Drama Review - Her Lovely Heels

I will never understand women's fascination for shoes, but Ji-Hoo in the drama ‘Her Lovely Heels’ has every reason to love her heels. After all, she meets the love of her life while shopping for her first pair of high-heeled shoes.

A drool-worthy ‘Oh Tae-Soo’ whom she mistakes for a store manager turns out to be her colleague (senior), hence begins their love-story. At first, he pretends to not notice the ‘obvious’ hints she gives him, but it doesn’t take much to win his heart. With a little push from a friend, who keeps reminding him that it is high time they find someone and get settled, and few obstacles created by Lim Hanna (his manager and noona, who also happens to take an interest in him), he loses his heart to Ji-Hoo.

This drama is about Ji-Hoo, who is torn between a sore past and a new relationship in the making, and Tae-Soo’s transformation from someone who doesn’t really believe in love to someone who falls in love. And few other characters who look all important but hardly have any role to play.

There were only 10 episodes and each episode 20 mins long. It was a fast-paced and no nonsense ‘to the point’ kinda drama. I’m sure this show wouldn’t have been any more interesting if they had added a little drama to it. It wasn’t THAT interesting as it was either.

I’m definitely not recommending this drama, but I wouldn’t call it VERY bad, too. Watch it only if you absolutely don’t have anything else to watch. The best part is, you wouldn't be wasting too much time watching it because it gets over before you realise.

Movie Review- Miracle in Cell No. 7

Being an ardent Korean movie and drama lover, I want to start this blog by reviewing this movie- Miracle In Cell No. 7 ( Korean title translation- A Gift From Room No. 7).

A movie I got to know from EXO Showtime, it touched my heart the moment it started. With an awesome cast, the movie is about a mentally challenged father who gets arrested wrongfully for a murder and how all the other prisoners help him meet his daughter. It is a comedy, drama and a full-on tear-jerker.

Yong Goo(Ryoo Seung Ryong), the mentally challenged father, is sent to jail for a murder which he has not done, leaving his beloved daughter Ye Seung (Kal So Won) behind. He is put to cell no. 7, where he has 5 more inmates. He does them a favor, and he wishes to see his daughter. From here starts the fun in the movie, their ways of bringing her inside and how she changes everyone in that small room where her father is put into.

Although the beginning is sweet, after the interval, the story takes a very sad turn. You will be bound to cry a bucket full of tears, non-stop, but it is going to completely touch your heart. Sad, but it has a good and a beautiful end.

Ryoo Seung Ryong as the father, Kal So Won as the daughter, and Oh Dal Su, Kim Jung Tae, Park Won Sang, Jeung Man Sik and Kim Ki Cheon- the prisoners, have played their parts too well. Jung Jin Young as the unemotional police officer and Park Shin Hye as the grown-up daughter have also done a remarkable job.

There isn’t a moment in the movie which you won’t love. You are going to love it and enjoy it throughout. A must- watch for all ages. You are simply going to love it.