Drama Review - Cunning Single Lady

After BIG, I had decided not to watch another Lee Min-Jung’s drama, yet I watched this one, merely because I was extremely bored and had nothing else in my HD. Now, I don’t regret because I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cunning Single Lady.

The drama is about a couple - Ae-Ra (played by Lee Min-Jung) and Jung-Woo (played by Joo Sang-Wook) and ups and downs in their married life.

Ae-Ra, who is also called Madonna of the exam village, meets Jung-Woo, an engineering student and also one of the toppers, in front of Ae-Ra’s mother’s restaurant. On her mom’s advice, Ae-Ra decides to marry someone working in a Government job because of the job security and regular income, and Jung-Woo seems like a perfect candidate; he is smart and he loves Ae-Ra, just Ae-Ra and no one else.

Ae-Ra’s dream is to be a housewife, cook for and take care of her husband, bring up kids and whatsoever is considered ordinary. But, Jung-Woo dreams big. He wants to start-up an IT firm and achieve bigger things, to provide better life to Ae-Ra. This is where conflicts begin.

To support Jung-Woo’s dream, Ae-Ra starts working several jobs. Jung-Woo had promised that he will never ever make her work, but until the end he doesn’t realise he broke that promise. Instead of acknowledging her efforts, he only notices her cranky and nagging behaviour. He gets busy in trying to pitch investors and she in making ends meet. Eventually, they lose connection between them and their relationship starts cracking. Finally, they divorce and go separate ways.

After few years, we see Ae-Ra working in a luxury brands’ shop and Jung-Woo as CEO of the year. Ae-Ra feels wronged as she is still going through hard times while Jung-Woo is leading a comfortable life, so she decides to take revenge. She does everything to make him feel guilty and maybe even fall for her, so she can dump him again, only to get back at him. Jung-Woo is no less, he is angry on Ae-Ra for leaving him when he had nothing, and he assumes that she is back now to mooch on his money.

Though it is a sensitive issue, the sequences are executed so well that they amuse you. At first, it is funny to watch both of them trying to get back at each other and then try very hard not to fall for each other.

Kook Yeo-Jin (played by Kim Gyu-Ri) – one of the investors in Jung-Woo’s company – and her brother Kook Seung-Hyun (played by Seo Kang-Joon) liven things more by introducing a love quadrangle to the story.

I also liked Gil Yo-Han (Jung-Woo's secretary), Na Soo-Cheol (Ae-Ra's brother), Kang Min-Young (Ae-Ra's friend) and several other characters. The drama wouldn't have been fun without them. No character was introduced just for the heck of it.

Though full of clichés, the drama kept me interested to the end. There was no moment in the drama where I felt like giving it up midway (I thought it was important to mention this because I don’t fancy the recently aired dramas much, but this one was really good. I cannot pinpoint the good things though). All in all, it was a good drama. WORTH WATCHING!

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