A while ago I was in a Korean movie spree. And the first movie I watched was Along with the Gods. I wasn’t really aware of the film, and then I am not very fond of fantasy films, till I got to know that EXO’s D.O. was acting in the movie. Till now I have pretty much watched all his projects, so obviously I could not miss this one.

Kim Ja Hong (Cha Tae Hyun) was a very brave fireman, who sacrificed his life trying to rescue a kid from a burning building. He was then escorted to the afterlife with Gang Rim(Ha Jung Woo), Haewonmak (Ju Ji Hoon) and Lee Deok Choon(Kim Hyang Gi). He would now be traveling for 49 days where his life would be evaluated by various Gods to see how well he had lived his life. This is kinda similar to Dante’s Inferno, as you see that there are 7 Gods. If he is found truthful, then Ja Hong will re-incarnate and so will the Gods that accompanied him.

I found the story very new. I have never seen a film like this. It is amazing (both the webtoon artist and the director) how they can make such an emotional and interesting movie out of such a simple plot.

More than anything else though, the thing that stands out the most in this movie is the special effects. The special effects is out of the world. I really wished I could see the movie in the theatres instead of sitting at home and watching it on my laptop. Please make sure you watch the movie in hd, and only then you can enjoy it.

Also one more thing I liked is how they connected the two worlds. There are certain scenes in the movie which of course needs to be explained in the real world, because however much it is happening in between the Gods, it is affecting the real world as well. The writers did not leave that out.

By the way- Do Kyungsoo comes much later in the movie and his role is really small. But he does leave a huge mark. His acting is always outstanding and I have truly no words for it. Other than him, the rest of the cast is top-notch and I am sure I have no right to comment on any of their acting, because all have done a great job and I have got no complaints at all.

What I did not like about the story was the fact that they have tried to make it a multiple genre film. They have added the story of the brother who was murdered and then Gang Rim looking for the person who killed him and then the story of the mother, trying to give it a touch of melodrama, but I would have really loved it if it focused only on one thing.

The movie is a really refreshing movie I would say. And soon there will be a sequel as well. I can see why this movie is one of Korea’s high grossing movies. It does deserve the fame, but it could have been better.

Kdrama review- MOTHER


Initially I did not want to watch this drama- reason being I am really bad with emotional stuff. On top of that I lost my mother last year. So I really felt reluctant. But then I went ahead with it after I got to know that it had been chosen for Cannes International Series Festival, so I decided to give it a try. Also it was another drama after Queen's Classroom that was being adapted in Korea.

Kang Soo Jin (Lee Bo Young) is a bird researcher who also has a part time job as a elementary school teacher. When she is about to leave for Iceland due to research purpose, she notices a child in her class Hye Na (Heo Yeol) being abused and  when delved deeper, it turns out she is also trying to protect her mother and her boyfriend from getting caught for abuse.

Finally when Hye Na’s mother, Shin Ja Young (Ko Seung Hee) wraps the girl in a plastic bag and leaves her on the street to die, is when Kang Soo Jin comes to rescue her and takes her with her, faking the girl’s death to avoid suspicion.

The drama starts of well, the first two episodes filling us with all the information we need to know about Hye Na and after that the run starts. In the middle the drama becomes boring- like around episode 4. It is when Lee Seol Ak (Son Seok Koo), the mother’s boyfriend starts looking for them- that is from episode 9. I was about to give up on the drama when they released the teaser for the next episode that I made sure I finish the whole thing.

After that episode, all actions in the drama have been explained, and all relationships are sorted and explained. The drama tells us what motherhood is really about. Just giving birth to a child doesn’t make you a mother, it is how you take care of the child. We meet different types of mothers. Kang Soo Jin herself has three mothers- her birth mother, the mother who adopted her, and the mother who took care of her when she was in foster care. Similarly Hye Na also has many mothers who take care of her throughout the journey.

For me this drama is one of the best dramas I have seen. It is hard to believe that this is Heo Yeol’s first drama, because her acting is top- notch. It is really hard to control your tears when she cries. Every project that Lee Bo Young does is of course a 10 on 10. Her acting is amazing and so is everyone else’s. You will be hating Seol Ak whole-heartedly as his role as a villain is outstanding, and somewhere, I pitied him as well.

But I would still give a small warning. This drama is an emotional roller-coaster. If you think you can control your emotions and handle scenes of abuse, separation and so on, only then you should watch this drama. It leaves a very heavy feeling, once you start watching.


Looking for a really good drama to watch? With an amazing cast, a fresh and good storyline Chicago Typewriter it is.

Chicago Typewriter is THE drama you need to watch immediately. I binged the whole thing in two days, it was that good.

Han Se Joo (Yu Ah In), a famous writer finds a typewriter with Korean alphabets when he goes abroad for a fansign event. Later the owner of the typewriter sends the typewriter to Han Se Joo, via parcel and the parcel is delivered by Han Se Joo's number one fan Jeon Seol(Lim Soo Jung). Soon Han Se Joon goes into a slump and  aghost writer comes to his rescue. First he thinks that the writer has been sent by his company, but later he realizes that the ghost writer is actually a ghost named Yoo Jin Oh(Go Kyung Pyo), who was trapped in the typewriter and has finally been freed. And then starts the saga of the present and past. Yoo Jin Oh brings together everyone he who has reincarnated in the present to find out the truth about how all of them died back then when they were under the Japanese rule. The only way they can find out about it is to write the whole story once again.

The drama lacks nothing. The drama looks a bit out of touch of reality and a few stupid things happen in the beginning, which seems senseless at the start, but they all are explained. The drama does cover a lot of themes, but it is the friendship that will touch all hearts in the drama. Not only the friendship in the past, but in the present as well. Love story is good as well, but it comes a lot later.

Kwak Si Yang as the villain, both in the past and the present, he has been amazing. The boy did rise an actor. I have got nothing to say about the other actors as all were flawless. Something to greatly look out for in this drama are the sets and the special effects as well. It is amazing how the writer of the drama made a connection between the past and the present beautifully and connected them together.

Every episode in this drama is to look out for. Not a single episode is boring, and all the episodes will keep you hooked to the drama and will make you watch the next episode like immediately (reason why I finished the whole thing in 2 days). This drama is 16 episodes of pure pleasure.

P.S- Yoo Ah In looks hella sexy in his Japanese guy avatar.

5 Thai Must watch BL Dramas

I have been a fan of yaoi since a long time. Fanfics that I read are also mostly yaoi as well. But more than everything else I love to watch Thai BL (Boy's Love) dramas. I have tried BL dramas from all over the world and honestly speaking, Thai dramas are the best. There are some American rip-off sorts too, but most that I have seen are forever etched in my heart and I would watch them once again. So here is a list of the 5 MUST- WATCH THAI BL dramas.


SOTUS the series- 
SOTUS was the second BL drama I watched after Addicted (Chinese BL), which was my first. I found this drama when a lot of BL fans started posting images of the leads, and I do not regret my decision to watch the drama. With a proper storyline and a beautiful cast with proper actors and a BL that hasn't been banned, it was a treat.

Based on a Thai internet novel written by BitterSweet having the same name- the story is about Arthit(Perawat Sangpotirat), a third year student in an Engineering college and his batch mates abuse their power over the juniors to make them follow and teach them the lesson of SOTUS (Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity and Spirit). Kongbop(Prachaya Ruangroj) was one of the first students who started protesting against the rules. Soon he realized his hatred towards Arthit had turned into respect and love.

Everything about the drama is perfect except for the story, which I think could have been slightly better. There are a lot of fangirl moments and two kiss scenes as well in the end of the drama. 

Make It Right the series-  
This is a high school drama with a very fresh story-line. It casts talented young actors and there are many couples, both straight and gay. 

Tee(Panichtamrong “Peak” Peemapol) and Fuse(Udompanich “Boom” Krittapak) were long time friends. One day Fuse finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him and hence he becomes sad and ends up drinking. He meets Tee after a long time in the drunk state and hence Tee ends up taking him home with him. Both get curious as to how does it feel to have sex with a guy and they end up having sex. After that it leads to the confusion whether they are in love or not. Fuse, to be honest, is the most confused character I have seen.

Apart from Tee and Fuse, there is another and a sweeter couple to check out and that is Frame (Chittsawangdee Pawat) and Book (Imerbpathom Sittiwat). Their relationship is too adorable.
The storyline, although fresh, is a bit messy, but then it doesn't bother much. Book and Frame make up for all of it.

2 Moons the series- 
2 Moons the series just got over and I am telling you, I am still suffering from End-Of-Drama syndrome. This drama was plain amazing. Amazing cast, jaw-dropping visuals, perfect acting and a perfect story-line.

Wayo(Pinnirat Suradej) gets admission into the same university as his high-school crush and long time love Phana(Thanit Itthipat). Phana is the present Campus Moon of the University and extremely famous. Wayo is put into a list of people to contest for the position of the next Campus Moon. Soon he gets to see Phana more and Phana starts teasing Wayo, which annoys him. But then their relationship takes a turn to the better. 

Apart from Phana and Wayo, there is another couple- Ming(Khemmonta Varodom) and Kit(Kerdthongtavee Panuwat), where Ming is Wayo's best friend and Kit hangs out with Phana. Ming starts crushing on Kit. In the beginning Kit hates it, the way Ming keeps bothering him, and forces himself on him, but then Kit gets used to it. Also we have Forth(Kreepolrerk Darvid) who crushes on cute Wayo for a while and Beam(Jarujittranon Tanapol), who is Kit and Phana's friend. 

This drama has a very clean story-line which is clear, without any twisted plots. The way the romance develops is also very beautiful. Phana's way of romance is going to make you cringe and although Wayo looks tiny and weak, he has a really strong character. There is a season 2 on the way with more of Forth-Beam and Ming-Kit, so all fans be on your toes.

Love Sick the series-S1 
Love Sick clearly tops the list of BL dramas that I have seen. Again, there is a mix of couples and relationships, but all of them have come out so beautifully, words cannot describe them.

Phun(Phumphothingam Nawat) has a girlfriend but his father wants him to date a girl who is his father's friend's daughter. Since his father is slightly weaker towards his sister, he tries to please his sister. Now his sister is a yaoi and BL fan, hence he decides to ask his friend Noh(Kongyingyong Chonlathorn) to help him out, in exchange for money for the school band. Noh agrees. First they start with pretending, which makes them closer as friends, and then love beautifully blossoms between them. 

This drama is hella adorable and serious when it is needed to be. It deals with the confusion the two have where they know well that they are straight, have girlfriends, but still have feelings for each other.

There are other straight couples and it also deals with other high school themes like self- esteem, false image and so on.

Love Sick the series- S2
Season 2 is longer and more detailed. We get to know more about Noh and Phun's relationship with their girlfriends. Phun's sister starts liking a guy who is paired with another guy in their school. We see how forced relationships work. Phun's girlfriend starts having affairs. We get to know how Noh and his girlfriend became a couple. More light is thrown on the straight couple where the guy improves as a person but the girl deteriorates. Then they also give a fair chance to the feminine guys in the school, breaking boundaries. Scamming, loyalty, money, friendship of course and many other things are the other themes in the drama. All the issues arised here are solved though.

This season has the ability to make you cry. Scenes where the boys break-up with their girlfriends is extremely heart breaking, although we want the guys to end up together. 

New characters are brought to the spotlight- Om(Napian Nanoob) and Mick(Thitipat Min) where Om is a possesive senior and Mick is a weak junior, and the two starts getting feelings for each other without even realizing. Then there is Earn(Luangsodsai Anupart), who falls for Noh's cute behaviour and ends up proposing him, but gets rejected.

This drama is a full package of everything bound in an amazing and interesting storyline. Although it has so many episodes, not a single episode will get you bored. The drama also gives a very important message, and that is we fall for a person for it's nature and not because of his or her sex.
Also it has an amazing track called Shake which have to listen to.

Special mention- 
Gay Ok Bangkok- which is a web series made to raise awareness for STDs. It gives out multiple messages about adult gay relationships and also STDs.

Kdrama review- DUEL

Sorry once again for the last annual post I made. So I am finally back. Thank you for the many followers we have on Facebook, and hence I promise from now on, I will be making regular posts.

So, here I am with a fresh kdrama review.

OCN made amazing thrillers this year. Duel is the third in the thriller series.

(Spoiler Alert)
So what is Duel about?
I am not much of a sci- fi person. I am really not fond of sci-fi and I avoid watching them. I tried watching Circle too, but did n't like it because it was sci fi. But I was amazed by this drama.

So Duel starts with Officer Jang Deuk Cheon(Jung Jae Young) losing his daughter Soo Young(Lee Na Yoon) while she was being sent to another hospital after her stem cell surgery. First Jang Deuk Cheon is led on, till he meets a person who looks the same as the one who kidnapped his daughter. He hits him, but the boy, Sung Joon(Yang Se Jong), tells it is not him and then they meet the boy who had kidnapped Soo Young. Both are shocked to see the two of them and consider them to be twins, but Sung Joon keeps denying. Sung Joon also tell that he has lost his memory.

Soon a set of murders happen which is seen to be done by Sung Hoon, Sung Joon's look-alike. Sung Hoon is looking for the medicines that will help him survive. Sung Joon and Deok Cheon join hands to solve the case and look for Soo Young.

As the drama progresses we realize that the boys aren't twins but clones of each other made from a third person. Not only the three look the same, they even share the memories of the person they were made from. While they search for Soo Young, they look for answers in the medical industry as to why the clones were made, where are the medicines and how to help Soo Young survive. Soon more people join the team, as Ryu Mi Rae tries to find her dead mother's belongings.

This drama was the first and best sci-fi that I have seen. First person you will be noticing in this drama is prosecutor Choi Jo Hye (Kim Jung Eun). She will be the person person you will start hating in this drama, but that only proves how good an actor she is.

Next person you will notice is Sung Joon. In the beginning, Yang Se Jong's acting is very weak. You can clearly see he is trying his best to have a normal conversation, where as he is acting well when he is being hit. On top of that he had three roles. But I tell you, Yang Se Jong will leave you speechless by the time you reach the drama ends. His acting improves rapidly in the drama. Sung Hoon's role is the best role he played ever. It was better than his role in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim even. And you are bound to fall for Sung Hoon, however much you don't like him.

Finally, I am aware many people started watching Duel after Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. Therefore those who have seen that drama will be aware of Seo Eun Su. There ain't any romantic relationships here, but strong bonds are seen and made.

Drama Review- Descendants of the Sun

Sorry for the long delay my readers- really, really sorry. I had been busy all of these months- totally stressed out with a lot ofthings. But, yes, I watched a lot of dramas and kept myself updated with a lot of music videos, but I did not get the time to update here.

So I came back with the review of the all time favorite drama- Descendants of the sun- the drama which became an epitome of workplace romance and made Song Joong Ki famous. So, let us delve into the drama more.

What is the drama about? The drama is a love story between a soldier and a doctor. A doctor, Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo)- who is very qualified, but after becoming a victim of hospital politics could not get a good position in the hospital. Her beauty came handy and she became the face of the hospital. She met Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) when they came to rescue another patient who had been bullied and was trying to escape his treatment. In the beginning Mo Yeon did not believe that Si Jin was in the army, but then after watching a video of them fighting- she becomes impressed and believes him. He also gets free treatment from her after that.

There is alos another love story between Seo Dae Yong ( Jin Goo) a teammate and best friends with Si Jin, who once loved Yoon Myeong Jun (Kim Ji Won), but was staying away from her, because of her father's orders.

Mo Yeon and Si Jin fall in love and then break up because of their jobs and then they meet again in Urk- a fictional place near Greece. A lot of things happen, incorporated with the romance to bring angst and to start the romance between them. And soon due to a major lack of story-line the drama becomes boring.

I, personally think that the drama is too overrated. It became such a hit because - 1. the cast, 2. the songs, 3. the locations, 4. the romance in the beginning.
The drama started really well, but since it was more based on incidents than on a story-line- when the events got over, there was nothing to look forward to.  One good thing the drama did though was to make Song Joong Ki famous- which should have happened a long time back.

Apart from the above- the action scenes and the shots taken in Greece are amazing. The sub-plot of Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won was good. And I have to mention Onew from SHINee and his acting skills. . He was so good. Apart from me being an emotional person- he really did a good job- but of course there is still place for improvement. The villain in the drama- David Lee McInis, played an amazing role as a villain. One of my favorite villains indeed.

The drama, if you really want to watch it, watch it just for Song Joong Ki, or for Onew or for Song Hye Kyo, maybe. But if you really want to give it a try- you can.

BTS MV Series- Young Forever, Fire and Save Me
BTS screws with you life every time it releases music videos. It surprises you not only physically but also mentally. So what did BTS bring for us this summer?

The first music video that BTS released was Young Forever. Well, Young Forever is supposed to be a song for the Army's which Suga had written, while thinking that they wpuld not be young forever and at some point of time, they would be losing their fans. The MV, though tells another story. It is again connected to I Need You, Run and the Prologue. The members are forgiving themselves and are trying to move on from their past.

The past is represented by the maze and each member, as we already know from the past few MVs had a past. Rap Mon moves on from the guilt of burning the gas station down, Suga moves on from his guilt of wasting himself and hurting Jungkook, Jhope gives up on the drugs, Jimin is seen to be dripping wet and he gives up on the thought of committing suicide. Jin, who we know has died, leaves his friends alone. He doesn't want them to stay stuck to him, he wants them to move on. V is the last one to leave the maze, hence realizing the brevity of his crime and that it is useless now to think about it. We see he struggles the most. When they are running on the runway, they are all now free souls and they can start life afresh, since they are young.

Next releases was Fire. That song blew my freaking mind and in more than one way. The song and the MV, of course is great and the amount of hidden meaning that it has is also very intelligent of BigHit.

We see in the beginning, BTS is standing behind a fence. The fence is that from Young Forever. Youth has been written on it. Suga jumps over it, kind of symbolizing that he has now stepped into adulthood. He moves to a person standing in black. Initially it represents the haters, but also represents their bad actions, now that they want to change. Suga holds its hands and the person starts burning.

After that scene, there are many scenes that have been taken from the film 'Lost River.' But they just have been taken from there, no similar plots though. The song is about changing themselves.
The lyrics are also somewhat similar, where they talk about not losing to other people and live life they way one wants to.

The dance is like on the top of the world. And I am amazed to see how Jin has improved so much.

Save Me, well, it was just a simple dance MV, but going by the song, I think the boys want to be saved now. Since they have already put the bad things away, they want to start living once again. The song is about having Hope. The lyrics somehow summarizes how their lives have been after Jin has died. The lyrics each person has somewhere represents their condition.

Save Me is an amazing track and I cannot express how much I love the song. I like the song as much as INU. *INU is my favorite BTS track

Many think sometime in future BTS might release something more for Save Me. Even I am hoping for that.
Apart from the above tracks, the album has nothing very new. But it is filled with some amazing remixes and all need to be heard. Leaving a song out would be a crime.

All Armys must have thought that this might end the BTS INU seriesm but BigHit did it once again and therefore let us wait and see what more do they have for us.

Comeback MV Review: Seventeen PRETTY U

It is summer time and holiday time and it is also COMEBACK TIME. Almost all kpop groups are making or have mad comebacks during the month of April and May, and there are still so many left. In this post we are reviewing Seventeen's Pretty U.

Seventeen has risen to immense fame after Mansae. The group literally lacks nothing- from perfect visuals to amazing vocals to synchronized dances to cool raps. They bugged us throughout the comeback phase. After shooting for One Fine Day, they changed their hairstyles, went to Jeju to shoot for their MV, kept their hairstyle and concept hidden as long as possible and then finally they reveal it all slowly.

I was so excited when the MV released. I heard the song like some multiple times and then realized I was already hooked. The song is pleasure to the ear. As I said, this talented group had everything on point, from the rap, to the vocals. The song tells about the guys falling in love with a pretty girl.

The MV is about having a party. The members go around the city, sticking posters everywhere they can, inviting people for their pool party. As one set of members are busy with that, the other members are busy making the party place. They have pools, DJ, lights, everything that is required. Finally all come together and they all start enjoying the party.

There is nothing much in the MV as such. It is just plain fun to see the members playing around and enjoying themselves. But the song is honey and groovy and addicting. In the end, we can actually hear Sungkwan going five notes high at one breath. That amazed me.

I also saw the live videos and the rest of their performances. They seemed to have eaten up their CD. The MR removed are perfect to hear. Coming to the dance- I LOVE IT. How can they dance this well!! I love the hide and seek they do behind the sofa. It leaves you curious what is actually going on behind it. Lastly the  album Love and Letter. I heard all their songs, my favorite tracks being Say Yes, Adore You- Vocal team version and of course Pretty You. The other songs are also very addicting.

Drama Review- SIGNAL

 File:Signal (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

I started this drama due to my love for thrillers and then there was so much discussion going on over this drama in my Facebook page that I just suddenly decided to watch it. And I don't even regret it, because this drama is simply AMAZING.

Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) is a criminal profiler and lieutenant. He doesn't trust police officers easily. As a side job, Park Hae Young digs out celebrity scandals and give them away to reporters for some money. Detective Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye Soo) once catches him in the act and arrests him, but then they leave him due to lack of evidence.
When he is about to leave the place, he hears radio signals from a nearby truck, which calls his name. He searches for the radio and then speaks to the person on the other side. Detective Lee Jae Han (Choi Jin Woong) is speaking from the other side, from the year 2000. The case he is talking about was Yoon Jung's, one of Hae Young's classmates, who had been mysteriously kidnapped and then murdered. He was one of the witness for the case and 15 years ago, in 2000 he had tried reporting it, but no one heard him. He received the orders given to him and then the case is reopened and solved. From that case onwards, time on the other side goes back to the year 1988 when all this started. They solve the cases which is going on in past and also has been reopened in present. Also Cha Soo Hyun loved Lee Jae Han, who went missing after Yoon Jung's case.

This drama practically keeps you on your toes. There is so much suspense and thrill that you get addicted to it. This drama cannot be watched with breaks. You HAVE to watch it continuously, and even if you do not plan to, you might be forced to do it, once you have started it. The plot is simply crazy.

Apart from the plot, I wouldn't be doing justice to the review if I do not talk about the actors. We have seen Lee Je Hoon in Architecture 101 already, but here his acting is at an another level. Kim Hye Soo was amazing. Probably now I am going to dig out all her past work and watch them. It was my first time watching Choi Jin Woong, and he was also very good.

But the person who stood out the most for me was Lee Chani- who played the role of Park Sun Woo, Park Hae Young's elder brother. This boy is just 16 years old, and is the most amazing child actor I have seen. I have seen all his dramas, and now following him in Neoz too, but his acting is going to hit your heart so bad, at one point of time you might forget that this is a drama, and all this is fictional.

This one is A MUST MUST MUST WATCH...!!! You will be really missing something if you haven't watched this drama. Please watch it.

Drama Review- Reply 1988

 File:Reply 1988-p2.jpg

The third drama in the Reply series and I saw it as it was airing. This drama has easily climbed up to my 'one of my favourite dramas' list and it will be there for a long time.

The drama dates back to the year 1988 when the main characters in the drama became 18 years old. We have five friends- Duk Sun (Hyeri), Jeong Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol), Sun Woo (Go Kyung Po), Taek (Park Bo Gum) and Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi). Duk Sun is the only girl and also one of the prettiest in her class, but isn't very intelligent. Duk Sun's family live in the basement of Jeong Hwan's parent's house. We have Sun Woo who is a good student, and an ideal son and brother. He has a crush on Duk Sun's sister. Then we have Dong Ryong, who loves dancing and singing, but is also weak in studies. Finally we have Taek- who is a Go player and has a very high IQ, but doesn't go to school.
They all live in the same neighborhood and they are the only friends Taek has.

Like all the dramas in the Reply series- this drama also tells the story in an autobiographical manner, where, we view the events from her memories. And the drama as usual will make you guess around who the husband is.

What I loved about this drama was the way they showed the lives of the people living in the neighborhood. They showed us what happens in our daily lives, and you could easily relate to it. There wasn't a single episode in this drama where I did not shed tears. The acting was so natural. Also the friendship felt real. If you have best friends like them, you are bound to have good memories.

When the show ended, many people complained about the ending of the drama, how it became more centered towards Duk Sun's sisters marriage and how everyone moved in their lives, instead of focusing on the main couple. But then I did not actually have a problem with that, because the director, throughout the drama was focusing more on relationships. He even told that later, that he wanted to keep the ending family centric.

As I told before that the acting was on point. Everyone in this drama is going to touch your heart- from the five main characters, to their parents, their friends. Every single person. And then it doesn't need to be told how Park Bogum just shot to fame after this drama. Also the ' Bangapsmida' became a trend after the drama.

This drama in more simpler word- IT IS A MUST WATCH. There is no way you should skip this drama if you are a drama lover.

Drama Review - Oh My Venus

It was Shin Min-Ah's drama so I HAD to watch it. If you are her fan as well, then this drama is a treat to you. If you want to watch this drama for its plot, you may as well avoid it. The chemistry between the main leads was good, but there was no strong story-line to back that up. In my opinion, if the drama got any good rating at all, it was solely due to the star power. 

Anyway, the drama highlights how important health is. That's something UNIQUE. It also gives you some good tips if you want to lose weight - healthy eating, exercises that suit your body and low-sodium intake - oh there was more. Yes, it felt like I was watching a health-based reality show instead of some drama. There was some drama alright - like a dead parent, a step mother and an over ambitious uncle - but nothing could keep me glued to this show. Everything, except Shin Min-Ah's desire to lose weight, appeared half-hearted. 

Initially, Oh Soo-Jin (played by Yu In-Young) and Im Woo-Sik (played by Jung Gyu-Woon) - Kang Joo-Eun (played by Shin Min-Ah)'s friend and ex-lover - promised some drama in the story; however, I felt they got sidetracked or didn't get enough material to leave an impact on their viewers. Jang Joon-Sung (played by Sung Hoon) and Kim Ji-Woong (played by Henry) - Kim Young-Ho (played by So Ji-Sub)'s sidekicks were cute but that's all. Their backstories were just backstories - didn't get any feels after watching them. Lee Hong-Im (played by Ban Hyo-Jung) and Kim Sung-Chul (played by Choi Il-Hwa) - Young-Ho's grandmother and father, who seemed like they would play an important part in the story were just there as props. 

Verdict - there were too many things happening in the drama but nothing intense enough to leave an impact on the viewers. There were too many characters and they were all played by good actors but they were under-utilized.

I guess the writer wanted to highlight just Young-Ho's struggle with his health, and then, string that with the other characters - like how he saves Joon-Sung and Joo-Eun. If so, he should have stuck to that. Instead, he introduced too many other things in between and did an half-arsed job and didn't do justice to any one of them.

MV Review- ASTRO Hide and Seek

Now, I do not know what say about their debut. I know Astro since To Be Continued- their mini web series, or a bit before that actually. When I saw To Be Continued, of course they caught my interest and then they were a pop band. The guys were young and good looking.

Next thing that happened was the postponing of their debut date, which disappointed me, because I had already become restless. I had seen all their Youtube uploads, loved all the OST of To Be Continued, but they were nowhere to be seen. Finally they debuted last week.

Astro has six members- MJ- vocals, Yoon Sanha- vocals, Moonbin- vocal and dance, JinJin- leader and rap, Rocky- rap and dance, and Cha Eun Woo- visual and vocal.

Song name- Hide And Seek. The song is my favorite type of song. The vocals and the dance are on point. MJ and Sanha's voice are lovely, same goes for Moonbin. Cha Eunwoo has fewer lines compared to the others, but since he gets enough screen time, it is okay. I love Rocky and JinJin's rap, but Rocky's dance grabs your attention more.

The MV is about making a girl's day bright. The MV is set at the time when winter is almost over and its spring. And the lyrics, well, its love again, but a sweeter version. They have fallen for a girl, they will confess to her like a man, and do whatever she tells him to do. Even if friends stop them, they won't listen.

Everything is so perfect about them. A late review made me see all their live performances, and I was speechless. It looks as if they ate up their cd. This is probably the best live performance I am seeing after that of SHINee.

Talking of their album- Spring Up- two songs are there from To Be Continued OST, the rest are new songs, including the title track. All songs are good, but my favorite is First Love. It is speechlessly beautiful. They surely made you all ready for a beautiful spring.

MV Review- SS301 PAIN

SS501's fame is mostly due to Kim Hyun Joong, but I guess many fans, just like me, got to know about SS501 after they had disbanded, released some solos, and went to the army and stuff.
Therefore, getting to know SS301 all over again was a totally new experience. I actually don't know what Park Jung Min is doing, Kim Hyun Joong, after his infamous scandal is in the army, while their subunit actually made a comeback.

When the teasers released, I found it quite promising. The song did have an addicting and new touch to it, no doubt about that. Also I liked their promotion tactic- using I'm Your Man for promoting this album too. (I'm Your Man is a song by ss301, which is considered one of the most addicting songs, and you are not supposed to listen to it since it will keep repeating in your head.)

I was damn excited when the music video and truly I was so not disappointed. Their comeback was actually one of the best, according to me. The song begins just like I'm Your Man, with a whisper, but takes on a little softer pace. The lyrics are about heartbreak again, how the girl broke up and the guy is in pain. The chorus is something which stands out....did it a bell people?? Yes, wrong English. I seriously do not know what I'm So Pain means. I understand that they want it to rhyme..but still. Well, because of this tiny mistake, it does really remind us of the classic kpop songs of their era.

Coming to the mv, the music video is also pretty classic style. No story or anything, simple song and dance. The camera was slightly more focused on Kyu Joong and Hyung Jun. I felt Young Saeng actually got a little less screen time compared to the others. The choreography was really nice, but if they had done it a little bit more crispier, it would have looked awesome.

I believe most have similar views on the fact, that how the song really reminds you of the time of old kpop, with bad English, yet addicting choruses. It will really sound weird, if you actually sing the song in public.

MV Review- WINNER- Sentimental, I'm Young and Baby Baby
Winner finally made a comeback, after almost a year and a half. In that time span, YG promoted Big Bang and iKON very well. My friends and I felt how unfair was it for Winner to only get two songs at their debut, whereas iKON got a total of six songs. But now Winner is getting equal promotion and that brings so much joy and relief to all Inner Circles.
The album is EXIT and the only released the E series this month. Three MVs released together- Sentimental, I'm Young and Baby Baby.

One of the groovy and catchy songs of Winner. Personally, out of the three I love this song the best- whether it comes to the music video or the song, even the lyrics and the look of the members.

The lyrics of the song tell us how they have become sentimental after their break-up. How different things and their surroundings remind them of how alone they are. Instances like their room seems bigger than before because he is alone, or how they are careful not to get drunk and post stupid things about their break- up.

I wonder whose idea was it, in the company to come up with such a beautiful concept for a music video. It is simply beautiful. The mv is shot from the bird's eye- view where we see the members lying down in different room and how each room has something which makes them cry. In all the rooms, somewhere or the other there is a couple making out and them looking at them.
The sentimental feelings comes and hits you straight. Apart from that there is a small dance step to groove to.

The members look amazing, except Mino. He doesn't look bad, but well, he looks funny. Seungyoon and Seunghoon look so cute. Taehyun looks so diva, with a choker. But Jinwoo stole my heart- I couldn't stop staring at him.

This song right now is my ringtone.

The next song to discuss is Baby Baby. I was waiting most for this song, thanks to the awesome cover which Lee Hi posted.

In this music video, Winner are themselves. This is song is how their life now is all about the fame, and drinks and girls. There is no quality in their life and they are missing their loved once, as they said, it could be anyone close- lover, parents, friends. It is after they have become famous. Seunghoon and Seungyoon meet up and get wasted. Taehyun is home all alone, Mino is seen with a prostitute, Jinwoo is also drinking alone.

This mv has a lot of adult scenes. There are bar scenes, drinking scenes. And the best of all is Mino kissing the girl. When I saw that scene, the only thing going on in my mind was how the hell did they shoot that scene. The camera-work is great again, especially how well and carefully Mino's scene has been shot. We see the members in a very classy look.

At the end of this mv, Taehyun is seen leaving to someplace. His story continues to I'm Young.

Anyways, the song is probably second in my fav track list. I'm Young sometimes takes its place, though. The song has a little raw feel to it, especially Seungyoon's voice and Jinwoo's voice. The rest were fine. But still this song cannot match up to Sentimental.

Now this song is a pretty sad song. Taehyun leaves for France, to meet his ex-girlfriend. He still has his promise ring on. When the mv begins they have some candid conversations, about his hair, and stuff like that. But soon they shift to the topic of him "selling his voice." We assume, he left her to become famous.

The mv gives us a glimpse of their past and their present. We see how beautiful their past was and how they were a beautiful couple, but Taehyun soon starts drinking and things get bitter from there. The girl then meets someone else in a party, and Taehyun is seen leaving next. After all of that, the fiance or husband of the girl arrives and Taehyun is hiding in the closet. From the closet, Taehyun sees the husband kissing the girl's tummy. The girl was pregnant.

Now the question that the mv leaves us with is whose child is that.

The mv has some really good making out scenes. On seeing those, I actually started missing my ex. Taehyun's acting also has improved since the drama he did last. The mv and it's lyrics are sad enough to bring tears in your eyes. The girl did a great job too.

The song clearly is a conflict between the mind and the heart and dreams and reality. This song clashes with Baby Baby for the second place. And well, Taehyun really won my heart with his voice. As a solo, the song is too good. It captures the correct feels in your mind.

Another song that I would mention from the album is Pricked which is by Taehyun and Mino. That song is amazing. I was so hooked to it, before Sentimental released. You guys really have to check it out. The song has the ability to leave you breathless. It is the best song in the album.

Drama Review- I NEED ROMANCE 3

This is the first drama in the I Need Romance that I have seen and it turns out to be a noona romance drama.  Although I am not really verynfond of noona romance genre, this drama was one of the best dramas I have seen.

The drama is about three ladies who work in a homme shoppe company. We have Shin Joo Yeon (Kim So Yeon), who is in the start of her thrities and has been in previous relationships but has had painful break-ups. When she was young, she used to baby-sit a boy from a rich family. Now the boy has come back from the US, and is a successful music producer, who is Joo Wan (Sung Joon). Apart from these two we have Lee Min Jung (Park Hyo Joo), who is in her forties and still lives a single life and Jung Hee Jae (Yoo Seung Ah) who was strict about her finances, along with her boyfriend. Soon she breaks up with her, and then falls in love with Lee Woo Young (Park Yoo Hwan) who was their colleague and the only guy in the group.

Apart from that we have Oh Se Ryung (Wang Ji Won) who is their arch rival and her ex- boyfriend Kang Tae Yoong (Namgung Min) who is also Shin Joo Yeon and her team's boss.

What I loved about this drama, is that it is very free flowing and natural- as if the things happen so naturally, in everyday life. Break ups and the romances, blend really well. The role of the villain played by  Wang Ji Won, I found it a little silly. How desperate can a person be to take revenge on someone- that too- these two were friends previously. I found her role a little overboard.

The cast was just perfect for their respective roles. Except for Park Yoo Hwan, the rest of the male characters were real eye- candy, especially Sung Joon. Park Yoo Hwan was a special case, trying to woo the girls in a sweeter way. There was so much romance in the drama, but it wasn't even this bit overboard. It was not the mushy romance, but a much mature form of romance. And that is what is the charm of the drama.

This drama is one of those dramas which I am ready to watch again. One watch is really not enough. Its also the type of drama which teenagers and adults can enjoy equally. Although I would still suggest this drama to be watched by people above the age of 16.