside the house in the backyard to have hot ramyeon. Such is the bonding among the members of the family. The manager, the girl, the sick guy and his mother and the salarywoman, all are there together, laughing and sharing. Now, that does feel like home. Roy Kim then goes back to his own house and he is welcomed by a little puppy.

The song is a small one, with repeated lyrics, but they are enough to convey the message of family love and bonding and the feeling of belonging that one gets only at home and nowhere else. The most touching lines in the song- “When I hear your footsteps, greeting you with a smile is the only gift that I could give you. Are you feeling sick anywhere? Was it hard?Don’t worry about me, I just need you to be okay. When your heart is aching, when no one is there for you, just come here.”

The song and the video are enough to make you cry, especially when you are away from your family members and are missing them.


What happens when you suddenly-out of the blue- miss someone a lot? 2AM is finally back with a melodious song in the beginning of winter, reminding you of your loved one.

The music video is in the point of view of an old man thinking of his wife. One day, he thinks of his wife without any reason. A line like “The lonely winds blows over my heart” makes you feel nostalgic. The old man is wondering, whether his wife is thinking of him or not, or where is she. He regrets that they had to part ways. More days like this will come, where he will once again think of her and miss her. He will never be able to forget about her.

The old man here, is not just a character, but he himself is singing the song. We see the old man doing his regular activities, things he does everyday like watering his plants and eating an ice-cream, but in all those activities he is remembering his wife. The 2AM members one by one show up in the music video as a part of his life. He sings the song while at the dentist, while he is roaming about the city. In the end, among his friends, he is still thinking of her, since his friends can’t distract him.

Their songs and good vocals have always touched my heart and this time too, it has happened so. The video although sad, the song has a feel good effect. 


Japanese movies have never failed to make me cry, and this movie made a river out of my tears. The story mesmerized me like never before.

The story starts with Makato (Hiroshi Tamaki) going to New York to visit his friend Shizuru (Aoi Miyazaki). Giving us a glimpse of the present, we shift to the past where we learn how they met and who they are. Shizuru and Makato meet on the pedestrian of the college they both have joined. Both of them being introverts, they become good friends. Makato was interested in photography and his interest had brought him to discover a hidden forest behind the college. Shizuru too followed him around and soon learnt photography from him. Then, Makato starts liking Miyuki (Meisa Kuroki), another girl in his class. Shizuru gets jealous first but then becomes friends with Miyuki, too.

When all his college mates are applying for a job, Makato gets the information about a photo competition. Both decide to participate in it. Shizuru wanted to make herself the subject and therefore wanted to shoot herself and Makato kissing. It was their first kiss. After clicking the photos, Shizuru suddenly goes missing and Makato realizes he had fallen in love with her. Then, a box full of secrets open up for the viewers and Makato.

Words fall less to describe the feelings one has while watching this movie. Tamaki’s acting was good and most credits go to Aoi Mizuki to make the movie so beautiful. She as the ungrown-self and then her mature self. Miyuki could have played her role better, but still since she wasn’t the main character, so it was fine.

I have never seen a movie with such heart- wrenching lines. In the end the viewers are bound to cry, or at least shed a tear, the movie reaches so close to the heart. The scenes shot in the forest are lovely. Nature has its own share of credits to make it a lovely watch.

Special mention to the photography- I have never seen such beautiful pictures in my life, especially the once clicked by Shizuru. This is the first time I shed tears just by seeing photos hanging on the wall.


In previous review of BTS (BTS Danger) I had recommended to listen to the songs of the album cause they were just too good, therefore BTS is now back with one of the songs from their album Dark And Wild, called Hormone War.

I am actually short of words to describe the music video and the song,both. The song is upbeat hip-hop, with super cool vocals and awesome rapping. The lyrics are voicing the thoughts of a typical youngster and what happens inside his head when he sees a pretty girl. The lyrics are perverted, simply perverted and the kind that will make you laugh and actually think, do boys really think like this? Lines like “what girls wear make me cough”, “Thanks to you I don’t need to spend money on LASIK” (Lasik is an eye treatment for vision correction) and “Girls are like equation, us guys just do them” show what BTS’s true intention is. Then, they tell things like “Her hair, waist, legs, and even her other unspeakable parts, it will be a lie to say that I am not interested in them being a guy.” Well, I approve of the lyrics, seeing their age. All boys are perverted at this age, isn’t? So what’s wrong in Jungkook and Jhope telling us all these things? After fans read the lyrics, they will sure go crazy over them all the more.

The dance accompanied with their expressions…ohh SO HOT! V may not have lines to sing, but he clearly rules the screen with his expressions when it comes to the music videos. He is the one who has the capability to actually make a lollipop look sexy. Rap Monster also looks so sexy in formal clothing. Also, I never knew torn clothes could actually look this nice. Jin is wearing a tattered and torn t-shirt and Jungkook is wearing a torn sweater. Maknae Jimin just turned into a sexy adult and is ruling the hearts of the girls already. The shirt straps do irritate him throughout the video, though. In the bridge of the song, the loose side is down, he is his flawless self. Jungkook tries to act sexy, but then he looks too adorable in the video.

The dance steps are too catchy, although difficult. Armies around the world must have lost their senses after watching the video.

MV Review- BEAST 12:30

When you have a song with beautiful lyrics, a beautiful tune, a beautiful rap, and a perfect dance to suit it- it’s Beast’s new song- 12:30. It takes me time to get hooked to ballads and this might be the most addicting ballad I have ever heard. And not only is the song beautiful, the meaning and connotation made is just too good. This song celebrates the 5th anniversary of Beast in the KPOP industry.

So the song is about a couple who have broken up after a tiring relationship. The lyrics and the music video states that the couple is like a noisily breaking glass bottle, all the love and all the warmth has frozen. Now, they are like the clock hands at 12:30, apart from each other, the backs aren’t meeting, and them looking at different directions. But, at the end of the song, the boy sure has hope that the broken watch will start working again and they will sure move on together.

The acting in the movie has been done by leader Yoon Dujoon and It’s Okay It’s Love side actress Lee Sung Kyung. They have done a good job at showing the emotions of love and hate. Dujoon sure regrets seeing their relationship like this. The music video starts with the time 12:00, when the couple is together and also are the hands of the clock. Slowly, time is moving forward and so they are drifting apart, like the hands of the clock. When they have totally broken apart, it’s exactly 12:30. I especially love the ending part, where Dujoon throws the girl on the bed, simultaneously the glass bottle breaks and the time immediately moves onto 12:30. Then, Dujoon looks at the motionless girl and holds her hand in one hand and the broken watch on the other. The meaning of the song beautifully comes out, even without knowing the lyrics.

This ballad has an awesome dance at the bridge part, where every beat in the song has a dance step to it. And it’s only that part that has a dance. All the members have lines to sing. A great job has been done by Yoseob (as usual) and Hyunseung with the vocals. The rap is smooth and has a beautiful flow, aiding the song. 

Drama review - Can We Love

This drama is about three women who are in their late 30s - Eugene as Yoon Jung-Wan, Kim Yu-Mi as Kim Sun-Mi and Choi Jung-Yoon as Kwon Ji-Hyun.

Jung-Wan is a divorcee and a wannabe writer. She lives with her son, who is like really smart, and mother, who always puts her into trouble. She left her ex-husband - Han Joon-Mo played by Shim Hyung-Tak - because he couldn’t support the family financially and now, she’s trying to make ends meet by taking up odd jobs at several places. Then, she somehow ends up working as a scriptwriter under an award winning director - Oh Kyung-Soo played by Uhm Tae-Woong. Good for her that the director falls in love with her and they start dating each other.

Sun-Mi is a single woman and a workaholic. She lives by herself because her parents are dead and her siblings are living abroad. And about her being single, it’s not that she doesn’t want to get married. She is just waiting for the right guy and don’t want to end up with just any Romeo who is head over heels for her. She gets introduced to Kyung-Soo by Jung-Wan as an interior decorator for their movie, and then, she decides if she marries someone it will be him. There is also Choi Yoon-Seok played by Park Min-Woo, who works under her, who is 10yrs younger than her, who is head over heels in love with her, whom she constantly rejects because according to her, he isn’t qualified enough to be her boyfriend/husband.

Kwon Ji-Hyun is a housewife – married to Lee Gyu-Sik played by Nam Sung-Jin. Except that she has money to spend whenever she wants, and has two kids and a husband to take care of them, her life is totally messed up. She has to deal with a past, and the child she had from that past, the child that lives with her brother and father, who are also responsible for the bitterness that her past hides. She has to deal with her husband’s new friend An Do-Young played by Kim Sung-Su, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend. She has an abusive, two-faced mother-in-law. She has a rebellious daughter, who does everything possible to make sure her mother doesn’t have any peace in her life. And also, she doesn’t get along with her friend Sun-Mi.

These three have been friends for a very long time, and the drama shows how their lives change over time. No, the drama doesn’t emphasize on their friendship much, but their individual lives.

One thing that this story overly highlighted was – how important it is to maintain your individuality even when you are in a relationship. When Jung-Wan didn’t hurriedly get into a relationship with Kyung-Soo even though he was rich and successful, and insisted that she needs time to settle her career, when Sun-Mi overcame all the roadblocks she faced in her career, and when Ji-Hyun continued to work after the matter of divorce settled, it was obvious what the makers of this drama was trying to convey to their audience.

The cast was quite good – I liked Eugene in Heartbreak Library so was looking on as her character developed. I hate Uhm Tae-Woong ever since I watched The Devil, but I can’t deny that he is a good actor. Kim Sung-Su role is very different from what it was in Full House, instead of a playboy, he has played a role of a dedicated lover – a one woman man types. It suited him really well.

All in all, it was good enough to watch it once. I wouldn’t go back to this drama, though.


This is another music video that released during Halloween, but this one does not have ghosts or vampires or zombies or so on…but robots. VIXX arehandsome robots in Error.

This is my favorite MV so far and also the most favorite song of VIXX. Everything about the MV is so awesome. The story, the song, the dance, the special effects, the members, the sets…the list never ends.

Hongbinis a scientist who makes robots. He has sample robots of the other members in his labs. Then, we are shown a female robot, who is almost complete. We see Hongbin having flashbacks of the time he used to love the girl. They were close, and this robot is an exact replica of her. The girl, who might have been a robot in the past too, isdead, and he obviously could not handle the pain.
The female robot is erroneous and after fixing that, he reloads her memory with their past. The girl immediately recognizes him and they are together once again. But, do all love stories end happily? Some men invade his lab and they check the female robot’s stats, clearly indicating that she is an illegal robot made by Hongbin. Hongbin pushes everyone and runs away with her. With no option left, they disintegrate themselves. Hongbin too was a robot and in the end, the hearts that are left behind stops beating, too.

The level of perfection achieved in the video is just too high. VIXX has taken electro-pop music to a totally new level. The song is not only addicting, but also beautiful.  The lyrics mention the error that has occurred. Basically, after the girl dies, Hongbin made changes himself into a robot to forget her, but then there is an error and he still remembers everything, because of which he is in pain now, and he can’t live. The boys look as if they have directly been brought out of some sci-fi movie. The computer graphics has been done so well.  In the end, when they remove the plugs out of their bodies, it looks as if it is really happening. The story too is good, I could not find flaws in it either. Hongbin’s acting has improved drastically. He had always been so expressionless and dry and in this MV, he looks pretty professional.

In the dance, in the very beginning, they form a plug sort of thing, and fill N with power. That formation was just awesome. The lenses too, they actually looked like robots. And the glow in N’s eyes, every time he was being charged…woah!!

And how can I not fangirl over their bodies. The members have worked hard to make themselves look masculine. They look sweltering HOT in this MV. Me, as a Starlight, have gone mad.

Not only this song, but the whole album in general is very good. You have to download all the songs and listen to them. 

MV Review- Boyfriend WITCH

It’s Halloween and Boyfriend is the first band to release a super hot Halloween themed video.

The video has a magical effect, and a magical feel. The opening is something I have never seen in any KPOP video. Donghyun enters the scene and bows, welcoming us to his show, while the curtains held by the back-up dancers shift and the members start dancing with some powerful moves. The curtain work is extra-ordinary and very interesting. Members keep coming in and out of the curtains - it is so new. This type of work needs meticulous timing and they have perfectly nailed it.

Coming to the story of the MV- the boys are were-wolves, belonging to the breed of BF and are being murdered by some “riding hood” girl. Next, Hyunseong is seen on the roof, reading the newspaper and the girl attacks him. Then, we are shown a glimpse of the past, where there is this suspicious girl who is their friend. She is shown carrying the red cloak.

After the attack, when the members are taking care of him, they find a note, “I’ll be at the roof top.” (Not a mistake. That is what is written).  All the boys go there and find a girl waiting for them. They attack her one by one, but they all lose to her, defeated and killed.

Now, some major flaws in the video- the boys seem to be jobless- they are just sitting there, their eyes glowing, when Donghyun enters with the newspaper. They were doing nothing. And their expression of grief was funny. Kwangmin was sitting right in front, glaring at the camera and then, his inner wolf comes out. He looks funny to me, again. He tried his best to show his angry, but he didn’t succeed. Then, Hyunseong seemed to be waiting to be attacked. If he had actually sensed her, then why didn’t he react? He just stood there. And no one noticed the cloak? Itwas dancing on their faces. Lastly, no one carries an injured person to fight. Hyunseong was already injured and they made him fight the girl once again.

The lyrics are about a guy falling too deeply in love with someone forbidden. The girl is rough and she is dangerous, but those are her charms. The girl plays a witch in the mv.
Well, Boyfriend is best known for their mushy cute videos- so cute that they will even beat girl bands. So, with a different and sexier concept, they did well even this time. The lenses easily scared me (thanks to my phobia towards such lenses and eyes.) Kwangmin uses his huge eyes well to scare someone. They are really very scary.

Well….they did justice to the Halloween theme, though.

MV Review- Madtown- YOLO

Madtown is a new KPOP band from JTune Camp. They have 7 members - Moos, Heo Jun, Buffy, H.O., Daewon, Lee Geon and Jota.

YOLO is a dance hip-hop song and it shows that the members are sure talented. There is nothing missing in the song and I personally found it really addicting and catchy. It is basically a dance style rap song, with Moos rapping most of the time, his rapping accompanied by Buffy.

As the name of the song goes- YOLO, the lyrics clearly gives out the message to live life without a reason and live it to the fullest. It tells about knowing yourself, without any constrains and restrictions.This group is surely ambitious. The video has nothing special in it, except some cool expressions and whole lot of swag that is a must in a hip-hop song.

The dance is super cool and addicting, especially the part in the chorus, the rolling and swinging of arms- it’s so cool- like the coolest dance steps ever. Then, in the beginning too, where three members jump from behind the four members in front, but Moos is on the shoulder between the two members in the middle. It really has got some killer moves. One flaw- the English. They have eaten up the ‘se’ and ‘ce’. They sing “You know, I know, who know” and “You only live one”.

One more thing that I liked was how the members keep on smiling from time to time in the video. They are cute for sure. Being rookies of this year, they have really done a good job. I have high hopes from them and I hope they don’t disappoint me in the future.


So far, 2014 has been a bad year for KPOP. In the beginning of the year, Leeteuk lost his father and grandparents. And a lot of things have happened ever since - too many unexpected things (most of them centering my bias). First, throwing light on the Ladies Code accident case - my deep condolences to EunB and Rise. May they rest in peace!

Kris leaving EXO-M - I was so shocked when I got this news. I remember that day very well. My exam results were going to be out, but forgetting everything, I cried over the fact that Kris had filed a lawsuit against EXO. My friends and I are huge EXO-L, and something like this happening to EXO was a thing we had never dreamt of. What hurt even more was Suho and Tao’s reaction towards it. Yes, I agree that everything one does will not be supported, but I found it really hard to believe that they actually spoke against him. It hurt me really bad.

The case of Kim Hyun Joong - I was surprised to know that the person for whom I got into KPOP was being defamed. When I heard the news that he assaulted his girlfriend - I was rendered speechless. What more, half of it was true. I supported KHJ until he himself revealed that some of the accusations were true. Not something you would like to hear about your bias, right? What angered me more was the fact that the girl gave up the case when he accepted the truth. So, why did she even file the case in the first place? Just to defame him?

Then, there are the series of accidents that happened this year - Ladies Code, Big Bang’s Seungri, and also, Got7 JB. I hope Seungri recovers quickly and soon gets on the stage with the other Big Bang members. I really missed him in the Incheon Asian Games Closing Ceremony Program. Lastly, Key lost his grandmother and Lee Soo Man lost his wife. May their families stay strong!

Now, the latest - Jessica of SNSD was terminated. It was sudden, really sudden. I had never expected this. My news feed on FB was filled with stories of Jessica and Krystal together for a while, and then she launched her new fashion brand named BLANC. Suddenly, she was terminated because of this?
Then, came the news of Luhan’s lawsuit - another big shock of my life. I cried, again. How could both my biases, one after the other, leave EXO like this? I was so sad, like for two whole days. All these unexpected things that was happening with EXO was just too much to handle.

Being connected to KPOP world for four years, I have realized that KPOP is like any other business. Previously, there were fewer people in it, but now there are too many - too many bands, too many companies; making it too hard for the companies to survive, earn and get to the top. New tactics are being used... like the top companies release their group teasers and members long before they debut, for example - SM Rookies. Then, we have YG, who have those variety shows of “Whose Next?” where they set the group members on the variety shows. The smaller companies get defeated. In this heavy competition, it is really difficult to survive, leave alone reach the top.

Among all these, most fans have been complaining that SM is a bad company, they do not know how to handle their idols and so on and so forth, but I have different views. Being so difficult to survive in the KPOP world, one has to thrive to be the best, and it is difficult to find faults in the idols who debut from SM. When non-dancers like Kris and Chanyeol dance so well in the MVs, we see how much training they have gone through to perform so well. It all happens due to the back-breaking training they go through. We would never see Chanyeol or Kris dancing like that if they had not trained so hard. This is the very reason I find Kris and Luhan selfish. They grew and trained in SM, they became famous due to them and now, they are leaving the company. Obviously, now that they are famous, they can take their own steps. They left exactly after the Overdose era. My question is why didn’t they leave earlier if they were so dissatisfied with SM?

Even the Chinese members got it easy since SM is a Korean company and they do not have control over Chinese citizens. The K-members are still working hard, and still doing things with dedication, they aren’t complaining. Idols like SHINee don't any problems with SM. It’s because they know what it takes to be idols. Now that only ten members are left, I just hope Xiumin gets more lines and more screen space, and so does Lay, so he can show off his dance skills.

Now about Jessica’s case. SM could have handled it better, yes, but then, she has just been removed from SNSD and not the company. Blanc is still being financed by SM - many fans got the wrong idea here.

After all these fiasco at SM, all the blaming game, I have only one thing to say, and that is, I am not taking sides but I don’t like how people are just bashing SM.

Lately, people have been talking about Tao’s kissing incident, too. It’s so annoying. They freaking have their personal lives - let Tao do whatever he wants.Why does the media get to interfere in his life? Even if they are doing it to divert the netizens from Luhan’s case, I still think they are wrong. In this year, EXO has been attacked very, very badly - from dating scandals to members leaving the group. Just give the other members some space to breath, please.

Oh now about Mblaq - Lee Joon and Thunder are leaving, too. Well, they are leaving because their contract ended, still it is sad because, now, Mblaq is left only with three members and that is Mir, G.O and Seung Hoon.

Well, even after all these things, KPOP has a lot of surprises for us. A whole lot of MVs are releasing this Halloween and then Sungmin from Super Junior is getting married on the 13 of December. The date chosen is so special- 12/13/14. So, let’s KEEP CALM & SUPPORT KPOP!!!!

(They are my personal views. No bashing, please.)

Drama Review - Bright Girl's Success

This drama is about a girl named Cha Yang-sun (played by Jang Na-Ra) and her adventures in a new city. She is a simple girl. She lives with her grandmother and goes to high-school, and her only dream is to live together with her grandmother and parents. You see, her parents are scammers and are always on the run. It even gets Yang-Su into trouble, and she is made to drop her studies and work as a housemaid by few ajhummas who were scammed by her parents. For the kindhearted and upright person she is, she diligently leaves everything behind and moves to a new city to repay instead of her parents.

Before all these, one day, she dramatically encounters Han Ki-tae (played by Jang Hyuk). He literally falls off the sky into her bathing tub and loses his parents’ rings that he always wears around his neck. When he returns to collect it from her, they run into each other and find themselves in another dramatic situation. Perhaps, the scriptwriter was trying to be funny, but unfortunately for him/her, it didn’t work.

Ki-tae is a CEO of a cosmetic company and Yang-sun ends up working for him, as a housemaid, of course. They starts off like any other couple do in most of the Korean dramas I have ever watched – fighting with each other, and then, gradually falling in love.

To make things more interesting, there’s Yun Na-hee (played by Han Eun-Jung) and then, Han Jun-tae (played by Ryu Soo-Young). Jun-tae is Ki-tae’s cousin and he wants Ki-tae’s fortune for himself. He plots, along with his father, and succeeds in making Ki-tae a penniless ass (as Yang-sun puts it). Na-hee is Ki-tae’s fiancée and her mother is the one who took care of Ki-tae after his parents died in an accident. Na-hee and Ki-tae’s parents, before their death, had decided to get them both married once they grew up. Na-hee is head over heels for Ki-tae, but Ki-tae’s heart isn’t in the relationship, still he treats her nicely because he feel obliged for whatever Na-hee’s mother has done to him until then.

Yang-sun takes care of Ki-tae after he is forced into the street and supports him until the end, until he wins back his fortune and puts Jun-tae behind the bars for his doings.

At the center of the story, there is a formula for a cosmetic named Emperor. Jun-tae destroys the formula and the equipment needed to manufacture it, in hopes that he can create a better product, but Ki-tae, along with Yang-sun and few other friends, reproduces Emperor – at first, something similar and then, an improved product.

Now, to talk about the cast and their acting skills, none of them were impressive. After Valcano High, I had high expectation for Jang Hyuk, but he failed me in both looks and acting department. Jang Na-Ra is an eyesore. I didn’t like her in School 2014 as well.

The script is lacking. There’s no substance in the story and the direction isn’t anything noteworthy. Watch this drama only if you have nothing else to watch. I actually watched it on a marathon.

Drama Review - You're All Surrounded

"You're All Surrounded" is a drama that revolves around 4 twenty-something-year-old rookie detectives at a police station in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.

The four rookies are Eun Dae-Koo (played by Lee Seung-Gi), Eo Soo-Sun (played by Go Ara), Park Tae-Il (played by Ahn Jae-Hyeon) and Ji Kook (played by Park Jung-Min) and they all are assigned to work under the legendary Seo Pan-Seok (played by Cha Seung-Won).

Pan-Seok is a perfectionist in his field and is well known among his peers, and when suddenly put in charge of four rookies who aren’t even serious about their work, he does everything to drive them away. He overworks them, insults them in front of others and whatnot. And on the other hand, the rookies instead of learning to do their job better, they mess up and burden him. It doesn’t last long, though. I know you guessed that already. Rookies start showing some interest in their job and then Pan-Seok’s heart transforms. I know, clichés!

There is a twist in the story. Eun Dae-Koo already knows Pan-Seok from 11yrs ago and the very reason behind him joining police is to take revenge on Pan-Seok for whatever happened all those years ago. His mom, whom Pan-Seok was supposed to protect after she agreed to be a witness for a case he was handling, dies or is killed in front of Dae-Koo’s eyes. After that the murderer follows Dae-Koo to his school and tries to kill him, too. Dae-Koo escapes, finds himself a home at an orphanage and also, someone to sponsor his education.

I must add, whoever wrote this story has tried really hard to break the clichés, because whatever happens from here on will leave you speechless. At least, I found myself dumbfounded (sarcasm intended). Suddenly, a politician, his spoilt daughter, his son-in-law and an ex-policeman are introduced to the story…in a way that you will literally ask yourself ‘what the fuck is happening in the drama’ as the story unfolds. One thing that didn’t come as a surprise is the fact that a politician is the lowest form of creature alive and it doesn’t matter from which country he is (though I accept that there are always exceptions). Though he starts with good intentions, the things he does to get to the power will amaze you.

There's something else that shouldn’t go unmentioned, that is the team bonding or spirit or whatever the rookie team shows as the drama proceeds. It is worth noting…well, that’s if you don’t give up the drama in between. Even Pan-Seok’s dedication to his work is quite admirable.

Taking about the cast and acting, the politician Yoo Moon-Bae (played by Jeong Dong-Hwan) and his daughter Yoo Ae-Yeon (played by Moon Hee-Kyung) are the only characters who had any impact on me. Their skills suit the roles so well that they actually invoke hatred for them in you. Lee Seung-Gi started off really nice. I quite liked him in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox and The King 2hearts, but he wasn't that impressive in this drama. Perhaps, it was the script that was lacking. Also, the chemistry between Lee Seung-Gi and Go-Ara isn't worth mentioning . I had hoped it would be good because, for once, he was working with an actress who was actually younger than him, but, I think, he does better with older actresses.

All in all, it is not a VERY bad drama and you can watch it once without wanting to give up in between. At least, I watched it until the end.

MV Review- T-ara SUGAR FREE

I don’t listen to girl bands much. I was aware that T-ara had released a new song, but I did not watch it immediately. It was BTS that made me watch the song, thanks to J-hope and that SUGA was Free. The song was playing in the background and the tune caught my ears, so I decided to play it.

I regret not watching the MV earlier because it is the genre of music video and song I love and always prefer to listen. This is a cracking electro-pop song with a really catchy tune and an upbeat feel.

The music video is set in brightly lit rooms, which are too brightly lit. You can’t see the members properly, and the light actually hurts your eye. It reduces a bit when the song starts, but once again it gets all lit up during the chorus. There is too much camera work too, enough to make you dizzy. The songs have close-ups of the members, in which they look really hot. I love the dresses they wear. Nothing much flashy. Jiyeon and Eunjung flash crop tops, which look too good on them. Other members too look nice.

T-ara’s songs have always been catchy. From Bo Beep to Roly Poly. They have maintained their reputation. Sugar free, as a song, is simply great. It has such a grasping tune and any electro-pop song lover will easily fall in love with this song. The lyrics, well, it’s once again a break-up song, how the other person has lost all his sweetness and hence he is Sugar Free. I found the lyrics very funny. The connotation made is very artsy. Since, the person is not nice to you anymore and no more sweet to you, he becomes sugar free. LOL. I actually laughed when I read the lyrics.

The dance is okay. Members of T-ara are good dancers, so the dance could have been better, although I like the sprinkling of sugar in the chorus. It reminded me of the step in BEG’s Abracadbra, it is pretty similar, but okay. Good thing is, you will learn this step easily and you can do it sitting on your bed itself.

MV Review- THE SPACE BETWEEN- Sistar SoYou and Urban Zakappa

It is a beautiful and melodious song with a beautiful and feel good music video. This song is a collaboration made by SoYou from Sistar and Urban Zakappa.

The story shown in the music video is one of the sweetest story I have ever seen. It begins with the guy and the girl getting a parcel. The guy has lingerie in his parcel and the girl has Sistar dvds. It was clear from their expressions that they have received the wrong parcels. The girl checks the phone number and immediately texts the guy asking him about her parcel. Both decide to meet and exchange them.

Both of them see each other.The guy - being naughty - is surprised that the lingerie will be worn by this girl, who is not at all of the suitable size for the lingerie in the parcel. The girl immediately gets flustered and leaves the place, hitting him hard and calling him a full time pervert.

More parcels get exchanged between them, and the girl is once again in the guy’s office, this time for documents. She hits him once again, takes the documents and runs back to her office. That night they meet and have some soju. There they exchange cards and now they realize the cause of the confusion- both of them have the same name- Kim Soo Hyun and their addresses are pretty similar too, the guy’s - 9-25 and the girl’s- 25-9.

As the case of exchange of parcels go on, slowly both fall in love with each other, the girl becomes kinder to the guy. The guy ultimately ends up proposingthe girl. In the next scene we see that the girl once again is here to take her parcel but she leaves by making a heart and giving him a kiss on his cheek. Both of them are dating now.

The actors have acted lovely. Ahn Jaehyun as the guy looks too cute, especially when he blushes and smiles. The girl, Nam Bora, too, has done a good job.

The song has a beautiful ring to it. It is an addicting song, with the melody playing in your ears for days together. The lyrics of the song are talking about having a small gap in a relationship, giving each other enough space to love and also to play around, hence the Korean name of the song- Teum. It has a conversational flow to it, both discussing about how they fell for each other and how their relationship should be.

MV Review- You're So Fly- BTOB

BTOB is out with a new single- You are so fly or Nou Gamdongiya. First let me explain to you the title- the word Gamdong means you are so impressive or you are so fly, therefore the name of the song.

The music video is really very funny. It starts with Sungjae driving to a convenience store where the rest of the group members are there. They all are playing around when an ugly girl enters. She (I will use she because he is playing a girl) wants the attention of the boys but they turn their heads opposite to the direction she is walking. The girl follows them and the boys keep hiding. Then, another girl enters the scene. She is actually pretty and beautiful and she keeps flinging her hair, which makes the boys go head over heels on her. Getting the attention, she plays around with them. The ugly girl gets angry and when the beautiful one buys a coffee to feed the dog-like-boys, she changes the coffee to BTOB Coffee.

The pretty one licks the can of BTOB Coffee and leaves it there. While the other boys run to drink the coffee can she just licked, Sungjae tries to woo her showing off his car, but she showsno interest. By the time he goes back to his friends, the coffee is already over.

They all head to a club and start dancing and fluttering around another girl. All are dancing merrily, impressed by her beauty and all till Sungjae sees her face. She is ugly,too. But the boys have already gone mad. Next scene is in an asylum where all are acting crazy, going mad over ugly looking girls, except Sungjae.

In the end the ugly girl achieves what she wanted, that was to get the attention of the boys. All are so mesmerized by her that they end up beating another sane person who tells that she is ugly, and they are crazy. Sungjae gets to enjoy with the pretty girl outside while all others are with the ugly girl.

The lyrics are about impressing a pretty girl, how she is really pretty and that they can’t take their eyes off her. BTOB is the best at acting crazy and mad, proven in Weekly Idol. In the beginning when they see the pretty girl, they go mad once, second time in the club, third time in the departmental store with the ugly girl. No one can match them in acting crazy. Their expressions are priceless and this time the cold Peniel also joins them. There are no dialogues, it’s only their expression doing the talking- the difference between Sungjae’s and the other members expressions.

I love the new hairstyles of all the boys, and the song is very cool and catchy. The song has a retro feeling to it, with a cool dance. I love the chorus. Both the song and the music video are worth a watch. Not only the Melodies, but also people new to kpop will like it.

Drama Review- It's Okay It's Love

I have been following this drama since its making and believe me I haven’t regretted anything about it. Everything about this drama is topnotch and perfect- the cast, the storyline, the acting and even the OSTs.

The drama has an interesting story and for this super interesting story, a perfect cast has been chosen. We have Zo In Sung as Jang Jae Yeol, who is a famous writer and Gong Hye Jin as Ji Hae Soo as a psychiatrist. Ji Hye Soo and Jang Jae Yeol meet at a chat show and slowly fall in love with each other, but then both of them have their own problems.

Ji Hye Soo is scared of sex because she has seen her mother betraying her handicapped father for money and care. Jang Jae Yeol has had a bad childhood and his brother Jang Jae Beom, played by Yang Ik June, is a murder convict. Jang Jae Yeol’s life has been so traumatic that we see his childhood affecting his daily life. He has a teenage friend called Han Kang Woo played by Do Kyungsoo who like him has a troublesome family. Jang Jae Yeol cherishes him the most.

Both their lives merge as both of them help each other get rid of their problems and illnesses to make their lives better.

The best thing in this drama is the topics it deals with. Various controversial topics come up in different episodes with the main story going on. Topics like sex, gender change, divorce are covered in the drama. The actors playing the different patients do a brilliant job at imitating them. Special mention to Lee Kwang Soo here. His role as a Tourette’s syndrome patient is exceptional. It seems as if he really suffers from the problem. All viewers love it.

The actors do a great job. Zo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin have proved how good actors they are, their acting was so natural. Do Kyungsoo, a member of EXO and a novice in this field, too, has done a good job, but yes, he could be better. The pace of the drama is good. It is going to keep your interest throughout and it ends in 16 episodes. It hasn’t been dragged even a bit.

The OSTs play a major role in enhancing the feels in the drama. The Pop OST track list which contains English songs that have been chosen for the drama has been used in the correct moments telling us about the mood of the scene. Then, there are the OSTs that Davichi and Chen from EXO have sung. I love those two songs.

As a psychology student, I really loved this drama. It has been educational to me. For others too, I would strongly recommend this drama. There isn’t any reason you will not love it. You are bound to fall for the story, the characters and the songs too.