Drama Review - Cunning Single Lady

After BIG, I had decided not to watch another Lee Min-Jung’s drama, yet I watched this one, merely because I was extremely bored and had nothing else in my HD. Now, I don’t regret because I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cunning Single Lady.

The drama is about a couple - Ae-Ra (played by Lee Min-Jung) and Jung-Woo (played by Joo Sang-Wook) and ups and downs in their married life.

Ae-Ra, who is also called Madonna of the exam village, meets Jung-Woo, an engineering student and also one of the toppers, in front of Ae-Ra’s mother’s restaurant. On her mom’s advice, Ae-Ra decides to marry someone working in a Government job because of the job security and regular income, and Jung-Woo seems like a perfect candidate; he is smart and he loves Ae-Ra, just Ae-Ra and no one else.

Ae-Ra’s dream is to be a housewife, cook for and take care of her husband, bring up kids and whatsoever is considered ordinary. But, Jung-Woo dreams big. He wants to start-up an IT firm and achieve bigger things, to provide better life to Ae-Ra. This is where conflicts begin.

To support Jung-Woo’s dream, Ae-Ra starts working several jobs. Jung-Woo had promised that he will never ever make her work, but until the end he doesn’t realise he broke that promise. Instead of acknowledging her efforts, he only notices her cranky and nagging behaviour. He gets busy in trying to pitch investors and she in making ends meet. Eventually, they lose connection between them and their relationship starts cracking. Finally, they divorce and go separate ways.

After few years, we see Ae-Ra working in a luxury brands’ shop and Jung-Woo as CEO of the year. Ae-Ra feels wronged as she is still going through hard times while Jung-Woo is leading a comfortable life, so she decides to take revenge. She does everything to make him feel guilty and maybe even fall for her, so she can dump him again, only to get back at him. Jung-Woo is no less, he is angry on Ae-Ra for leaving him when he had nothing, and he assumes that she is back now to mooch on his money.

Though it is a sensitive issue, the sequences are executed so well that they amuse you. At first, it is funny to watch both of them trying to get back at each other and then try very hard not to fall for each other.

Kook Yeo-Jin (played by Kim Gyu-Ri) – one of the investors in Jung-Woo’s company – and her brother Kook Seung-Hyun (played by Seo Kang-Joon) liven things more by introducing a love quadrangle to the story.

I also liked Gil Yo-Han (Jung-Woo's secretary), Na Soo-Cheol (Ae-Ra's brother), Kang Min-Young (Ae-Ra's friend) and several other characters. The drama wouldn't have been fun without them. No character was introduced just for the heck of it.

Though full of clichés, the drama kept me interested to the end. There was no moment in the drama where I felt like giving it up midway (I thought it was important to mention this because I don’t fancy the recently aired dramas much, but this one was really good. I cannot pinpoint the good things though). All in all, it was a good drama. WORTH WATCHING!

Drama Review - Legend of Hyang Dan

It is a two episode drama of an old legend (comically) retold. It is a drama that narrates the legendary love story of a courtesan’s (Wol-Mae) daughter’s (Chun-Hyang) maid (Hyang-Dan) and son of a magistrate (Mong-Ryang). The original story is quite different though. In South Korea, Mong-Ryong and Chun-Hyang are equivalent to Romeo-Juliet of West, and Hyang-Dan would be Rosaline, so this drama is more of a parody of the original version. If not parody, at least one of the several versions of the legend.

Coming to the storyline, Hyang-Dan (played by Seo Ji-Hye) was raised by courtesan Wol-Mae (played by Bang Eun-hee) after her mother’s death, so she kind of feels indebted to Wol-Mae. Her father is a blind man, and he cannot get treated because she is but a maid to afford an expensive surgery. Instead, she lives her life serving the mother-daughter duo and also in hope that someday she would be able to save enough to pay the surgeons.

One day, Hyang-Dan meets Mong-Ryong (played by Choi Si-Won) after she returns home from the market. She mistakes him for a member of local robin-hood group and helps him escape from Magistrate’s men, and even he assumes her to be the lady of the house.

It’s love at first sight for Mong-Ryong but the difference in their social statuses keep them apart. Also, Hyang-Dan is overly loyal to her mistress and agrees to help Chun-Hyang (played by Ji-su Lee) get Mong-Ryong. She participates in several plans to set Chun-Hyang with Mong-Ryong, but, in the end, his persistence make her acknowledge his love for her.

Later, on Hyang-Dan’s persuasion, Mong-Ryong takes Scholar Examination and even top’s it. He also gets appointed as a Royal Emissary. But, things were not meant to be so simple. They get caught in the greed of a newly appointed magistrate and are again forced to fight to just be with each other. They persist until the end.

To tell about the drama itself, I really liked the execution. Also, all the actors have played well, especially Si-Won, who can hardly act. These kind of roles suit him the best. Anyway, the drama was funny and entertaining. It is worth watching. I re-watch it whenever I am feeling down (not everytime though).

And there’s something that definitely shouldn’t go unmentioned. I liked the three village girls who sing in the background at the critical moments in the drama. They were really fun to watch… err….hear. They not only gave the drama a musical touch, but also made it more comical.

Bang-ja (played by Heo Jeong-min) – Mong-Ryong’s manservant also plays another important role in the story. Madly in love with Hyang-Dan, he wanted to marry her. That's when Hyang-Dan realises her true feelings.

There was another guy in between who helps his sister and Hyang-Dan escape from the prison. He had the prison map tattooed on his boy. It reminded me of the TV series Prison Break. Now, I really want to know who stole the idea from whom.

All in all, it's a GOOD drama.

MV Review- 2 PM CRAZY

A crazy,crazy song by 2PM. It is another party track by 2PM after Hands Up. And I love it. After some hot stuff in ADTOY, this song brings back the fun side of 2PM. The MV is just funny and plain crazy. They are doing whatever they want to.

There is no fixed choreography to the song. They dance and jump around. I like the beginning where they do the bike formation and then Taecyeon is sitting behind to catch Wooyung. Then Junho, Taecyeon and Wooyoung dance. The bike riding step is crazy, it’s just too cool. JunK’s energy is worth a watch. His crazy hairstyle and expression set the mood to the party. The waving of arms, it’s the coolest step I have seen. The bike riding and waving of arms, I love them.

The song and lyrics - The song is perfect for an upbeat dance with your kpop friends. I love the beginning of the song. And then the chorus, it is fun. There is nothing much in the music video, except for the fun dancing, crazy expression and the part where they are flying. The lyrics, they can be taken on two connotations- one is partying and dancing, and the other is sex. For both of them you need full energy and your youth helps in it. But, it is more towards making love since they have talked about losing breath and misty trance.

A note on the costume and looks- JunK, Wooyoung, Nickhun and Taecyeon look really cool though they are wearing simple costumes, nothing special. I love Wooyoung’s sparkling dress and the sunglasses he sports throughout the song. Just too cool. Taecyeon is looking nice and handsome in that simple track-suit. Nickhun’s flowery suit, it suits him.

The song, dance and the music video all are CRAZY and obviously good. The way the song has gone up all the music charts has proved it.

MV Review- Nasty Nasty KNOCK

Nasty Nasty is a project group by Star Empire with ZE:A Kevin, Nine Muses Kyung Li and a newcomer Sojin.

It’s another music video in which music begins with saxophone and the song is really sexy. Speaking about the song, it is very catchy. I like the jazzy feel the song gives. The female vocalists have done a good job. But the lyrics, well I got nothing to say about it. It is as if you are reading a smut of a fanfic. The whole song is about sex; how each side needs to be understanding, and then slowly how the sex begins… There is a line that says “I am sitting but my other parts are up.” I mean, seriously? You got to make it so obvious in the lyrics? Other parts?

The dance is so-so. It could have been so much better. Since it is a sexy song, there is a lot of skin-ship in the choreography, like those of Don’t Flirt with Me of Ukiss. Kevin gets more screen space compared to the female members, but they still did justice to their parts. Their dance moves are crisp, sharp and sensual.

Coming to the music video, the song doesn’t match the MV.  The lyrics and video don’t match up, storyline is different, and something else is happening in the music video. Nevertheless, I like the feel given in the MV…but then I actually don’t understand what is happening in it. What I deduced is that Kevin is in love with Sojin and Kyung Li is in love with Kevin. Kyung Li must have tampered with Kevin, making him believe that he is with Sojin, but he is actually spending time with Kyung Li.

The music video has done a little justice to the name Nasty Nasty. Kevin looks HOT. I am not a big fan of ZE:A but he sure caught my eye. The girls also look sexy. Kyung Li looks simply hot. There is nothing much in the MV as compared to the lyrics in the song.  For me the whole thing was so-so. Not very bad, but not good either.

Drama Review - Protect the boss

The drama is about No Eun-Sul (played by Choi Gang-Hee) and her boss Cha Ji-Hun (played by Ji Sung).

Eun-Sul starts off as a notorious girl and then someone who is earnestly struggling to find a career. With no special qualities that can help her get a job over the other candidates appearing for the interviews, she ends up doing part-time, odd jobs to make ends meet. She is beautiful, she is strong and she is upright, but she is also dumb and lacks class.

Somehow, she manages to get a job in DN Groups as Cha Ji-Hun’s secretary, all thanks to Cha Moo-Won (played by Kim Jae-Joong) who is Ji-Hun’s competitor in many things and also thanks to Cha Ji-Hun who drives everyone working under him crazy.

Eun-Sul persists and sustains until she changes the loser and the slacker Ji-Hun to someone capable, to become a permanent employee of the company. But everything wasn’t meant to be that simple. Ji-Hun starts developing feelings for her and wants them to be more than just a boss and a secretary. He chases her and she resists, as she doesn’t want to get involved in rich people’s lives and deal with their ways. Now, it’s Ji-Hun’s turn to persist and so he does. He somehow wins over her and even manages to get his dad’s permission (played by Park Young-Gyu) to their relationship. Again, everything was not meant to be so simple.

There are too many triangles and even a quadri- love angles in the story. Though they are quite clichéd, they are very entertaining, especially Seo Na-Yoon (played by Wang Ji-Hye) role in the story. Unlike in other dramas, where the third person in a love story annoys you, Na-Yoon and Moo-Won make you smile and even laugh your asses off at times.

Myung-Ran (played by Ha Jae-Suk) - Eun-Sul’s roommate, Sook-Hee (palyed by Cha Hwa-Yeon) - Moo-Won’s mother, and Na-Yoon’s mother, and Ji-Hun’s grandmother – every one of them add value to the drama; all the characters in the drama are entertaining, none of them are wasted. It was fun to watch Na-Yoon and Moo-Won’s mothers plot against Eun-Sul and Eun-Sul fight back upright and on their faces. I have never seen this happen in any other drama. Even Ji-Hun’s approach to his feelings for Eun-Sul was fresh and Ji-Hun’s father’s response/reaction to his son’s relationship with someone from a lower class than theirs. And I have already mentioned Na-Yoon and Moo-Won. They make the entire love triangle and quadrangle worth watching.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the drama, but saw the last four episodes on a marathon, as they were a little dragging. Anyway, I highly recommend this drama.

Drama Review - Boys Over Flowers

Adapted from the popular Manga series, Boys Over Flowers remains the undisputed top Korean drama of recent times, ever since it first aired on KBS in 2009. BOF remains a favorite not only because of its heart-warming love story, but also because of the strong friendship nerve that runs throughout the drama and not to mention - the strong female lead who never takes pity.

Boys Over Flowers has many meanings. But the top most, literal meaning is choosing friendship before girls. The lead female character Geum Jan Di is played by Ku Hye-sun, who gives a terrific performance. She gets into the skin of the character and brings life to her character. The show catapulted Lee Min Ho to instant fame and it is easy to see why. He makes the shallow, proud, handsome, filthy rich Gu Jun-pyo miss many a girl's heartbeat. I can't think of single person who would have done justice to this character more than him, and I bet neither can you!
I don't want to give anything away in this review with respect to story line and all but, I want to say that this modern-day Cinderella-ish Wonder Woman story is a must-watch for all drama lovers. It is like Friends for Korean dramas and that must tell you everything!

P.S : The Original Sound Track for this drama is equally amazing with Kim Hyung Jo's Because I'm Stupid, Missing you and Ashily's Starlit Tears. Do check it out!

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the tragic hero - Yoon Ji Hoo played Kim Hyung Jo. Some argue that this is the best character in the show, even better than Gu Jun pyo and it is actually very hard to disagree to that. The other two friends Kim Bum and Kim Joon in the F4 gang of Shinwa High fit their characters to perfection.


With the return of Leeteuk came the 7th album of Super Junior- Mamacita. Super Junior has always been the best in Kpop and SM really did maintain their standards even this time. The MV was different and outstandingly hilarious.

Most of the member of Super Junior are into acting. Although the MV is lame and funny, they all did act well. The song too is super addictive. Every time the chorus comes, you have to sing Hey Mamacitanaegaayayayaya....With the quality of the song, it didn’t even seem like they had a vocalist missing. As fans told when the music video teaser released, it is literally an out-of-the-box video. Hadn’t we all got bored of Super Junior’s dancing insidea box framed rooms, though their songs were great? But, this time, they got it right; it is totally different.

To describe the music video, it is hilarious. We see successful Sheriff Siwon fretting over the fact that he can’t catch Wanted Thief Leeteuk. Then,there is Heechul, the Bartender.Kangin, the fruit seller.Eunhyuk, the bull-fighter.Donghae, the bounty-hunter.Ryeowook, the barber.Shindong, the blacksmith.Kyuhyun, the gambler.Sungmin, the Deputy of Bank.

All of them have been given some or the other role, and being great actors, they amazed me by playing idiots. The story makes total sense and when you see the ending, you are bound to be baffled with what happened. Ryeowook looks more like a doctor that a barber, with that lab coat and pens and pencils, but he really looks very cute, especially when Donghae and Shindong are fighting. Heechul looks forever handsome (drools). Kangin looks too funny. Eunhyuk is mundanely surrounded by girls, with not much of a significant role. Sungmin’s hair, well… I don’t know what to tell. Kyuhyun kills with his smirks and silly card tricks. The English, just read whatever is written on the newspaper, it is funny. and then there is Shut Your Tongue. I mean, who can shut their tongues?

Most baffling looks go to Siwon and Leeteuk. Yes, we all cry and crib about our idols going to the army, but when they return, they look the best. With all the cheek fat gone, how hot Leeteuk is looking, it can’t be described. And Siwon, he too looks good and funny with that moustache of his.
The dance is good. I really like the setting. It suits them, all princely-ish, with red and black dresses. They are kings of producing new, catchy and easy steps to be remembered forever (like Sorry Sorry). They have this funny step of spinning their index finger around their little finger - it really caught my eye. There is a mix of salsa and a bit of pop in the dance.

All did a great job with the singing. Overall it is remarkable. I would personally recommend this album. THE ALBUM IS GREAT (the caps say it all). All the songs are just too good. My personal favorite was Shirt, which they performed on the music shows. Woahh…what a song, and what dance! It stays stuck in your head for days. You guys should see the MV, and then download the album. It’s really a great comeback.

Drama Review- REPLY 1997

There is love, heartbreak, there is school life fun, there is also the feels of a kpop fan- it is the drama Reply 1997. It is a perfect drama, perfect in every aspect. It has the best cast, the best chosen music, the best feelings, everything has been portrayed with perfection and super balance.

So, what is Reply 1997 all about? It is a drama showing the life of six 18 year olds during the year 1997. Sung Shi Won (Park EunJi), is a crazy H.O.T fan who writesfanfics and goes to all their concerts. She is friends with Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk), Mo Yoo Jung (Shin So Yol), Kang Jun Hee( Hoya), and Bang Sung Jae (Lee Si Un). And at last joins Do Hak Chan (EunJi Won).

The drama takes you in an overall journey of your teenage life, from crazy fangirling over kpop bands, to unrequited, unspoken love to getting the right person later on in your life. It not only portrays feelings of the kids, but also the parents, what they go through when they have rowdy kids like EunJi and also loving adoptive kids like Yoon Jae and his older brother. Then, there is Kang Jun Hee, who had a crush on Yoon Jae and Hak Chan, who comes in later, from Seoul, who loves porn but can’t even look or touch girls in reality.

The major part of the drama is about their teenage lives and how they clear their school in surprisingly different ways, and then it also gives a glimpse of their adult lives. What I loved the most in the drama is how the drama starts with all the girls and guys meeting in the school alumni meeting, and we are shown that Shi Won is pregnant, but we are not told who the husband is. At the end of every episode, we are presented with small clues that instead of helping you guess who the husband is leaves you confused to such a level that you will literally go mad. But, then you pin your hopes on one person and in the end, the husband is revealed.

It is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. It will take you around on a journey of emotions, from joy to sadness, to restlessness, everything single one of them. You can watch this drama with your whole family- that includes your parents and even your siblings, there is a bit for everyone. I would also recommend this drama to all those who haven’t watched anykdramasbut want to start, this is the drama you should begin with.