Movie Review - The Legend of 7 Cutter

Do you know anyone who works very hard to stay out of trouble, but then he/she would be the first one to get into trouble when it comes to protecting others from whatever it is? 'The Legend of 7 Cutter' is a story of one such boy named Jung Han-Soo (played by Jae-mo Ahn).

Han-Soo is famous for something he isn't, and hasn't done. He is transferred to a new school after he scratches his previous school's Principal's car using a cutter, but due to (strange) miscommunication, the current school's Principal understands it as Han-Soo cut the ex-Principal, not the car's body. His mother, who comes to see him off, only adds to the confusion. She openly expresses her dissatisfaction about why her son let the ex-Principal off so easily.

Things don't go smoothly for Han-Soo in the new school. Almost everyone in the school, from the school's gang-leader 'Baek Sung-Gi' (played by Lee Jeong) to class representative and boxer 'Han Min-Joo' (played by Yoon Eun-Hye) to a teacher 'Go Min-Sik' (played by Jeong Jun-Ha), challenge him to a duel, which he tactfully avoids. Everyone thinks he is the Legendary 7 Cutter. His classmates are scared of him, especially the boy named Pyo Jung-Sik (played by Joo Ho), who sits next to him and nobody responds to his friendly approaches, except teacher Kim Sun-Mi (played by Hyun Young). And teacher Go seems to have the hots for her so that makes things even more difficult for Han-Soo. 

In the meanwhile, Han-Soo and Min-Joo start seeing each other. Though it started with a misunderstanding, Han-Soo gradually starts feeling for Min-Joo. Your lips will automatically curl up whenever the dominating Min-Joo and the timid Han-Soo are together on the screen. Also, Han-Soo becomes good friends with Jung-Sik, and Sung-Gi and his gang. Their friendship is one of the highlights of the movie.

There are also many disgusting but hilarious moments in the movie that are going to make you say eww but at the same time tickle your funny bone.

Now, to tell about the Legendary 7 Cutter, who leaves a mark that's 7 cm long on his victims' bodies? I guess I already told everything there is to it. If you want to know who exactly this 7 Cutter guy is and how the legend started then you better watch the movie. It is definitely the most interesting part of this movie.

And one thing that shouldn't go unmentioned is Yoon Eun-Hye. My personal opinion - I think she is neither good-looking nor a good actor, but the role of a non-glamourous and awkward person suited her well. It would have been such a turn off if she was portrayed as a glamorous person where every guy was chasing her.

This movie was released in 2006, but Jae-mo Ahn, who was 27 at that time, has pulled off the role of a high-schooler very nicely. 

All in all, it is definitely worth watching. I wouldn't HIGHLY recommend it though.

Drama Review - City Hall

These days I have come to realize that I enjoy watching the old Korean dramas (even 5 years old are good) instead of the new ones. Just imagining sitting through the 20 odd episodes of one of the dramas that are being aired these days gives me goosebumps and sends chills down my spine. Anyway, when I started watching City Hall and was through few episodes, I was really glad that I was watching it. The first few episodes, to be precise 9 episodes, were humorous and went like a breeze. They kinda dragged the drama after that.

The drama 'City Hall' is about Shin Mi-Rae (played by Kim Sun-A), a low ranked officer at the City Hall who spends her days making coffee for her superiors and colleagues. She understands everyone's taste very well and makes the best coffee ever. She comes across as a gullible person in the beginning, but transforms gradually as the story progresses, the change is not dramatic so it is quite a make-believe type.

Dumped by her previous boyfriend, she is paying off his debts, but it is too big an amount for a low ranked salaried person like her to manage all by herself. Opportunity knocks in the form of a local beauty pageant and that's when Jo Kuk (played by Cha Seung-Won) comes into picture. He is a young, ambitious politician newly transferred to Inju as Deputy Mayor who has come to countryside to execute certain distasteful schemes weaved by BB (played by Choi Il-Hwa). BB is a political giant, and Jo Kuk is his illegal son and rumored successor.

A hardworking Shin Mi-Rae wins the pageant but doesn't receive the prize money. Defeated and wounded, she decides to fight against the injustice done to her, and with Jo Kuk and Lee Jeong-Do's (played by Lee Hyeong-Cheol) help, she exposes the crimes of the Mayor. In the meanwhile, she starts developing feelings for Jo Kuk, who responds to her feelings in strange ways. They are using one another most of the times but still have each other's backs.

Later, she is forced to compete in election and even wins. However, she gradually gets sucked into bad politics but you still see her dutifully struggling to fulfill her responsibilities as the city's Mayor. Sometimes, things go right and sometimes, they don't. Few of her friends stand by her side until the end and others backstab her in between the journey and some of her enemies become her friends. Somehow, she persists.

Go Go-Hae (played by Yoon Se-Ah) is Jo Kuk's fiancée and she not only brings in glamour element into the drama but also makes things interesting between Jo Kuk and Shin Mi-Rae. If not for her, their love story would have been just another clichéd drama. Err…it was still clichéd. Anyway, the way Jo Kuk deals with Go-Hae is impressive. He doesn't just dump her after developing feelings for Shin Mi-Rae, he gives Go-Hae time to protect her pride. He even makes Shin Mi-Rae understand Go-Hae's situation when she complains that he is two-timing. He deserves a salute for this. Oh, one more thing. He is the only guy who handled almost every situation like a responsible adult should.

Min Ju-Hwa (played by Chu Sang Mi) is another important character in the drama. Though evil, she adds comic element into the story. Also, her marriage, her ambitions and her influence in the City Hall play a very important role in the story.

I also liked Jung Boo-Mi (played by Jung Soo-Young) who is Shin Mi-Rae's friend, and Ha Su-In (played by Lee Jun-Hyuk) who is Jo Kuk's secretary and also BB's spy roles. They had decent screen space and they played their really well, well enough to leave an impact.

One thing that I hated the most in the drama (other than the clichés) was Shin Mi-Rae trying to act cute in front of almost everyone. At first, it was tolerable, even cute at times, but it got really annoying after a point of time. Why, in dramas, only women who behave like idiots win hearts of most desirable men?

All in all, the drama was watchable, but the second half was as boring as the first half was interesting. And the clichés didn't help much. I have started to believe that I will soon be able to guess every next scene before it is played.


So, another ‘DANGER’ous video is out. BTS has grown up. After telling us so much about student life- how parents and teachers do not allow us to live our dreams, and how you fall in love at school; BTS has shifted to frustrations of half-hearted relationships.

The music video starts with BTS taking out their frustrations. Rap Monster is tearing pages writing something, J-Hope is dancing, Junkook is playing the piano, V is looking at his long tresses, Jin is giving angry glares, Suga is playing basketball and Jimin is boxing to take his anger out. Then, the song starts with some bang-on music. Junkook takes the center stage and they all start dancing.

The lyrics and the song totally match each other. The frustration is shown from the beginning of the song and continues throughout the video and the song. Lines like “Why do you push off expressing your feelings like pushing off homework?“ express their anger. They are simply pissed off with the girl and her treatment meted out with them. Even though they are in a relationship, it seems that they are forced into it and what irritates them more is the way she is behaving. The flow of the song and lyrics is very natural. The powerful chorus clearly states that the girl should stop testing them now, stop confusing them and she is in danger now- probably the danger of breaking up.

To comment on the dance, it is really powerful. J-Hope and V give their best in their dancing. Rappers Suga, Rap Monster and J-Hope all get a paragraph to rap on. The maknaes Jimin and Junkook manage the vocals and the dance and also their parts of the rap beautifully. The dance is so crisp and it’s exactly to the beat. Good looks and cool facial expressions are a part of the dance. The neck rubbing just when the chorus starts is crazily sexy.

But there is something that severely disappoints me here is the fact that Jin and V got very few lines to sing. V still got enough screen time which Jin did not get. I personally love BTS but I really got angry over this (more because Jin is my bias).

I love the song, the dance, the music, the looks, the lyrics and everything about it, except for that one thing I mentioned earlier. I would recommend all of you to download the album. All the songs, including Danger, they are just too good.


“SHINee’s Back” is not what I will say. It is Taemin who is back, this time with his rocking, super- hit solo album ACE. Taemin’s comeback was like a huge surprise to all Shawols. Who knew that our cute, little maknae would come out with all sexy looks and a total make-over? The teaser that SM had released was actually sexy and hot enough to tease me and make me restless and finally the music video released.

The song- Danger, is a really upbeat song and mind you, it’s totally catchy. He has really improved as a singer, after only dancing all these years. And speaking of the dance- there isn’t a flaw in it. Ian Eastwood has done a great job in choreographing this song and Taemin too should be given credits to have learnt it perfectly. I love the dance. Not only Taemin, even the back-up dancers will mesmerize you. Every beat of the song has a step to it. Taemin flaunts his beautiful body in the music video swooning fangirls and also boys. The costume and make-up is nice. I really love the smoky make-up.

It has a little Lucifer kind-off feel, the walk and the expressions tell that. He adds grace with his looks and power with his dance to the song. The whispers and the high notes, both are perfect. He has proven himself as a singer, too. He is giving good competition to his vocalist hyungs.

All this was about the song and dance, but I did not understand the meaning of the song nor did I understand its connection with the music video. When I read the lyrics, it seemed that Taemin is either a ghost or a vampire and he wants to steal the girl away, and show her what he actually is. After reading the lyrics, I think that the music video could have added something vampire-ish or some elements of horror, connecting it with the song.

The music video by itself is good and the song is very addictive. Taemin looks handsome, sexy, hot and what not (I fell short of adjectives). The dance is too good. Taemin has risen SHINee’s name further, just like his hyungs who leave a mark with everything they do.


YG finally got another boy group after Big Bang and immediately the expectations shot up. Winner, according to me, stood up to all expectations. Personally, I love the song. It is a nice hip-hop song sung in the form of a ballad, with lots of rap and a beautiful and catchy chorus.

As the song’s name tell us, it’s about the emptiness felt by the members who have just broken up with their girlfriend. The song and the lyrics have a very natural feeling. It tells us about how empty they feel when they forcefully wake up, how the bed is so wide, and they do not want the time they had with their girl to become a memory. They want to start over again. It tells us what all people go through and how they feel after a break-up. The setting is also perfect for the song, all empty and broken places. They are still waiting for her to return. One member is seen running on the street, one sitting in an old, isolated theatre, another one waiting for the girl with folded hands, one member is sitting in a room full of broken washing machines, giving us the perfect feel of the song. Even their expressions were good.

They are a talented bunch of boys, most of them being composers. We have Kang Seungyoon the leader, Jin Woo the vocalist, Lee Seunghoon, the rapper and a composer, Sang Mino- rapper, and Taehyun, the vocalist.

There is no dance in the song, but still the music video feels very complete. It has a perfect balance of rap and singing. For first timers, their debut is perfect and they have actually stood to what has been expected of them. The song will be stuck in your head for a long time. Winner surely chose a different path, and are successfully walking on it. I hope they show some of their dancing skills soon.

Movie Review - Yes Or No 2

Read the review of Yes or No 1 here.

There are ups and there are downs in every relationship, but only true love passes the test of time. The movie Yes or No 2 is a journey of a love that is put to test over the years. It is a story of a love that is tried but comes out with flying colors.

Pie (played by Sucharat Manaying) and Kim (played by Supanart Jittaleela) have been in a relationship for three years now. They are all grown up and ready to venture into the real world. They are looking for a place to do their internships – all together – Pie, Kim and Puey. But Kim is interested in agriculture unlike Pie who wants to work in a fishery, so they both go different ways…of course not willingly. Pie is scared to send Kim away because she knows for sure that girls will get charmed by Kim's kindness.

I bet insecurities have ruined more relationships than anything else. And when a third person gets involved, it becomes worse. Like one of the characters in the movie says, problem between two people isn't scary but the third party is. Yam (played by Apittha Klay-udom) makes Kim and Pie's love-story interesting by introducing a triangle.

Yam is actually sweet, sweeter than Pie and at one point of time in the movie, you will think she will keep Kim happier, but love isn't all about happiness. It is about what you willingly endure to just be with someone your heart beats for. Kim strayed for a while because of her difference with Pie and went to Yum, but she soon realizes her heart truly belongs to Pie. And even Yum gives up on her first love and decides to be only friends with Kim.

In this movie, it's not just insecurities and a third person, but distance also causes problems. If Kim and Pie had lived somewhere closer, if they could talk more frequently, Kim's heart wouldn't have wavered. Or maybe not.

I realized another thing after watching the movie, that is, relationships happen not only because of our feelings but also timing. Kim may have fallen in love with Yum if they had met first. Or maybe not. Kim may be attracted to self-centered and bossy girls like she mentions at the end of the movie. But it will certainly make you wonder whether Yam would have had a chance with Kim if she had met her before Pie did.

Unlike Yes or No 1, this movie wasn't made to send any powerful message about LGBT community. It's just another movie where it didn't matter whether Kim was a girl or a boy. However, it is definitely worth watching. Re-watching, too.

Movie review - Yes or No

Love sees no colour, no age, no face and no sex, love sees heart – your heart and the heart of the person you fall for. If you feel butterflies in your stomach when you think of that person, if the feeling of being in love with that person makes you feel weightless like jellyfishes floating in the water then you will fight against the world and its norms for him/her.

This movie is based on similar concept. When Pie (played by Sucharat Manaying) changes her room because she couldn’t deal with a bisexual roommate Jane (played by Arisara Tongborisuth), she ends up living with a tomboy Kim (payed by Supanart Jittaleela). At first Kim denies that she is a tomboy as she doesn’t know it herself. She has never felt for either boys or girls so she says she cannot be sure. She tries to make Pie understand that there is more to her than her tomboy looks and in the meanwhile, they get closer and become good friends. Pie who had drawn clear boundaries in the beginning, breaks them and that’s when they start developing feelings for each other.

However, Pie’s mom is against ‘abnormal’ sexuality and thinking it may disappoint her, Pie reject her feelings for Kim in front of her mother. A dejected Kim goes back to her village. But in the end, true love wins. It had to.

Be it P’Van, who likes Pie and chases her a bit making Kim jealous or Jane, who likes Kim and unknowingly causes trouble between them only add to the cuteness of this love-story. This movie is overloaded with cuteness. When Kim cooks in an electric cooker and shares the food with Pie, when Kim farts and Pie says she doesn't mind, when Kim hugs Pie on the sight of cockroach or in darkness, when Kim and Pie play with shadows in the candlelight - there are too many instances which will literally make you go 'aww!'

Usually, movies based on different sexuality are overloaded with adult scenes. Movies portray LGBT community as highly sexually active group. This may be true, they may feel more sexual urges than straight people, I wouldn’t know, but I am sure there is more to them than just sex. Where most of the movies fail to show them as normal people, this movie earns a brownie point, because it shows the truth, it tells us that people from LGBT community are as normal as us, maybe different but normal. 

Now, to tell about the actors, Supanart is drool-worthy. She is that perfect flower-boy every girl dreams of. And even Sucharat pulls off a narcissist and difficult to be friends with girl's role extremely well. They share a very beautiful chemistry on screen.

All in all, it is a movie worth watching.

Korean Drama Review - You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful – with the Korean title: Minami Shineyo meaning pretty boy you – is also a play of words as the lead’s name in the drama is “Go Mi Nam”.

The story involves a then famous theme of a girl cross-dressing and entering a famous boy band as the fourth singer, while her twin brother quietly recovers from a corrective surgery.

Go Mi Nyu (Played by Park Shin Hye), who is also known as Gemma is an orphan girl, who along with her brother (the original Go Mi Nam) is brought up in a convent. Upon growing up, unlike her brother who has big plans of achieving fame, she had decided to become a nun. The story begins with her brother’s agent coming to find her, begging her to act as her brother for a short while, until he recovers. She agrees to do so, so she could help her brother and use the opportunity to find her lost mother.

After a quick audition, she becomes a part of A.N.Jell, a popular boy band. The band consists of 3 others: the lead singer – the prickly picky Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Seok), the soft guitarist Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa from the real band C.N.Blue) and the funny sweet Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki – from the real band F.T.Island).

Initially, the group (all except the soft Shin Woo) is not happy with a stranger who is admittedly quirky joining their group. Especially, the neat freak Tae Kyung. She even causes some unfortunate accidents that not just gets to the group members, but tons of fans of the original 3 member A.N.Jell who are skeptical about the new member. To make things worse, Tae Kyung figures out within the first week that she’s an imposter pretending to be a boy. He confronts her, calls her out and asks her to leave. Saying she has to protect her brother, she gets a probation period. During which Go Mi Nam gets into a serious hunt for her mother, to find out that her mother had already passed away. At the end of the first concert, she’s proves her worth as a singer and Tae Kyung decides to let her stay for a little longer – even convincing her that she should stay for her brother, when she is heartbroken from the news of her mother.

Jeremy also warms up to her and accepts her as one of their own.
Enter national fairy Yoo He Yi (UEE) who thinks being in a relationship with Tae Kyung will increase her fame, who also ends up starting a fake relationship with Tae Kyung. And also enters Go Mi Nam’s aunt into the group’s dorm, leading Go Mi Nam to beg Tae Jyung into accepting to share a room with her, as he is the only one who knows – there starts a lot of makjang hijinks. Throw into this mix the fact that Shin Woo had figured out from the beginning that she is a girl, and decides to watch the fun, and has developed feelings for her in the process. And Jeremy developing feelings for her even without knowing that she isn’t a boy!

The snoopy reporter who just had to be in this story is of course looking for the story behind the secret he is sure he can smell.

Tae Kyung invariably and without a choice, turns out to be her saving knight which leads both of them to start having feelings for each other. Of course, a girl who was about to become a nun is very clumsy about it and is more than happy being allowed to be a fan and like him. And a conceited guy with mommy issues is really bad at liking someone. But he still comes through as sweet when gets her a hair pin, and at the numerous incidents that he always goes out of his way to save her, even if he complains his way through it – you can see the guy is really worried and actually likes being there for her, which is nice.

So all 3 boys like the girl. I guess if you keep a bunch of healthy guys with a huge female fan base away from any actual girl’s contact, they are all going to go into hormonal overdrive when a girl comes into their group.

There is the melodramatic edge brought in with the complicated history between Tae Kyun’s mom and Go Mi Nam’s dead father. I quite liked that twist in the story, which saved it from being an overly makjang and mindless boyband drama.

The real Go Mi Nam returns in time, after the lead couple have had some sweet time together, followed by the angry separation. At the end, all is wrapped up neatly with a bow after a believably dramatic climax.

The romance is sweet and childish, though there is a marked lack of chemistry. As much as I loved and still love this drama, I would have really liked it much more if they had shown some sort of character development at least for the leads. Till the very end, Tae Kyung is an occasionally sensitive but completely conceited and all about himself guy, except for a brief part in the last few episodes. And Go Mi Nyu is the submissive overly grateful girl who comes off as someone with a strong inferiority complex.

But at the end of the day, overall, this drama is an easy watch with many hilariously well timed moments. There is gentleness and sweetness, there is also the clichéd nice male second lead and an evil female second lead. There are also many other characters who have been written with a heart. The music score is wonderful. All the 4 leads have made brilliant contributions to the OSTs. Even though the lead chemistry might be lacking, there is a friendship and cohesiveness within A.N.Jell that one can feel which makes the watcher root for them invariably.

Definitely worth giving it a shot.


SM released their new girl band, Red Velvet. When I saw the teasers, well…I did not know what to say about it. Either SM was trying something new or had run out of all the sexy stuff they showed us all these years. When did they start making environment related videos?

I did not see the video for 20 days after its release. I just did not want to, thanks to wildlife promoting teasers. I again came across the video while watching SM rookies and for the first time I saw the video. All the groups in SM were promoting them so much, why not watch it? I gave it a try.

And I was thankfully impressed. Not much with the video, but the song, yes. The song is actually really good. I played it on loop for like 5 to 7 times back to back. It was really impressive. The song is really addictive. Every time the chorus comes, you go…lalalalalala Happiness. The music video has got a lot and lot of graphics. The girls are wearing cheer-leaders’ dresses with some other weird stuffs. I did not like the costumes at all. They were either glittery or looked simply stupid. The costume was just bad.

Another thing I did not like at all was the dance. It was plain bad. After watching Irene and Seulgi dance so sexily, I had never expected such a tardy dance for this song.

What I liked about the song was the lyrics. In the song they are giving us a direct message, that we should all be happy. We should not worry about the money and power and work diligently. We should not worry about our past or the future. We should have fun and live life to the fullest. The song has a very optimistic view and so is the tune. One last thing I liked about the girls was their hair. It was nice and the fact each had a different color - it suited them well. Overall the girls are really talented singers and dancers.

I hope SM utilizes them well.


This video and song is one of the best that I have seen and heard. I don’t know whether I should call the video beautiful or scary or creepy, but the video is great.

The video starts with Leo sketching a dress for his dearest girlfriend and suddenly she takes the paper away, running about in the room. Initially Leo plays around with her, but then something flashes in his head, he gets angry and snatches away the paper. She quietly backs off and sits on the bed, Leo too is upset. Next we see that the girl sees the dress that he has been making for her, but she also notices a box of pills lying on the floor. She is curious and suspicious. Going around further she sees a box. She is about to open it when Leo comes out of the blue. The girl then goes back to the dress, and she is all elated about it.

Then we see that Leo is not very intimate with the girl. He tries to touch her, but refrains. He again imagines her liking that dress. The girl then takes his hand puts it on her cheeks. She wants him to love her, but he isn’t doing that. We see a frustrated Leo, messing all her photos on the table, with a new dress in his sketch. He is imagining a future with her, but he does not want to. We are then shown Leo’s past. We see they were in love and he had made that maroon gown for her. But before he could propose her and gift it to her, she leaves him. Leo had fallen asleep on the table and scared that this might happen again, he throws around his things. His girlfriend comes to him and hugs him. And then we see a scary look in his eyes. He knows what he has to do now.

In the end, we see Leo in his room, his job done, his dress also ready. He goes inside and touches the girl, like he never did. She is dead. He is holding a jar, with the girl’s heart inside it. He goes and opens a cupboard, and there are stuff like her photos, her letters, preserved and in the centre he places the heart. Next scene, we see the girl has been used a mannequin and she is wearing the dress that he made for her, touching her and loving her body. He had killed her. The pills were at work. He had loved her to death.
The real meaning of the music video comes out when you get the meaning of the song. The song has a conversational style. Leo and Lyn are conversing in the song, Leo avoiding the girl because he knows he might end up killing her if he falls in love. But the girl tells him that he is lying and tells him to continue to love her. In the last part of the song Leo sings that he won’t lose her again. He has already killed her, so now she forever belongs to him.

The song is simply beautiful. It is simple and good and one you will get hooked to immediately. Leo’s acting is good, no flows at all. That intense look of his suits the role perfectly. In the end, that gaze of his….I fell for it totally. It was evil, it was sexy….too much to handle for my fellow Starlights.

Wrapping this review up, it is the most impressive video and addicting ballad I have ever seen and heard. All of you should watch it once for sure. And then you can watch it several times in a day like I do.

Movie Review - Love at 4 Size

This movie contains 4 different stories that climaxes at or around Big Mountain Music Festival.

1st story: Fon & Boat
This is mostly hormones at work. Friends encourage Boat to hit on the prettiest girl ‘Fon’ in the school. Carried away by their goading, he takes her number and invites her on a date. He's obviously got the hots for her and the entire time they spend together, she does everything possible to amp it. She plays him first and then leaves him naked and cold in the middle of nowhere. After deserting him, she goes to Big Mountain Music Festival along with her friends in his car.

2nd story: Pla & Bright
Here’s another handsome boy Bright who can sweep any girl off her feet. He appears in front of Pla out of the blue and charms her. If you are a girl, their relationship and the way Bright treats Pla will make you burn with envy. It doesn’t last long though. Bright goes abroad and their ‘long distance’ relationship starts falling apart, still Pla waits patiently. One day, she accidently bumps into him in a café. Seeing him with another girl breaks her heart, yet she doesn’t confronts him. She waits until he comes back by himself. That’s when she takes her revenge. At the Big Mountain Music Festival, you will see her sister cheering Pla.

3rd story: Hatai & Yo
This is the cutest and my favorite story in the movie and is about two dance students who are going through rough times because of insecurities. It is not unusual to feel some insecurity in a relationship, but it is better to resolve problems by talking and being honest with each other than trying to get back at one another. Hatai does exactly that. To spite Yo, she pretends to be interested in random guys. However, they make up at Big Mountain Music Festival.

4th story: Yok & Eua
Yok and Eua are best friends. One day, Eua confesses that she thinks of Yok as more than a friend and after that they become a couple. Next day, they go on a date and spend the best day of their lives, perhaps just the best day of Eua’s life (in her words). Though it was Eua who proposed first, Yok makes every effort to make their relationship work but it still fails because Eua don’t seem to be enthusiastic at all. When he realizes she isn’t happy in the relationship, he suggests they break up and just be friends. Then, they go to Big Mountain Music Festival together.

It was a good watch. It’s a movie you can return to if you are having a hard time in your relationship. It will definitely cheer you up because you will realise that you are not alone.

MV Review- Infinite's BACK

When Last Romeo released, both the album and the music video, I was miserably disappointed by it. I personally did not like any of the songs, nor the video. But they promised another music video soon and a song, too, accompanying it was an interesting badass teaser.

The music video released and I immediately got hooked to the song, and also the music video. It was like a breath of fresh air, Infinite was back to its top notch music and music videos. Now, it is my favorite Infinte song and also music video until date.

With orchestral music accompanying Sungyu’s voice and then Hoya and Woohyun’s, I loved the way the song started. With each line they sang, an instrument was added. I personally love this type of music. Then, the video starts playing. Infinite’s dear friend has been kidnapped by goons and they are there to save her. The song starts slowly and then takes up an upbeat and powerful tune.  

The touch of violin in the chorus and the verses make it very melodious. The song gets stuck in your head unlike Last Romeo. The lyrics are equally beautiful, whose meaning flourishes even more after watching the video. The girl is their life and they don’t want to lose her. It’s beautiful. Their dance is as usual, the best and top-notch. I love it when in the beginning Hoya dances. With a powerful beat to the song, even he dances with equal power.

Coming to the music video, half of Infinite are talented actors. They generally either are fighting or are gazing at the camera, showing their passion to save their beloved friend. Although their acting was good, the fight scenes somehow felt incomplete. I could anticipate the movements of the goons. The girl in the MV, a very talented child actress, did her job well.

I think Infinite brought back their standards with BACK, compared to Last Romeo. 

You can watch the video here:

Movie Review - I am Ichihashi - Journal of a Murderer

Tatsuya Ichihashi (played by Dean Fujioka and Jyo Hyuga) was one of the most sought after fugitives for killing a British born English teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker in 2007. This movie is a work of fiction based on the same incident. Actually, it is not about the incident itself but how Ichihashi survives two and a half years on the run. You could call the movie a journal or just a confession.

Ichihashi admits that he raped and strangled Miss Hawker, but also says he never intended to kill her. Anyway, when the police show up at his apartment, he somehow escapes on foot. By running away (according to him), all he accomplished was change where he died. Later, police discover Miss Hawker’s dead body in a bath full of sand.

Ichihashi changes his name to Inoue, Ueshima and Ueda and lives across the country doing odd jobs, saving money to get plastic surgeries. He even eats off dustbins sometimes. However, he keeps in touch with his past through a radio that he always carries with him. He never miss listening to news related to Miss Hawker’s murder case. He listens to the pleas of her parents and attempts that police are making to track the murderer down, but he never for once considers surrendering. His strong desire to live even take him to Oha Island where he lives in solitary for as long as he could.

The entire movie is a battle of minds between Ichihashi before and after plastic surgeries. Ichihashi (before surgery) confronts Ichihashi (after surgery) and makes him realise what he has done wrong. Though he had been alluding authorities, he had always been captive of his own mind and guilt that drives him to the edge of sanity until he surrenders.

Here’s Ichihashi’s confession:
Changing my name was easy.
Changing my face was easy, too.
And so was getting away.
But…I’ve been on run from myself.
I couldn’t get away from myself.

Dean Fujioka is not only a hottie, but a very good actor. You actually start feeling sorry for the murderer, that’s how good he has played the role. You will think, if only he hadn’t killed her, he wouldn’t be in so much pain. They don’t show either the murder or the victim in the movie, maybe that’s one of the reasons why you cannot empathize with the victim. Anyway, it is definitely a movie worth watching.

Movie Review - Jenny, Juno

Commitments and relationships are such complex things to handle even when you are in your 30s and 40s. Flings are fun, but everyone thinks a thousand times before getting into a committed relationship. However, Jenny (played by Park Min-Ji) and Juno (played by Kim Hye-Seong) in this movie break this monotony and decide to stay by each other’s side when they are only 15.

One day, Jenny announces her pregnancy to Juno. Yes, that’s what she does. Out of the blue she walks into his classroom and drags him to the terrace with her and tells him she is pregnant. They had had sex only once. Hormones at work, you see. But she gets pregnant anyway and they had to deal with it.

At first, they both get scared and even consider abortion. They visit a clinic, too. But they couldn’t bring themselves to go through abortion. After that Juno promises to take care of Jenny come hell or high water. He tricks his parents into increasing his pocket money so that he can buy her food and fulfill her petty needs, he even steals from the fridge. He takes her on dates and does everything a gonna-be father does for a gonna-be mother and his yet-to-be-born child. Also, he doesn’t let his parents spend time alone after overhearing their plan of having another child. In his words, he didn’t want to complicate the family tree.

Things starts making noise after everybody learns about Jenny’s condition. Of course, they couldn’t have kept it a secret forever. Pregnancy is not something you can just hide even if you wanted. Juno takes responsibility like a gentleman and talks to Jenny’s mother first. Later, both their parents meet to decide what should be their next step. Even during that time, Jenny and Juno stand by each other’s side, never showing any weakness that adults may exploit to separate them. They displayed such courage and strong resolution that it stirred strong emotions in me as well.

The way everyone deals with the problem, be it Jenny and Juno or their parents and friends, is what makes this movie worth watching. Though the concept is heavy, I found the movie to be light and feel-good types. It was really admirable how Juno stood by his love throughout the movie, not even for a moment he thought of abandoning her. Even when she threw tantrums, made him run to and fro their houses at the middle of the night, he bore everything for the love of her and the yet-to-be-born child. I know it sounds like a fairy-tale, but I guess that's what the makers of the movie had meant it to be.

Drama Review - The Master’s Sun

There is a ‘big sun’ and then there is a ‘small sun’ in the drama. ‘Big Sun’ Kong-Shil (played by Kong Hyo-Jin) and ‘Small Sun’ Yi-Ryung (played by Kim Yoo-Ri) had been rivals during their schools days and they continue the same through the show, however this is just one of the highlights of this drama and the story is not about their rivalry but how ‘big sun’ shines so brightly that she attracts darkness and is gradually consumed by them.

Kong-Shil can see ghosts. Ever since the accident after which she was in a coma for three years, they seek her to get their unfulfilled wishes granted like communicating few last messages to their families, passing information to the ones left behind and even having coffee or boozing to their heart’s content. 

One fortunate day, she bumps into ‘Master’ Joo Joong-Won (played by So Ji-Sub), who has this ability to make the ghosts go away with just one touch and she even shares a spark with him. Kong-Shil who had enough of ghosts, clings to him so she can live a normal life like others, get some sleep and carry on doing things that normal people do. He pushes her away in the beginning but once he finds a use for her, he keeps her by his side. It fits into his calculations.

A teenager Joong-Won was kidnapped by the girl he loved and his family loses about ten million worth necklace in the ordeal. He also loses the girl in a car accident right after the kidnap. The entire incident traumatizes him to such extent that he loses his ability to read. He becomes cocky and calculative after that. Anyway, the girl’s ghost continues watching over him for some reason but he learns about it only after he meets Kong-Shil. Initially he doubts Kong-Shil but he had to accept later when the ghost shares few things that only he and his girlfriend knew about. He then decides to use Kong-Shil to get back the necklace he had lost in the past and also catch the co-conspirator.

Meanwhile, Kong-Shil and Joong-Won work together to get rid of the ghosts causing problem to ‘Kingdom’ – the chain of shopping malls that Joong-Won owns and in the process get closer to each other. There are so many funny moments and also tearjerkers in the drama. Through Kang-Woo (Seo In-Guk), they even introduced a love quadrangle into the story, but the love angles made the story lighter than making it emotional and dramatic. The way Kang-Woo and Yi-Ryung deal with their unrequited loves is one of the good-things about the drama to me.

It goes without saying that this drama is full of clichés, but I could still sit through it and laugh at times and be awed at certain places, so you can give it a try. You may actually like it better than I did (or may not).

Movie Review - Hot Young Blood

Do you like teenage movies? Then you should definitely watch this one. Though it is just another teenage drama, it has a few pieces of school life, true love, sex and sundries, which makes the movie extremely clichéd but entertaining enough to watch it once.

The story is about a tomboy (Park Bo-Young as Young-Sook) who can beat the shit out of anyone – girl and boy alike, a Lolita (Lee Se-Young as So-Hee) who is every guy’s dream and then a handsome boy (Lee Jong-Suk as Joong-Gil) who can sweep any girl off her feet.

Young-Sook develops an interest in Joong-Gil and communicates her feelings to him, but he is not keen on accepting them because he is scared of Gwang-Sik, a wannabe gangster who goes around beating up people for no particular reason. You see, there is a misunderstanding that Young-Sook and Gwang-Sik are an item, however, Young-Sook considers him as nothing more than her acquaintance. Oh, and Gwang-Sik is head-over-heels for Young-Sook and hates Joong-Gil to the core as he thinks Joong-Gil is the reason why his sister ran away.

Anyway, Joong-Gil is a jerk and plays with girls’ emotions just to get laid, so you don’t really feel sorry when he gets beaten up. It seems he wants to sleep with all the girls from his batch. He has a group picture of them and marks girls whomsoever he is done with. He even manages to bed the class representative. The very sight of him will make you want to slap him, but he had to change in the end and so he does.

Young-Sook is extremely strong (like I mentioned earlier she can beat the shit out of anybody), but in real she is just a little girl trying to deal with daddy issues, mommy issues and love matters. Your heart will reach out for her as the story proceeds.

At first, So-Hee seems like an outsider who is not opening up to others because she is either being cautious or is an introvert. After Joong-Gil does some chasing, she gives in and before you can make an opinion about her, you see her for who she really is. From the girl who could have ended up as another one of Joong-Gil’s victims, she teaches him that girls come in all varieties. After Gwang-Sik and Joong-Gil, you would want to puncture her face.

So, basically, the movie is all about whether Joong-Gil ends up with Young-Sik or So-Hee, and whichever of them he ends up with, what the journey holds for him.

They tried to introduce comic factor using characters like teacher Na-Young and Jong-Pal, but they failed even there. You definitely won’t hate the movie outright but it also gives you no reason to love it. It is just a one-time-watch and feel-good movie.

Drama review- Nice Guy

The preview of this drama is very interesting: two cars clashing in the highway, it sure gained my interest. I generally don’t like watching revenge dramas and the only reason I watched this oneis because of Song Joong Ki.

The drama starts with Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) showing how intelligent he is and how he gives up his future and his sick sister for a person he loves. Then there is this rebellious girl Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), who is extremely dangerous to deal with and scares the freak out of you if you mess with her. They show how their lives are about to intervene.

6 years later, Kang Ma Roo is out of prison, totally jobless, with a sick sister to care of. He is in a flight where suddenly they need a doctor to treat a patient. First Ma Roo ignores the call, but then his friend forces him to go. When he goes to the patient, he sees his first love, the person for whom he gave up everything, Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon), married and with a child. The patient was SeoEunGi and Jae Hee claims herself to be her mother. Kang Ma Roo does an emergency treatment and leaves.

On the other side, we see SeoEunGi is leading a tough life due to her father and step-mother while she is trying to protect everything that is left of her real mother. Kang Ma Roo and SeoEunGi’s lives come together and he agrees to help her in taking revenge against Han Jae Hee.

But soon the circumstances change. Seo Eun Gi becomes a depressed person, tired of her life and when she just starts depending on Ma Roo, she finds him with Jae Hee. Eun Gi leaves for a trip, Ma Roo joins her. Eun Gi was driving home separately and then she has the mind to commit suicide. Ma Roo, who was coming from the other side, purposely bumps into her. A new chapter begins from here. In the second half, it is again about taking revenge, against the same person, just that the girl and boy’s characters have totally changed. They become opposites of each other.

The problem with the drama is the reason he wants to take revenge. The reason is stupid. No one gives up such a bright future, just to save a loved one.  Although the beginning is pretty lame, the storyline after that is pretty interesting and good. This drama is Song Joong Ki’s first drama as the main lead and he has acted well. He just simply comes out of his sweet and innocent cover. Moon Chae Won is good too. It seems as if her role has been played by two different persons, she is so contrasting in both her characters.
The ending disappointed me a bit. It could have been better, but I guess the director and the script-writer of the drama did not want to disappoint Joong Ki oppa’s fans.

This drama is a good watch, but you might want to rush through it in the latter half. If you watch dramas on a marathon basis, you can do it for this drama. You can’t completely leave it. I watched the drama in just 2 days but I finished it, by hook or by crook.